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Description from extension meta LivePage reloads website resources such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript as they update on the server.
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Description from store Refund Policy: If you're not 100% satisfied, send me an email ([email protected]) with your order number & I'll refund you 100%. LivePage is a developer tool which reloads website resources (such as CSS, HTML and JavaScript) as they update on the server, so you are always looking at the most up-to-date version of a web page. It can make developing websites a lot faster, by helping productivity. Features: * Entire domains can be made live * file:// protocol is now supported It's recommended you use this extension only in a local development environment and not in a production environment. All future milestones, source code & current issues can be found on https://github.com/MikeRogers0/LivePage/issues
Latest reviews (2019-09-24) David Miranda: Very nice! I wanted to refresh my page when modifying local JSON files and it worked perfectly! Well worth the price! (2019-07-06) IT Velcovs: Работает только с html (2019-01-30) Adrián Cuéllar: It works fine, but the Minimum delay before reloading does not get saved (2019-01-15) Anniken Sandøy: Hi! Thanks for making such an amazing extension. It works like a charm :) Only thing is - I could install it without buying it, and I can't seem to find a payment option anywhere at all. (I also had to uncheck the ignore comment/hidden fields in html and the inline javascript for it to work.) (2018-09-10) Martin Alge: I've only used it for a couple of minutes, but I already love it! works like a charm :) (2018-08-16) Kevin Vaughn: This was really a great tool. I used it with a win 7 system for over a year and it worked almost perfectly. I recently changed to a win 10 system with a ton more power and now it is really slow and at times does not even reload the page after file changes. I have stopped using it. (2018-07-11) Trstn Lwrnc: Perfect. I tested it with local Shopify development stores and it works great. (Shopify only let's you use Prepros, which then made me find this gem of an app). (2018-06-19) Fredrik: WARNING It says my subscription has ended, and I've paid TWICE, it still says it's ended. Developer don't answer support tickets about this issue, and i'm not alone with it. This tool have stopped working for CSS/HTML in WordPress. It used to work. Support don't address this issue either, tickets remain unanswered. (2018-05-19) Mason Bailie: So far it works just like I'd hoped! Very helpful with CSS/SASS development :) I got the link from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=130&v=Gi5ffoE3mPc Thanks! (2018-04-12) Milan Maletic: Just stared with web development, and this thing helped me a lot. Works very good. Saves a lot of time. (2018-02-15) Scott Schweigert: this is a life saver --- it works with local files!!! (firefox currently has no live reload options for local) nice and simple (2018-02-08) Tenzin T.: nice (2018-01-29) chandan sarvagnya: Works like charm. I've tried using countless plugins nothing worked, this works without any issues. Thank you! (2018-01-19) Jason Zhang: Great plugins. It will be helpful if I can directly type the file/folder path to monitor in plugins setting. I am Python Flask developer. My use cases is that when I change Python script file I would like to refresh the page. Right now, I use the "<link>" tag workaround but I need to remove it before I commit, which is less convenience. (2017-12-05) Robert Kirby: Brilliant :) (2017-11-28) Working like a charm! (2017-11-24) Bawn Scroogle: Perfect for making pdf generating code. (2017-11-07) Gyu Choel Lee: What is the amazing tools? Very good. I successfully connected my backend server. Thank you. (2017-11-06) Eyejeey: Awesome, exactly what i needed! (2017-11-03) Paul Guz: I'm working on a Backbone/RequireJS app, and it doesn't live update the JavaScript (I'm not that surprised, really) I'm disappointed I had to pay to find this out. How do I get a refund? (2017-10-30) Austin Haakenson: This is awesome! Beautifully written. Money well spent (2017-10-09) David Alsh: My man. (2017-08-03) Alex Mortensen: Super easy to use! (2017-07-30) Artur Klajnerok: I truly admire the simplicity of LivePage ! Great work ! (2017-07-29) Tanveer Hossain: love it. better than livereload. in chrome 60, it is taking longer to reload

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Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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