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Description from extension meta Copy to clip board jira issue as 'CMD-999: Description'
Image from store JIRA ShortCut
Description from store Just open your jira ticket and you will see an icon in the address bar, just click on it and text will be copied to your clip board, Want keyboard shortcut? Then use on Windows: Ctrl+J on Mac: Cmd+J, or choose your own in chrome://extensions/ *** Setup *** Before you start you need to add at least one rule in the options: 1. Open options page, chrome-extension://kjofpimpbjninggehnclcgkgniacejha/options.html 2. Click 'Add rule' 3. Click 'Save' 4. Open 'https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HADOOP-3629' 5. You should see the icon in the address bar. You also can use this extension with other sites, but you need to configure it. In options you can specify: 1. when to activate the extension - "url pattern" field. 2. what should be copied from the page title - 'tittle patter' and 'out pattern' fields. Example - Github pull requests: Example page with url https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/10676 and title "Add test to counter cache test.rb by tkhr · Pull Request #10676 · rails/rails" Configuration for this page: "url pattern": github.com.*/pull/ 'title pattern": (.*)(· Pull Request #)(\d+).* "out pattern": #$3 $1 Text will be copied to clip board: #10676 Add test to counter cache test.rb by tkhr
Latest reviews (2018-08-01) Neil Smithline: Makes it easy to copy-and-paste JIRA issue numbers, descriptions, and URLs into different formats. I have configured a "HTML", "Slack", and "Plaintext" options so that it gets the perfect syntax depending on the paste target. (2018-02-21) Ning Cao: good (2018-01-17) Daniel Sedlacek: amazing! (2017-11-24) Crysifio Rasneck: Would get a 5-star rating if you could replace "clicking" the icon with a custom shortkey. (2016-12-15) Long Nguyen: Can you add ability to modify shortcut or can you modify the shortcut? On Windows/Chrome Ctrl+J has been mapped to "Open Downloads tab" already. (2016-04-26) Moy: save a lot of time. do one thing and do it great (2015-08-31) Michael Minter: This is an amazing redundancy time saver. However, would be nice to add to right click menu for links (on Jira agile board). (2015-05-06) Tom Winter: There is only one thing missing with this extension - a keyboard shortcut! (2014-03-25) Suneel Gundlapalli: Works great. (2014-02-26) James Gough: Nice idea but for some reason I can't get the configuration screen to format the copied message to what I need. (2014-01-29) Blake Stephens: Works well! No configuration necessary, but simple non-the less, even though the configuration screen isn't very pretty. (2013-12-10) Adel Khelif: Great idea, very useful to quickly communicate about a jira ticket. Unfortunately the url does not work. It points to this instead of pointing to the jira "chrome-extension://kjofpimpbjninggehnclcgkgniacejha/$ur" (2013-10-22) Žygimantas Gatelis: Useful plugin! Just don't know how to set up shortcut for that.. (2013-10-15) Peter Jenkins: I was about to sit down and implement this. You did a nice job and saved me the trouble!

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