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Description from extension meta Reload all unpacked extensions using the extension's toolbar button or by browsing to "http://reload.extensions"
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Description from store If you've ever developed a Google Chrome™ extension, you might have wanted to automate the process of reloading your unpacked extension without the need of going through the extensions page. "Extensions Reloader" allows you to reload all unpacked extensions using 2 ways: 1- The extension's toolbar button. 2- Browsing to "http://reload.extensions". The toolbar icon will reload unpacked extensions using a single click. The "reload by browsing" is intended for automating the reload process using "post build" scripts - just browse to "http://reload.extensions", and chrome will open with freshly reloaded extensions. Whenever a refresh is executed, a green "OK" badge will appear on Extensions Reloader's toolbar icon. ** This extension is open-source and avilable at GitHub: https://github.com/arikw/chrome-extensions-reloader
Latest reviews (2019-08-17) Lincoln Daniel: This is awesome. I got it working with a `gulp watch` script and its " Reload current tab after extensions have been reloaded." to refresh my extension and refresh the page when I click the button in the toolbar. (2019-08-06) e҉v҉o҉L҉: they are not the same between re-launch and re-load, the extension name is re-load extension, it is wrong. (2019-07-21) Fanglin Chen: 100th like! (2019-06-12) Good Things: Very useful extension. Does what it says. The only slight problem is, as it was mentioned already, that the manifest file doesn't get refreshed. (2019-04-21) Taddy Bear: Fine, but i have to reload this one, lol xd (2018-11-27) n ascentt: Exactly what I wanted, especially the url functionality (http://reload.extensions) however neither the url nor the button actually do anything, extensions have the blue restore button but this addon does nothing to toggle them, so I still need to manually restore them. (2018-10-10) Ernesto Alfonso: Great extension for easily reloading an extension. The key binding (Alt+R) is also very useful and is worth mentioning in the main page. (2018-09-12) Avi Vaserman: Click this button twice in a row, but nothing seemed to change in the extension I'm developing. (2018-08-16) Aleksandr Golovatyi: Cool extension, I like it (2018-08-14) Shiv Rathe: Does this extension reloads unpacked CSS, because for me it doesn't. (2018-08-05) Kosty Maleyev: Useful tool. Missing a keyboard shortcut. (2017-11-30) Michael Flanakin: Needs to be able to auto-reload when manifest.json (or any file referenced in it) changes. Barring that, a keyboard shortcut to reload. I also want the ability to re-run extensions without refreshing the page. (2017-10-14) Stanislav: Doesn't work now. For example when i change browser_action->default_title and click on extension - it does nothing but flashes screen... (2017-10-07) Arpit: Must have for me. Well done! (2017-07-21) Fellyp Santos: Aqui funcionou perfeitamente, melhor que ficar dando refresh na tela de extenções do chrome. Valeu!! (2017-05-08) Johan A: Perfect. Only problem is it is opening my Simple Docker UI So I disabled the other plugin. Now it works (2017-03-20) Saves so much time. Don't think I can remember having a problem with it. Good to know there is an API to refresh it from outside the browser automatically with scripts too, will definitely be using that in the future. (2017-03-16) Salvador Morales León: I vote with a 3 because I can not "not vote". I thought that this one was intended to reload all the extensions at once, no such thing. (2016-12-31) Joshua Chandra: For me it doesn't actually reload extensions that were disabled from, say, an unexpected shutdown, but it does bring up the app that's currently set up in ARC Welder. So even though it has a totally different effect than what I thought it'd do, I could still totally put this to use. Neat tool! (2016-11-03) Shyam Makwana: No doubt, it's really helpful extension. However I have one suggestion also, to make it more Developer friendly. :)) Check suggestion in support section. Thanks, (2016-10-13) darajava: Really good, though unfortunately it doesn't seem to refresh the manifest.json file, which can lead to confusion if you rely on it! Another thing that would be great would be the option of refreshing the current page along with the extension. (2016-09-10) Nathaniel Bass: useful (2016-08-08) Sean Hasselback: Thank you. You have saved both my forehead and the brick wall I work next to. (2016-04-26) Jan Stankiewicz: didn't reload my extensions upon clicking. (2016-03-22) Oleksandr Shyshko: Great extension! Using it all the time for my Chrome-Ext developments. Thank you very much for sharing it with us!

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