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Description from extension meta Download all files linked on the web page. Download Master 2016 shows all downloadable files, supports all websites & filetypes.
Image from store Download Master - Free Download Manager
Description from store - DOWNLOAD MASTER 2016 - FREE DOWNLOAD MANAGER - With this extension you can download all images, videos, pdf, doc and any other file linked on the web page you are visiting. You can choose specific set of files or use the filters to choose all files of the same type in a single click. "Download Master" helps you to download them all in one click and easily manage the files in browser's Downloads tab. ★★★ How to use "Download Master" to manage downloads in Google Chrome: 1. Filter based on files type: Our extension will display files type of the site you visit to let you filter to download only specific file type of that website 2. Custom filter: If file types filter is not enough, you can filter the file based on the characters you filter for the link to download. 3. Display options: The default setting is not "Show all links" which means we will hide the file types that not to be downloaded oftenly like html and instead show the regularly downloaded file types like mp3, pdf, png, jpeg...Another option you can select is "Show file size", which let you know the size of each file in the website you visit. This will help you know the size in advance to choose which file to download. ✔ Restart browser or refresh all tabs after installation. ✔ We care about our users, with the extension "Download Master", you get FREE download manager for your browser. We do our best to support all filetypes & all kind of websites. Thus we literally need your support to continue development and maintain the extension. Please Rate the extension, Share it and Donate. Thank you! ✔ For more information: http://addtochrome.com/download-master-free-download-manager/ Visit our homepage for more fabulous extensions: http://addtochrome.com ★★★ HISTORY OF CHANGES ✔ Download Master 2016 NEW: Rebuild for the latest Google Chrome browser NEW: UI Improvements and bugfixes ✔ Download Master NEW: Display the links in Chrome built in extension window instead of in a pop up window ✔ Download Master FIX: Unable to download .m and .mdl files http://www.cs.ucf.edu/~czou/CDA6530/notes.html FIX: Show redirected file name instead of download.download NEW: Regular expression support in custom filter NEW: Show only file links by default, change 'Hide non file links' to 'Show all links' display option NEW: Show links with link name on the top of the links table ✔ Download Master - Enabling Multiply users to download profile content ✔ Download Master - Links displayed in a column re-sizable table - Displaying files size on demand - Displaying link name as shown on the webpage - Supporting Unicode URLs and displayed name - Extension window set to maximum allowed size - Custom search string is matched in URL and displayed link name - New display option to hide non file links in the table ✔ Download Master 1. Removed the Download confirmation dialog (due to bad user feedback) 2. Fix: display issue occuring on Chrome 20.0.1132.57 3. Facebook Like button instead of Facebook Share button 4. Notification in case a web page rejects a link scan ✔ Download Master 1. Filtering based on text input 2. Selected links moved to the top of the table 3. "Link name instead of URL" feature removed ✔ Download Master 1. Handling one level redirection of downloadable file 2. 'Unknown' filter highlights all links with unresolved file extension 3. Display the name of the downloadable file rather a full link 4. Facebook share button (top right) 5. Visit this blog link (bottom right) 6. Fix: "Pending..." message displayed in 'non-website' chrome pages ★★★ Terms and Conditions Use "Download Master" at your own risk, it comes with no warranty or guarantee, neither explicit or implicit towards functionality or usability. The author shall not be held liable for any damage or loss of data caused by its use. By downloading and installing "Download Master", you agree to these terms. Abide by Google Terms of Service, the extension does not enable unauthorized access or download of copyrighted content or media on some websites (such as YouTube). Do not use "Download Master" to download copyrighted content or media, the extension only works in case you're allowed to download the files and the webmaster lists them as downloadable links in the webpage you visit.
Latest reviews (2019-11-05) Chris Vydas: needs work. the drop down menu is terrible. the long links do not wrap within the ui properly making difficult to see what files you need before downloading. there's no download queue handling of any sensible kind and the files come in randomly, not in order. was somewhat useful but creates a lot of extra work in the process which diminishes it's purpose. will be looking for an alternative as i would rather use something more intelligently robust or nothing at all instead of trying to continue to use Download Master of none. (2019-10-19) atreestump Mahogany: It does what it says, but having an option to compress all to a .zip, or save all to a folder would be so much better. I can save one or two files on my own, but I came looking for something to streamline the process for a plethora of files. This is not that. (2019-10-16) Francisco Rodriguez Gerardo: Me gustó mucho, es sencillo y para tareas de descarga sencillas es excelente (2019-10-05) CatoFFEY: Found it helpful. A proper addition to "Image downloader" extension, cause it doesn't have an option to download videos and music. But your extension does not have video previews, which is also a thing to me — I'm sorting my downloads by previews from time to time. The extension that would combine these features would also win the competition :D (2019-10-05) masa ike: 10個のファイルしかダウンロードされません…いいシステムなのですが残念Orz (2019-08-15) Jeff Hobbs: I can't help but to notice this does not actually "download all" when you select "download all". (2019-08-09) Mark Peterson: This requires me to name and save every silly file. It also seems to stop after just a few (10-20) files. (2019-08-07) Paul Kirk: at first this was great but it has now stopped working, it only downloads the first link in the list of ticked links, sad as it was great (2019-07-22) Tomasz Pyryt: Niestety ściąga jedynie 10 plików. (2019-06-17) Amélie Vanbockstael: usefull but only download about 10 element then stop, and it's randomize so not funny to use (2019-06-17) Eira Tansey: This does not consistently download all of the files selected for the queue (for example, it only downloaded about a third of the files I had checked off to download) (2019-06-09) Wizen Thorne: Will only download 10 files at a time. This doesn't save me much effort. (2019-05-03) Andrey G: dont working Сайт stage.vantagecircle.com не позволяет установить соединение. (2019-04-27) adriancombe: Good idea, impartial implementation. Finds all files, only downloads a dozen or so. Long run for a short jump! (2019-04-26) Владимир Юдин: Спасибо! (2019-04-26) Vai Bernard: Might find all links on a page but wont download any more than 10 of them. Doesn't do what it supposedly should (2019-04-16) asdfa6550 asdfa6550: Yandex music doesn't support (2019-03-18) Nikky Spiteri: Not sure what everyone else is on about but this app works perfectly fine .. its a gem! It does what its suppose to do. Simple and easy to use. (2019-03-10) Greg Robb: Did nothing on Mac OS 10.5.5 (2019-02-06) Marek Parfieniuk: Worthless as unreliable. Links to pdfs located correctly, but then only selected files are downloaded. (2019-01-25) the architecht: Useless, I can open tabs on my own. I thought you could download multiple files...not with this one. (2019-01-21) Memo Dc: its really good (2019-01-07) Kane Hulani: It only downloaded a few files though there were more than 100 files to download. Also, I want to specify where the files will be saved, but this downloader doesn't have that feature. (2019-01-07) Shahramd Sasani: khob bod (2019-01-01) Sam Hernandez: don't waste your time. Download one file at a time, it's faster than messing with this app.

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