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Description from extension meta Simple editor for Storage Area for Chrome Packaged Apps & Extensions
Image from store Storage Area Explorer
Description from store Devtools extension which provides GUI for chrome.storage in Chrome Apps & Chrome Extensions Find sources and report problems on Github: https://github.com/jusio/storage-area-explorer Permissions explanation. Extension doesn't access you data in any way, unless you open devtools and click on the tab with Storage Explorer. Extension doesn't store or transmit any data to other sites. Detailed permissions explanation. -copy/paste is required in order to enable import/export directly to clipboard -all data on your sites - this devtools extension, and therefore when you open devtools, only those pages are accessible -tabs and browsing history- extension requires tabs permission, but it is only used when devtools are actually opened (permission is needed in order to work with local/session html storage) Change Log: *0.4.2 Fixed clear button not working properly for local/session storages *0.4.1 Added support for Chrome Hosted Apps *0.4.0 Added support for HTML5 local&session storage Bugfixes *0.3.2 Enabled panel are for chrome extensions with storage permission Fixed broken import/export of values with newline/tab characters *0.2.3* Fixed broken import from clipboard *0.2.2* Features: New design Added possibility import&export data Inline editing Bug fixes: JavaScript error was displayed when inspecting extension without storage permission *0.1* Initial release
Latest reviews (2019-11-04) tj y: very helpful! (2019-09-02) David Arhuis: Very usefull ! (2019-08-05) mTmzorro MT: nice job . (2019-04-13) Bogdan Kiselitsa: Super useful for extension development! (2019-04-13) Jeffrey Paulino: This extension is awesome! Has helped me facilitate my storage sync development (2018-06-17) Anton Boyko: Excellent! (2018-05-01) Honza Kopecký: Saved my life! Thanks! (2018-03-23) Сергей Калинин: Бесполезное расширение. Не работает с хранилищем хрома. А с хранилищами вкладки и так работают встроенные средства. (2018-03-08) Remington Steed: Import is destructive. It deletes all settings, then adds only what is in your import. INSTEAD, it should only overwrite settings that exist in your storage with those from your import. I'll be glad to update my rating when this is fixed. PLEASE FIX! (2017-11-08) Rahul Pable: Thanks!!!! (2017-10-15) Alex Маданович: It halts debugging any other web-product, than extension/app. Tab just reloads many times that just eat CPU resources. Fix please. (2017-09-30) FacePlum: Helped me alot when developing chrome extension. Couldn't find any other extension that provides chrome.storage.sync data, thank you! (2017-08-23) salvatore nicosia: buon mercoledi da borghetto (2017-07-29) Max Hetfeld: This extension once again saved Panda Styler extension! (2017-05-16) Alexandru Ungureanu: no instructions on how to use (2017-05-05) Cyprien Quilici: Would love to have some missing feature but it's already a must-have for Chrome extensions developers. Features I'd like to have: - Ctrl - Enter shortcut to save - More JSON-editing features: - blocks expand/collapse - auto-indent (2017-05-02) Rowel: Very useful, this should have been a default in chrome. (2017-04-05) Rafis Ganeev: Works very slow on large datasets. (2017-04-04) Ionut Baban: Great extension. Since the icon has not browserAction attached it should be removed. (2017-03-12) Paul Hitz: Works great. Thank you for creating this. (2017-01-21) Oscar: On the surface: Works well for simple things, enable file access and you can explore other apps via options/background page. I've not tried import & export functionality. The change value could be inline for small values. That is why I put 4* (2017-01-04) Ravi Kumar Prasad: Worked good for my purpose. (2016-12-30) Антон Пегов: Realy, what is this aaddon for? It's not adding nothing extra to original chrome explorer. What I rely looking for - is ability to browse my stored objects. Not edit the JSON mess, but browse them. Why you named youre app "Explorier"? Name it JSON mess Editor than ) This is only extra functionalyty it has. (2016-12-25) Veeresh Devireddy: Overall its work nice, but below issues needs to be fixed: 1. Doesn't work consistently with extensions, where it fails to reload/refresh 2. Its adding many "\n" chars in string format of json data specially with SYNC storage, but its fine with localstorage 3. Sync storage data display is truncated to "..." and not auto-wrapped. Can't see full text, have to expand everytime 4. Not displaying data size for localstorage as shown for Sync data. Rest all looks good. Lastly, please enable support for this in your dashboard, so we can create Bugs/Questions here itself and you can respond accordingly from your dashboard. Thanks! (2016-12-22) Anton Bobylev: Nice extension! Helped to track chrome.store.sync state!

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