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Description from extension meta Smooth scroll with the keyboard
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Description from store Jerky scroll? No more. Ignoring repeat rate, Smooth Key Scroll enables smooth and responsive scrolling with the keyboard, on every page you go. - Arrow keys to move arround with adjustable speed - Control (ctrl) and Option (alt) to modify speed - Power scrolling keys (vim, gamer, ergonomic) - Option to disable mouse hover effects - Option to disable blue arrow from google search Issues & Suggestions: http://github.com/aristidesfl/smoothkeyscroll/issues/ Changes ------- v2.6.1 - Fix bug introduced in Chrome 61 which prevented scrolling. v2.6.0 - Automatically find scroll element on pages with unconventional scroll (google photos, microsoft team services, etc) v2.5.1 - Fix document.body scrolling detection on edge cases v2.5.0 - Switch to less obtrusive scrolling detection algorithm - Fix problem with Team Foundation Server v2.4.1 - Add support for iframes v2.4 - Don't scroll on google search results page when blue arrow is enabled - Add option to disable blue arrow on google instant search v2.3 - Fix horizontal scrolling issue in Google Photos - Fix https://smashingboxes.github.io/OwlCarousel2/demos/basic.html v2.2 - Improve scrolling engine to allow scroll in gmail, vk.com, etc.. - Improve scrolling performance by removing scroll check on every key repeat v2.1 - Fix scroll locking when usind find/search in page. Currently the only solution is to scroll normally when searching When google fixes this issue we may be able to re-enable smooth scroll: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=529050&thanks=529050&ts=1441646441 - Fix rare ocasion when smooth scroll would not activate after pressing the shift key in a shortcut v2.0 - Complete re-write - Alternative directional keys (Vim, Gamer, Ergonomic) - Options to prevent hover effects while scrolling v1.0.6 - Fix Ctrl and Alt keys on Linux v1.0.5 - Fix page not scrolling in Chrome 40 v1.0.4 - Selecting text with Shift is now possible anywhere on the page - Fix alt and ctrl speed sliders regression (options page) v1.0.3 - Fix alt-left/right functionality on windows (and other default shortcuts) - Allow alt key to be pressed and released while scrolling without changing focus to the menu (Windows) v1.0 - Options page with adjustable speeds - Fix issue with Flash - New icon v0.2 - Fix speed getting stuck should page loose focus - Fix collision between meta key and browser native functionality
Latest reviews (2019-07-01) Nicholas Christeller: Desperately needs the ability to disable on certain sites, otherwise seems functional (2019-05-24) Chris Vydas: Charging in excess of $90 for a premium features of a very mediocre extension is just pure greed and completely unjustified, good luck getting anyone to pay that. in addition this ext. had no effect in my android emulator with chrome installed. page scroll speed was the same no matter what settings were used. comon now people, don't pay for this trash Tomas Rojas, go one further and uninstall this junk (2019-04-01) Andres Urban: I Downloaded this; for me to scroll with Touchpad smother but it didn't had that feature sadly, if had that feature then I might think about a higher rating. (2019-01-30) Comet: It doesn't work. (2019-01-11) 설재환: I'm using donated version for keybindings of WASD scroll. It's not the possible best. but I find this the best among what currently showing up on the market. good for ergonomics =D pro : "this gains high priority upon page loading." but still, not as much as that of a mouse scroll. cons : 1. limited scrolling speed option. 2. some keybindings conflict with internal hotkeys like 'Ctrl W' for those who has the problem of 'cons 1.' , you can change it by using HTML edit. on the option page, press F12 for the console -> Element tab -> use inspector(ctrl shift C) -> mouse over the slide bar(in the scrolling speed box) and click -> look at the highlighted block in the element window, you can find the word max = "30" . double click it and edit it to your want, like 500 or 1000 . -> use the previous slide bar again within the prolonged maximum (2018-12-25) 林宸儀: great (2018-10-04) Daniel N: Please get rid of auto-popup installation page that plagues chrome store extensions. I log into many computers, and get bombarded with intrusive popups from many extensions being installed, and this one is part of the problem. (2018-09-19) Kirill Vasilchenko: amazing (2018-08-12) Trae Gould: You have to pay for "Premium" to customize your scroll hotkeys to "WASD". That's a joke. I've never seen an extension (with a TOTAL of 3 customizable settings, mind you) that requires you to pay $ to access. If I was purely criticizing the "Scroll Sensitivity" feature, I'd give it a 3/5, but I'm not; this Extension, as a whole, is lousy. (2018-02-16) Kjetil: Custom binding keys is the only thing missing. Otherwise perfect. (2018-01-09) Stone Olaf: Doesnt work as it should at all, no scrolling speed changed for me.. Terrible addon.... (2017-12-30) Owen Barnett: This is an amazing add on that should be built into Chrome by default. It is simple and works perfectly. (2017-11-30) Seth Denbo: This is a great extension that I really rely on now. The premium version is well worth the small cost for the added flexibility and functionality. I had a problem when I first started using it (that turned out to be the fault of another Chrome extension) and the developer responded quickly and was super helpful about figuring out what the cause of my problem was. Great work! (2017-10-31) Tomás Rojas: Paid for the license but the email hasn't reached me yet (it's been like 15 minutes). I'll update this once the email gets to me. UPDATE: Received license 5 days later, thanks though! 4 stars (2017-10-21) Robbie Smith: Exactly what I've been searching for. 😊 (2017-09-10) Andrew Khan: отлично! (2017-05-27) Lillian Tremblay: Works when it wants to and only on some sites (2017-03-21) Brandon Zell: Excellent extension. Love the ctrl and alt keys for modifying speed. (2017-03-15) André Salmerón: I can't find an option to disable extension in certain websites (since it's working horribly with FB). But overall, great work. (2016-12-23) The one thing I wanted was to remove the stupid jerky small blue arrow keyboard scroll and these bas-tar-dos want $10 to enable that "premium" feature. bite me (2016-12-03) Dan Caron: Perfect. This should be default behavior in Chrome. (2016-11-22) Irina Svetlowa: Hi, I am interested in acquiring your extension "Smooth Key Scroll". Please contact me at: [email protected] (2016-11-11) Joshua Froelich: Does what it says! (2016-09-26) Randall Schmidt: Works great especially when compared to other like apps. Easy to configure, too. (2016-08-20) Josh Sanguino: Wow! Now I can read without a scroll wheel.

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