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HD Quality Toggle for YouTube™

Description from extension meta HD Quality Toggle for YouTube™ allows you to select the desired playback quality on Youtube™ and literally capture it.
Image from store HD Quality Toggle for YouTube™
Description from store The extension will allow you to automatically play all the YouTube™ videos in High Definition mode or any type of quality that you pre-select. By clicking on the extension icon in the browser toolbar, you can select any desired video resolution from 144p to 4320p. Your YouTube™ video now will be uploaded at your specified quality. If any video does not support the selected quality, it will automatically playback with the highest possible quality. The YouTube™ Quality Toggle uses the YouTube™ API and is not supported or certified by YouTube™ or Google Inc. All the logos and trademarks of YouTube™ displayed on this chrome extension are the property of Google Inc.
Latest reviews (2019-01-03) Klavs Lavrinovich: Used to work well but during the past few months I've seen Youtube videos be in various other qualities than the one I've set (making sure the video is uploaded at the quality I've set the extension at). (2018-08-25) Женя Карташов: не работает! (2018-08-17) J Gambeck: doesn't work. what ever resolution I set it to doesn't actually apply setting. YouTube ignores it. (2018-08-05) Buhlou: не работает... (2018-07-30) Rebekah Garland: Works excellent. I live in rural area of Canada with terribly slow internet. We are lucky uf we get 500 kbps, so prefer to watch the videos in 240p. This is doing it's job succesfully, unlike other extensions I have tried. (2018-07-29) Jubair Islam: worked (2018-07-17) Gavuz Zelim Zadayev: çalışmıyor (2018-07-17) SRKNYCL: Simply not working at all (2018-06-21) Victor Lutz: Как-то странно работает. Вроде включаешь, начинается видео, показывает 720p в настройках. Спустя 20-30 секунд показывает 1080p (моё выбранное). Таким образом вроде как работает, но не похоже, что настройки проигрывателя меняются быстро. (2018-06-20) Sascha Hemmers: Macht genau das was es soll, ich will YouTube im Hintergrund laufen lassen, da kann ich standardmäßig höchstmögliche Qualität nicht gebrauchen. Danke ihr seid top. Ich empfehle euch weiter, perfekt für Gaming etc. #geteilt in google+ und händisch auf Facebook (2018-06-17) Аватария: Очень хорошее расширение, работает прекрасно! Респект автору)) (2018-06-15) Alexander Antonopoulos: It doesn't really work all the time. Sometimes shows 4k but its 1080p in the statistics sometimes I need to refresh five times sometimes to work the video starts at 144 this isnt consistent at all. its easier to do it manually (2018-06-12) К Д: Отличный переключатель. Респект (2018-05-20) Matthew Leong: This extension seems to work! I tried several others and they either didn't work, or didn't have the option to choose an arbitrary quality. (2018-04-26) Mano Garcia: Ne se mets pas directement en 1080p malgré qu'il soit configuré sur 1080p, c'est peut être dû à une maj récente du navigateur, je ne sais pas, je découvre aujourd'hui cette extension (2018-04-22) Irvin Jelinek: does not work (2018-04-18) Sandrine Roméo: très bonne extension,je la recommande (2018-02-28) ImprovedTube for YouTube: Nice. ██╗. . . . . . . ██████╗. ██╗. . . ██╗. ███████╗ ██║. . . . . . ██╔═══██╗██║. . . ██║. ██╔════╝ ██║. . . . . . ██║. . . . ██║ ██║. . . ██║ █████╗ ██║. . . . . . ██║. . . . ██║ ╚██╗. ██╔╝██╔══╝ ███████╗╚██████╔╝. ╚████╔╝. ███████╗ ╚══════╝.╚═════╝. . . . ╚═══╝. . . ╚══════╝ (is 'all sites' permission necessary for embedded Youtube?) (2018-01-22) SPIRITUALITY TWOMSV: It works. Thanks so much (2018-01-03) Shahin Sharif: The purpose of this extension is ok. but i am looking for an extension which would give me a shortcut key to change the resolution. can you do that? (2017-12-31) Vanp Psa: UPDATE:It returned to work after the update! But in my tests above 720p qualities does not work. just below 720p works perfectly OLD: Não esta funcionando. a qualidade dos videos não fica como configurado. se deixo 144p os videos fica em automatico sempre. (2017-12-21) Niraj Shakya: does not work (2017-12-20) саша иванов: В последнее время расширение перестало работать. (2017-12-15) Jordan Tucker: This is only working for me part of the time. Sometimes it sets the quality, sometimes it doesn't. (2017-12-09) hagazo99: não ta funcionando

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