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Talkie Premium: text-to-speech/many languages

Description from extension meta PREMIUM! Fast, easy, high-quality text to speech in over 40 languages. Read out loud from websites, PDF, email. Speak text with TTS.
Image from store Talkie Premium: text-to-speech/many languages
Description from store # Install additional voices New voices, languages, dialects can be downloaded *for free* for your operating system from for example Microsoft and Apple. Once installed correctly, Talkie will auto-detect them. - Windows 10: Settings > Time & Language > Language - macOS: System Preferences > Accessibility > Speech > System voice > Customize... # This is Talkie Premium! - Select your favorite voice per language! - Adjust the speed and pitch per language! - Read text from the clipboard in any program! - All future features/updates included! - For basic features check out the free Talkie: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/talkie/enfbcfmmdpdminapkflljhbfeejjhjjk # Usage 1. Select desired text on any web page. 2. Click the Talkie button in your browser bar You can also select the text, then right click on it, and choose Talkie in the menu. This way also works in PDF-files and some special types of pages in Chrome. # Shortcut keys A convenient option is to use the Talkie shortcut keys: - ⌘+Shift+A on macOS - Ctrl+Shift+A on Windows, Linux, Chrome OS - ⌘+Shift+1 or Ctrl+Shift+1 to read text from the clipboard in any program (Talkie Premium feature) If the key does not work, please check that it is not already in use by another extension. How to check or change the Talkie shortcut key: https://github.com/joelpurra/talkie#usage # Features ☑ Lets you listen to the selected text on any part of a page -- a short snippet or an entire news article. Just highlight what you want to hear read aloud and hit play. ☑ Automatically detects the text language per-page, and chooses a voice in the same language to match it. ☑ Privacy aware -- no unnecessary tracking or external services. # Notes ☑ Please rate the extension and leave feedback. ☑ Does not require any invasive Google Chrome permissions. ☑ Uses your browser's built-in Web Speech API for text-to-speech (TTS) known as Speech Synthesis. ☑ All text and speech is processed internally by your browser. While ultimately depending on your specific browser, all processing is expected to be done on your own machine and not use a server. ☑ Sound is only produced, never recorded. # Support Please report any problems you have, especially regarding detecting the right language. Please include relevant information: ☑ Which browser and version you are using. ☑ Which website the problem occurred on. If possible, include the full link. ☑ Which text/part of the website you want spoken. ☑ Which language the text was expected to be spoken in. ☑ Any other information you think might be relevant in tracking down the issue. # Voices The voices for each language are provided by your browser. For this reason the list may differ depending on your browser, browser version, operating system, and any other installed extensions/software. To be able to customize the voice per language, upgrade to Talkie Premium. Example list of voices available in Google Chrome version 55 · ar-SA: Tarik · cs-CZ: Zuzana · da-DK: Sara · de-DE: Anna, Google Deutsch · el-GR: Melina · en: Fiona · en-AU: Karen · en-GB: Daniel, Google UK English Female, Google UK English Male · en-IE: Moira · en-IN: Veena · en-US: Agnes, Albert, Alex, Bad News, Bahh, Bells, Boing, Bruce, Bubbles, Cellos, Deranged, Fred, Good News, Google US English, Hysterical, Junior, Kathy, Pipe Organ, Princess, Ralph, Samantha, Trinoids, Vicki, Victoria, Whisper, Zarvox · en-ZA: Tessa · es-AR: Diego · es-ES: Google español, Monica · es-MX: Paulina · es-US: Google español de Estados Unidos · fi-FI: Satu · fr-CA: Amelie · fr-FR: Google français, Thomas · he-IL: Carmit · hi-IN: Google हिन्दी, Lekha · hu-HU: Mariska · id-ID: Damayanti, Google Bahasa Indonesia · it-IT: Alice, Google italiano · ja-JP: Google 日本語, Kyoko · ko-KR: Google 한국의, Yuna · nb-NO: Nora · nl-BE: Ellen · nl-NL: Google Nederlands, Xander · pl-PL: Google polski, Zosia · pt-BR: Google português do Brasil, Luciana · pt-PT: Joana · ro-RO: Ioana · ru-RU: Google русский, Milena · sk-SK: Laura · sv-SE: Alva · th-TH: Kanya · tr-TR: Yelda · zh-CN: Google 普通话(中国大陆), Ting-Ting · zh-HK: Google 粤語(香港), Sin-ji · zh-TW: Google 國語(臺灣), Mei-Jia # Open source For open source code (GPL-3.0) and more, see the project web page: https://github.com/joelpurra/talkie See also additional tools developed by Joel Purra: https://joelpurra.com/
Latest reviews (2019-10-11) Andrew: I paid for this as it said it allowed you to control the voice and speed. When you go to change these setting it links back to the chrome web strore? I can't find a way to change any of the settings? (2019-09-05) Rosario Perez: Hola, al inicio funcionaba muy bien, pero ahora, simplemente no funciona, se inahbilita ed manera automática. (2018-04-14) Fabrice ROBIN: Trop de coupure dans le texte et donc difficile de suivre correctement. Je voudrai me faire rembourser. (2017-09-13) Youshaa Motan: Rubbish Extension! Dont waste your time with this app.

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