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Upon opening a new tab or navigating to a new page, this extension closes any earlier, duplicate tabs in the same window.

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Description from store Before closing the tabs, a notification is displayed. Clicking "Cancel" in the notification within a brief delay (~5 seconds) prevents the tabs from being closed.

Latest reviews

  • (2023-10-02) Nathan Vanryckeghem: "extention is managed by your organization" so and i cant delete it. A toggle would be nice so i can disable it bc it is annoying. hate it
  • (2023-03-24) Ⲁlⲓⲁς Ⲁlⲓ: Doesn't matter how many stack of tabs I have, I can rely on it. It really helps me in managing hundreds of tabs.
  • (2022-10-16) John Weiss: Closed the duplicate tab, but i didn't get the confirmation popup. Maybe my adblocker blocked it?
  • (2022-03-20) Samuele gg: It doesn't work. Non funziona.
  • (2021-12-03) Max Zhang: Simple, and gets the job done. Best duplicate tab remover out there in the extension store, if your goal is to prevent duplicate tabs from happening. Most of the other extensions are give you options when duplicate happens, which is unnecessary if you simply want to avoid opening duplicate tabs.
  • (2021-09-13) Matt B: Beautiful, does exactly what it is supposed to. removes duplicate in same window and doesn't touch other windows.
  • (2021-08-07) Aditya Govardhan: Could we please make it work across multiple windows and grouped tabs?
  • (2021-05-15) David Schulze: i get no notification. But the tabs are closing automatically.
  • (2019-06-15) Disciple de Jésus-Christ: marche mais prend du temps avant de supprimé l'onglet dupliqué dernier test le 15 juin 2019
  • (2019-03-27) very good
  • (2019-02-01) Evan Trace: This is the ONLY extension I've seen that actually gives you an option (in theory) decide whether or not to auto-close a particular tab at any given time. That idea makes it in my top 10-15 must-have's when working correctly... Which it isn't for me. From my Mac, there is a macOS-based Chrome app notification pup-up that appears (not the built-in Chrome browser one that appears in the dev's screenshot), gives me the options to "close" (which closes the notification, not the tab) or "more" (which doesn't lead to anything more). So either way, the duplicate tab stays open. If I do nothing, both tabs stay open. If I select either "close" or "more," both tabs stay open. Is this just me? Note: I'm using this extension alongside another one that auto-closes tabs, so my issue may not be relevant - but from what I've seen, I don't think it has anything to do with the other extension.
  • (2018-06-05) Andrew: This is perfect... It would be really nice to be able to turn it on/off tho
  • (2018-05-09) Eduardo Oyarzo: Solo que la opción "Configuyración" me aparece desactivada y no me da la opción de desactivar temporalmente, solo desinstalar. Aunque se puede deshabilitar desde el gestor de extensiones de Chrome
  • (2017-01-11) Эрнест: Very useful, thank you. But (1) the Uniq Tabs have a memory leak (up to 100 MB and more), and (2) desirable able to remove duplicate on demand. Thank you again. I'm russian, sorry for my english.
  • (2016-12-01) Андрей Алёшкин: Really great! No blinking like others have. But could you please remove notifications. They are useless indeed. Let the ext do just what it has to do.
  • (2015-03-29) ВАСЯ пупкин: Расширение очень-очень удобное. Но у меня все вкладки автозакреплены (autopinned). А оно, к сожалению, не видит их как дубликаты. Кому-то это удобно. Мне нет. Поэтому пользуюсь теперь другим. Тем, что попроще. Вот если бы автор добавил в настройки возможность выбора...
  • (2014-08-15) Dmitry Vorobyov: Very very good! thank you !!!
  • (2014-03-21) As someone who hoards tabs, I find this extension really useful. I no longer have to manually close duplicate tabs. The notifications do in fact appear on the top right for me.
  • (2013-09-22) Louis Nel: Love it! Wish I could change the location of the notification though, I hardly notice it in the bottom right corner. Top right would be perfect.
  • (2013-04-24) Excellent! This is exactly what I was looking for!


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