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Semalt SEO Extension is a free SEO tool to track websites’ Google rankings and spot issues that keep you from attracting traffic.

Image from store Website Ranking and SEO Checker by Semalt
Description from store Click just once to find out how your website ranks and what keywords it’s ranking for. View ranking changes over time. Identify and analyze your competitors. Discover the website’s best-performing pages as those that have the most Google Top positions. All you need to put your SEO effort into where it needs to be. Besides giving you in-depth data on Google SERPs, Semalt SEO Extension can be used to check your website for SEO issues that cause your traffic and conversions to dwindle. Please Note: Semalt collects ranking data on 53 million websites for 100 million keywords in over 1000 location-specific Google search results. This data is updated every day and fed into Extension for you to analyze for free and without restrictions. You don’t even need to have a Semalt account or the API key to use the extension. ➊ Ranking data and features ★ Keywords in TOP ➣ Number of keywords in TOP See how many keywords your competitor’s or your own website ranks for in Google TOP 1-100 results. Check whether there are more or fewer keywords than the website ranked for days or months ago. ➣ Keywords Distribution by TOP Crunch some more keyword-related numbers while analyzing the changes in TOP-1, TOP-3, TOP-10, TOP-50, and TOP-100 over time. ➣ Rankings by Keywords View a list of the most popular keywords the website ranks for. Compare their SERP positions for any dates and start detecting trends. ➣ TOP-100 Competitors by Keywords Get to know your competition with the TOP-100 Competitors list. It can be generated for any keyword your website ranks for once you click on this keyword in the Rankings by Keywords chart. Bonus: you can then scan a competitor’s website from the list on semalt.net. ★ Best pages tab ➣ Number of pages in TOP Check how many of your website’s pages rank in TOP 1-100 Google search results. Use the chart to track changes over time. ➣ Page distribution by TOP rankings Analyze how your website’s pages are distributed throughout TOP-1, TOP-3, TOP-10, TOP-50, and TOP-100 search results by position and compare it to where they were earlier. ➣ Pages in TOP Get to know which of your website’s pages generate the most Google traffic. Each page comes with the number of keywords it’s ranking for. You can scrutinize the spots it takes up for these keywords in search results in a few clicks. You can then download a complete report or just a list of keywords the page’s ranking for. ➣ Keywords for selected pages Track how the number of keywords a selected page is ranking for has changed over time. ★ Competitors tab ➣ Competitors in Google TOP Identify competitors for the website you’re analyzing. The list of competitors is based on the shared keywords that your website and your competitors’ websites rank for on Google. ➣ Shared keyword changes Check how the competition and the number of keywords you share with each of your biggest competitors have changed over time. ★ Webpage analyzer tab Get a comprehensive SEO Audit report for your website. Pinpoint technical errors and other issues that stand in your website’s way to ranking higher in the SERPs and attracting more visitors. Check your website for as many as 47 performance indicators and find out where it stands in terms of today’s SEO. Each performance indicator comes with a detailed description and expert tips on making your website Google-friendlier and improving the user experience. Webpage Analyzer looks into your website’s performance from the following perspectives: - On-page SEO - Indexing - Structured Data - Mobile Adaptability - Performance and Page Speed - Domain - Server & Security - Social Media Presence - Analytics and Counters ★ More ➣ Reports You can download a complete or customized report in PDF/CSV/TXT format for any data type you can find in the extension. ➣ User-friendly configurations Configure extension to analyze SEO data more conveniently by selecting: - location for Google search results - date - advanced filtering and sorting options ➋ Who can benefit from extension? ➣ SEO specialists Whether you do SEO for your own website or work at an SEO agency, your daily routine certainly includes Google ranking monitoring. With Semalt Extension, you can save time and money by tracking the rankings of any website quickly and effortlessly. ➣ Marketing specialists The Semalt SERP tracking SEO tool can help you monitor website visibility trends on Google. This can give you a goldmine of insightful data for conducting market analysis or tracking SEO KPIs. ➣ Website owners As a website owner, you want your rankings to be high and your traffic to be massive. Semalt Extension is a good starting point to achieve your goals. It provides precise analytics that you need to see the big picture and make a go of SEO. ➌ How to install extension? It takes 5 (literally) seconds to install extension in just 2 clicks: Click #1 — Hit the Add to Chrome button Click #2 — Add the extension And now it’s there. ➍ How to get started with extension? Go to a website you’d like to scan and left-click the Semalt Extension icon in your Chrome Extensions menu. You’ll get analytics data for this website in a heartbeat. ➎ About Semalt Semalt has been providing SEO analytics data and SEO services since 2013. We’ve helped over 600,000 businesses grow so far and are ready to help yours. Learn more about Semalt at semalt.com/about. ➏ Privacy Policy Your privacy means everything to us. Semalt Extension does NOT collect data on how you use Chrome, search, or navigate websites. It only uses the URL of the web page you enable it on, as well as additional elements associated with this page. Learn more about Semalt’s Privacy Policy at semalt.com/privacy-policy. ➐ Support If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, contact us at [email protected] or go to our Support page - semalt.com/support.

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