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You only need to remember one password, your master key. 123 Password will generate passwords on different websites for you.

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Description from store ****************************** Since 1Password is unhappy about the previous name of my extension, a.k.a. OnePassword, and threat to sue me in the court. I'm going to rename this to 123 Password. I hope they haven't spent a lot of money on their lawyer for this. ****************************** 123 Password generates a different strong password for each site you visit by mixing: a) your master key, which you create by yourself, and b) a site key, which is automatically extracted from site URL. With 123 Password, you only need to remember your master key. The extension will give different passwords on different websites. The algorithm (HMAC + MD5) makes it very hard to guess your other passwords, even if one of them is compromised. The extension NEVER store any password key for you, so that security is protected even in case of hardware theft. The strong passwords generated by this extension are 20-characters long and consist of A-Z,a-z, and 0-9. You can resize the password for different sites and the extension will remember your settings. You can access the mobile website version at http://onepwd.appspot.com Follow updates and security tips on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Password/243101302381935 Change Log: v1.7 A bunch of fixes and good features! Hope you enjoy! 1. Fixed the bug that for some websites auto-password-fill was not working. 2. Fixed the bug that 123Password link didn't work. 3. Fixed the bug that Length field change didn't auto update result field. 4. Auto-password-fill now first try to fill the current input field that's in focus. 5. Adding weak master password warning (for key with less than 40-bit entropy). v1.5 This extension is changed to 123 Password from now on. v1.4 1. improved automatic sitekey suggestion. 2. link to facebook page. v1.3 1. add control for output password length and remember your length settings. 2. auto password filler. No more copy+paste. v1.2 1. Better sitekey parsing from the URL. 2. Remembers your sitekey changes.

Latest reviews

  • (2018-05-10) هئيه عليآ: روعه
  • (2018-02-18) Jose Anastasio Acosta Partida: Ea importante contar con la seguridad de privacidad y funcionamiento del equipo de manera segura.
  • (2016-06-12) Klement Kralj: I have no idea why this extension has so few reviews. I use it daily for years, it works like it should, perfect to handle 50+ site passwords with just one simple password. Highly recommended!
  • (2016-02-04) VanDan Tong: ok
  • (2015-08-03) عبوشي الواسطي: حلو
  • (2013-08-12) Marcin Borowski: very usefull
  • (2013-06-22) Yiqiang Zhong: I don't really know how to use it :( Not any guides ?
  • (2013-04-12) Courtney Bolton: I downloaded this because I thought it was 1Password, but it is not! If you are looking for the 1Password Chrome browser extension, this is not it! They should re-name the service so that it does not fake people out.
  • (2013-04-09) Graham Tickell: I tried a few Vault packages but 1Password has the easiest interface and is portable to my other devices. The one thing that I would improve is the price...
  • (2013-02-09) Dick Winter: Fantastic for remembering all your passwords. Enter one password and you have all the other passwords at your finger tips. Syncs a PC, Mac and IPad with dropbox and other cloud support. Kudos to good software Dick. Brampton, Ontario
  • (2012-09-17) Seeby W: not the real 1 password
  • (2012-09-11) unsuable
  • (2012-06-11) Matti Palmström: Really nice. I just wish it had a copy to clipboard or auto paste to password field
  • (2012-05-19) Chad: nice tool
  • (2012-02-08) Just started using it. Seems to work perfectly well. It seems I even can log into my accounts from both work and home PC. Thank you!
  • (2012-01-15) Don Grabar: YES!
  • (2011-12-01) Greyson Richey: A fantastic idea with wonderful execution, really excellent!


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