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Description from extension meta Test your css selector by using this quick script. Does not support the "HTML" Element or "*" selector.
Image from store CSS Selector Tester
Description from store Quickly test your css "selector" with CSS Selector Tester! Create or copy a selector in the selector text field, the matching HTML elements will highlight and counted for you. Ensure your css selectors are matching the elements you intend! 1.3.3 - Minor bug fix, fixed icons. 1.3.2 - Minor bug fix. 1.3.1 - Testing and minor bug fixes. 1.3.0 - Loads of fixes, UI clean up. Updated jQuery, removed un-used css etc. 1.2.0 - Added all urls support. 1.1.9 - Fixed the onsubmit/page refresh bug. Updated support for XHTML 1.1.7 - Fixed cascade bug! Thanks for the feedback. 1.1.5 - Updated the UI to include dragging and resizing. Thanks for the feedback.
Latest reviews (2019-07-16) RusticDog Clog: Great Add on does exactly what I need when working with selenium methods. (2017-10-22) John Huebner: This is a useful tool, but only supports CSS not Xpath or jQuery. Although it will tell you if there are multiple matches, the highlight function only highlights one of the matches arbitrarily. compare to ChroPath or jQueryDebugger (2017-10-18) unable to open in Mac (2016-11-24) External Carrier: Good idea, but buggy. Writing selector is disabled and only pasting is allowed in the textbox. Also, when pasting a bad selector after a good one, it seem to highlight the last known good selector instead. (2016-11-09) Cedric Steiger: Doesnt work. (2016-08-03) It brake some pages even when you are not using it. Dont install! (2016-06-30) Dheeraj Bhaskar: Doesn't work (2016-04-26) Jouni Sarvanko: Doesn't do anything. The menu in the picture does not open or I'm missing some instruction how to open it. (2015-09-18) goutham varma: The tool is great(only if have the understanding of using selectors), Cheat sheet will help you in easing the learning process. This tool really helped me a lot in easing my process. (2015-07-26) Tushar Mathur: I use this to brand SharePoint sites, and found it extremely useful. keep up the good work. (2015-07-18) Sergio Zambrano: I MIGHT have worked once, but instead of typing something in the field, I clicked the "pretentious" ad, and when I came back, the extension button won't open again. It seems it WASS too pretentious after all. It pretended to work. (2015-07-09) eye blue: It is useful except doesn't work with Jquery UI sites (2015-05-12) Calvin M. Cole: Comes in handy during development and debugging. (2015-03-19) Andreas Buechler: Doesn't work on some sites. (2015-02-03) Kari Sinkko: Yes, it seems not to work anymore with the latest version of Chrome. but, it looks like a good idea, just needs to be updated. (2015-01-15) Jonathan Cooper: Finding this excellent for testing my selectors before putting them into sytlesheets and jquery (2014-12-16) Brandon I: Highlights matches as you type. Exactly what I wanted. This only works with CSS selectors, I think people are confusing it with jQuery selectors. For local files, need to enable that option in the chrome extension settings. It's a chrome limitation, not this extension's. (2014-11-12) Les Lieurance: this extension comes in handy for any developer that uses jquery or css. The only draw back is you need to have a good understanding of css selectors, but other than that it works great. (2014-10-09) Derek Clifford: This has easily been one of the most useful extensions I've come across in terms of browser test automation (PhantomJS/CasperJS). I have yet to see it not properly highlight the selector that I was looking for (if you're actually giving it the right selector). I've recommended this extension to several co-workers and several other people in the test automation world and have only heard good results from them. 10 out of 10, would use again. (2014-10-03) Michael Lesniak: Does not work. (2014-09-29) Richard Wilde: Works great for me! (2014-09-08) Jonathan Langevin: Doesn't work. Selector form pops up, but doesn't highlight any matched elements despite option being selected, useless. (2014-08-10) Bert Verhelst: pretty buggy text box doesn't scale with panel (2014-05-21) Bruno DUYE: Worked perfectely for me. It seems to be rare; or maybe since 2013 problems are resolved. (2014-05-19) Philippe Haché: It ddt not highlight anything for me, didn't work.

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