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Google Calendar with Readable Fonts

Description from extension meta This extension injects various font styling features alongside the toolbar in Google Calendar
Image from store Google Calendar with Readable Fonts
Description from store This is an extension I've programmed for my girlfriend, after she asked me how to increase the font size for events in Google Calendar because they were unreadable on her tiny laptop screen, since I realized that others have asked this as-well in Google Product Forum, but there was no real solution. So I've decided to publish this extension on the assumption that others might benefit from it as well. The extension changes the event font-styling by injecting a number (+/-) input to select the font size, and a check-box to turn on / off bold fonts, alongside the toolbar in Google Calendar. ========= Features: ========= - Changes the font styling of all calendar events - Choose a font size from 1px to infinity, toggle bold on / off - All settings are automatically saved & synced between remote browsers =========== Change log: =========== * Version 1.0.1: - Set default font-size to 14px (was 1px). * Version 1.0: Initial.
Latest reviews (2018-02-22) Steve McGuffey: This is not working in the google calendar, I tried it all different ways. (2018-01-19) Cecilia Huster: Would have loved it if it worked. (2017-11-19) Peter Belyaev: Please do it for new version of Google Calendar! This is very useful. Thanks :) (2017-08-13) Andrii Bachynskyi: good job! (2017-08-01) Tommy Knocker: epic fail. can't use it monthly where it is needed the most. (2017-05-18) Michael Greelis: I use my calendar all day long. It is an excellent tool. However, the font and font size are issues. I installed this extension and it worked immediately. I am entirely pleased with thee results. Fine work. (2016-07-08) I have been using Readable Fonts now for about 3 months, it made my Calendar much easier read and use. Google should give this developer a few million of theirs dollars and buy it from him. It should be a standard feature. Kudos to this developer. (2015-12-01) Eric Cawley: Nice concept. Doesn't work in month view. (2015-08-04) Tracy Trathen: Only works in "Week" view, which I do not use... (2015-06-30) Rabbi Howard Jacoby Ruben: Impossible to adjust, activate, or adapt. no updates since 2013 (2015-06-09) Ross Yesikov: *** Edited My initial response was - WOW! But then I noticed that all of my half-hour events became one-hour events (visually). And all events that had long text in title went out of the day's boundaries. Sadly, will uninstall... (2014-08-18) Ne fonctionne pas ! (2014-07-07) Mt. Zion: I was looking for something to change fonts for the monthly calendar. Guess I'll just have to keep looking and hoping. (2014-05-26) Adam Chen: I can not chage the fonts size and do not know how to delete this very bad app (2014-02-20) Sadly doesn't work. I'd like an option to change the actual typeface to other popular ones, to look more like Apple fonts. (2014-01-26) kevin floyd: I totally agree with Biochem. Would like to set different font sizes for different types of appointments and colored font would be a great improvement. (2013-11-08) Thank you very much. But there is a bug which I can't set font size for month view. Others are ok. Please fix this bug as soon as possible. Thank you again. (2013-09-26) Wil Boyce: Really a very simple and useful app. It's pretty much straightforward... (2013-08-22) Ted Leger: Can't change the font on the full month calendar, only daily, and weekly. (2013-07-10) Biochemistry and Molecular Biology JHU: I can't give 5 stars yet because I have not used it for an extended period ,but so far so good! It allows you to re-size and/or bold the text in your calendar. Very simple and user friendly, should be made into a regular feature in Google calendar in my opinion. *Edit* -I would make one change- make it so that you do not have to change every appointment. I would like to be able to enlarge and bold only one set of appointments on my calendar. *Edit 2* It would also be awesome to change the color of the fonts as well. Mine appear to be grey rather than black.

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2013-06-27 / 1.0.1




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