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Pinterest Keyword Tool For Enhanced Keywords & Image Pin Posts

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Description from store (Formerly "Pinterms") Pinterest tools to help you get more visibility on the social network pinterst. Use our advanced keyword and hashtag generators to make sure your pins get the most visibility for your pinterest marketing. How to use the tools to find keywords: Keyword Research - Right click on the "CR" logo and click on "Keyword Research". Enter your main search phrase and hit start. Keywords In Pins - Click on "Create Pin" on Pinterest. When the add a new pin screen appears, enter your main search phrase. Once you get the results, highlight the keywords that you want to be included in your pin description, then click on "Keywords". It's the ultimate in Pinterest keyword software! Pinterest Hashtags - Click on "Create Pin" on Pinterest. When the add a new pin screen appears, enter your main search phrase. Once you get the results, highlight the keywords that you want to be included in your pin description, then click on "Hashtags" Send your pins to friends - Click into a pin's detail page. Click on the "send" button. In the pop up, set how many users you would like to invite, and also a range of how many seconds to wait between invites. Invite board collaborators - Click on edit a board. Click on the "invite" button. In the pop up, set how many users you would like to invite, and also a range of how many seconds to wait between invites. Follow Users - Search for and follow users by keywords. Click on the "Search and follow other users" link on the Cliprise menu. Enter a search term, then click on the dropdown on the right of the search box and select "People". Enter the number of people you want to follow, and the delay between follows. Unfollow Users - Click on the "Unfollow users" then click on "Unfollow these users". This will unfollow anyone that you followed using our tool if they didn't follow you back in 48 hours or more. Please let us know if you have any feedback! Happy Pinning! What is Pinterest seo? Pinterest is a social marketing network with a unique pinning feature that allows users to post content and images. Pinterest allows businesses to create a business profile that can be customized with photos and information about their business. Pinterest SEO can be a very powerful form of link building that can be used in conjunction with regular SEO. Pinterest is a great way to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. This is how to set up a Pinterest business profile and look at the best ways to use Pinterest for SEO. How to setup a Pinterest Business Profile Setting up a Pinterest business profile is very similar to setting up a Facebook business profile, you create a business page just like you would create an account and fill in your business information. There are some differences though, if you want to use Pinterest for SEO you need to use a few extra features. To begin setting up your Pinterest business page you will need to go to: http://pinterest.com/business/ You will need to enter in your business name and business email address, you will also need to enter a website URL and a phone number. You will also need to choose some boards to pin to and create a description of your business. The Board Description is very important, this is the description that Pinterest provides in the search results. Pinterest is a very visual platform and there is a limited amount of space. Your board description needs to be very clear about what you do and what your page is about. Pinterest SEO for Small Businesses Pinterest is an excellent platform for small business SEO. Small businesses have a huge opportunity to build brand awareness and get in front of their target audience. Pinterest is a great place to build social proof and increase credibility. By building your brand on Pinterest you can collect a large number of followers and drive traffic to your website. Pinterest is a great place to use rich pins, these are pins that include additional information about the content. Rich pins can be a great way to increase engagement and drive traffic to your website. The best way to use Pinterest for SEO is to focus on building a large following and sharing great content. If you want to grow your following doing what is called “following back” is an effective way to build followers. What is following back? Following back is when you follow Pinterest users who follow your profile. To do this you will need to go to your Pinterest profile and click on the “following” tab. You will need to click on all of the users who have followed you and then go to their profile and follow them back. Pinterest users will quickly see that you have followed them and they will likely follow you back. This strategy can be quite time consuming, but it will help you to build your following. Following back is a great way to build your following and drive traffic to your website. Pinterest SEO can be very effective if you have a good plan. Pinterest is a visual platform and your plan needs to focus on building a following and sharing great content. Pinterest is all about “pins” and they are a great way to build your brand. You can make your own pins or you can use computer generated pins, both have their benefits. Make your own pins Pins are the images that you post on Pinterest, you can post images from your website or you can take pictures of your products. If you have a brick and mortar store you can take pictures of your products and use them as your pins. If you are a service industry you can take pictures of your work and use those as your pins. If you are an ecommerce business you can use your product images as pins. A great way to do this is to take your product images and edit them in Photoshop. You can edit your product images to show off your product and make them more appealing to Pinterest users. If you have a lot of products this is a great way to quickly create a large number of SEO'd pins. You will get a lot of engagement on your pins from these SEO optimized pins. Most users on Pinterest are very engaged and they will like and repin your pins. Note: We are not associated with Pinterest.com

Latest reviews

  • (2021-03-04) Ashleigh Knight: I don't understand - I have watched the video followed the instructions but I do not get the search bod pop up like it shows on Pinterest. Am I missing something?
  • (2021-02-23) Marie O: This tool is an absolute game changer to scale any business that heavily relies on Pinterest to market products or services. Excellent idea and execution. Thank you!
  • (2021-02-15) Rachael Cossairt: Just Updated and IT WORKS AGAIN! I can't tell you how happy I am that they updated this. I just subscribed and am thrilled. The keyword search is amazing and saves me so much time. I am so happy! Thanks again for updating! :)
  • (2021-01-06) Наталья Куртиди: Extension doesn't work
  • (2020-12-19) Ali Khajehpour: please update it, i can't find extension option in business Pinterest any more
  • (2020-04-13) TheX7even: dont work!!!!1
  • (2020-04-02) Adekunle Ismail: This extension is professional and more useful
  • (2020-03-31) Ennis Can: dont working
  • (2020-03-23) sniperkittykat: Awesome idea! Wish it worked. Still usefull for finding tags you just have to type them out yourself. Hope the developers come back and fix it. From what other people are saying it breaks when Pinterest updates which sucks but such is life. Cannot stress enough that I still love this tool.
  • (2020-03-20) Chih-Yu Lee: It's a wonderful tool for creating a pin!! Saving time for coming up keyword ideas! But just wondering how those suggestions come from? Are they retrieved from Pinterest's query recommendations?
  • (2019-12-04) Savannah Brentnall: Update 12/4: Extension has stopped working. It suggests keywords, but the Keywords and Hashtags buttons that are supposed to add your selections to your pin description now do absolutely nothing. You may as well type the term directly into Pinterest. Love the ease of adding keywords and hashtags to pins. However, the other features don't work at all for me, probably because the authorization stage fails with a "string authorization error.
  • (2019-11-29) René Francisco Torres Jugo: I am trying to use it and some functions do it, but it seems that it does not synchronize with my pinterest account. I get this message "stringAuthorization failed." I would like to put it to work since I see that other users give very good results.
  • (2019-11-01) Cathy: The add keywords or hashtags functionality is not working...
  • (2019-10-06) Linda Hobbis: Doesn't work. Won't display hashtag function or search screen when you click create pin.
  • (2019-09-30) Ayoub Halloumi: love it but please fix the problem in "add hashtag" when you select your keyword and click on hashtag or keyword nothing happens. i mean they don't add to the description bar. Please fix it ASAP Thanks
  • (2019-09-01) Charles Freckle: Works fine, but has glitches and errors. The Hashtag & Keyword Copy button doesn't copy the selected words. So you have to write them anyway. But that's ok, because the tool does search a lot keywords in seconds, so its worth it. I hope it will get better in the future :)
  • (2019-08-31) Aaron Jones: Works great... when it works. Obvious Pinterest often changes it's coding which seems to break this extension but when it's updated and fixed, it's wonderful. Sadly as of 8/31/19 aside from the quick links and keyword search, the auto-add function, which is the most helpful thing about the extension IMO, is not working. So if it get's updated I suspect things will be great again.. right now.. not so much.
  • (2019-08-11) Lynn Connie: Not working for me. I can't add keyword,hashtag in my pin description.
  • (2019-08-08) Nicole Cobb: This tool is absolutely amazing! It reveals the top search topics for any category you are looking for. You can also create hashtags which is very important in marketing nowadays. This definitely increases your traffic for websites and pages!
  • (2019-08-07) Simon Best: With the exception of the keyword serach all other features do not work. Therefore almost useless to use.
  • (2019-07-27) Titanlife: Keyword search is incredible - however, the hashtags doesn't work, which is REALLY disappointing.
  • (2019-07-24) Jessa FaeLynne: I like this tool pretty well. It's pretty easy to use, though I wish it worked in conjunction with the Pinterest plug in itself. You have to create a pin through this plug in in order for it to work, which is a bit hard to remember to do sometimes. Over all decent tool for pinterest markerters!
  • (2019-07-18) Jargal Sambuev: Many functions doesn't work: 1. Keyword, Hashtags - doesn't click, I manually retyping and copy pasting keywords. 2. Invite People to Join Boards - just opens my own boards page, do nothing 3. Search & Follow other users just opens Pinterest.com main page, no functions 4. Send Pin to users - also open the main page, that's it. The tool was announced as helpful, but many functions do not work on the latest version of Chrome and Windows 10. Please fix it!
  • (2019-07-13) ZED99: Yesterday everything worked smoothly, but today the [add hastags] section can't be used. Please fix it soon, thank you
  • (2019-06-21) Mad Typer: So easy to use and worked great. Results in a matter of days.
  • (2019-06-17) M. Miki: The best way to pin your pins! It rocks! It saves me a lot of time in searching for keywords and hashtags. Works like a charm!
  • (2019-06-14) Tha Success Queen: This tool is a wealth of information for anyone that wants to really dive into all that Pinterest has to offer.
  • (2019-06-12) One Determined Life Anne Markey: The keyword function worked so well and I love it, but the other tools did not work with the plugin so I could not use it to send pins or add keywords and hashtags. I tried removing the extension, restarting my computer and then re-installing it but it still would not work.
  • (2019-06-06) ChaCha Fance: I never know which keywords and hashtags to use in my pin description since Pinterest doesn't give you any indication (like Twitter and Instagram), so this extension has been great for that! It's super quick and easy-to-use. I like that it all works right within Pinterest. As you're pinning, it only takes a few seconds to search for relevant keywords and hashtags that can be inserted with the click of a button. The auto-sharing feature for pins is also very handy.
  • (2019-06-04) Weslie Haile: I was struggling with my pinterest account and trying to promote my etsy shop on Pinterest and then I found this extension and it made it so much easier I absolutely love and recommend this extension.
  • (2019-06-03) Alex Polyakh: This is the most useful application. Thank you so much to the developers. Now I can find the most top keywords, use hashtags and many other functions. Super. THANKS!
  • (2019-05-28) Betty Beck: This has a lot of good information and makes it all seem pretty easy to get your message out there. It should help anyone needing help with expanding their audience. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/pinterest-keyword-tool-pi/fibdefoimiihbbangjojolpbbegdpejl
  • (2019-05-22) Felicia: I've been struggling with figuring out traffic sources and how to navigate around it all. This helped me so much!
  • (2019-05-21) Jessica Hardges: I have been struggling to understand Pinterest in general and this guide was easy to understand. Very complete and easy to understand. Shows you how to bring traffic to your page using keywords.
  • (2019-05-19) Marth Mae: I have been trying to understand how to get more followers but this Pinterest Keyword Tool has been great and has helped me
  • (2019-05-17) Debbie Cooper: If you are trying to market on pinterest or just trying to get more traffic seeing your boards or pins, you definitely need Pinterms. This tool is absolutely amazing. It reveals the top searches when it comes to the topic you are looking for. Also will create hashtags in order of importance and rating. With a very easy click you can add it directly into your pin. Definitely brings more traffic your way.


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