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Description from extension meta Looks up the readings for kanji words and inserts them as furigana
Image from store IPA furigana
Description from store A browser extension allowing the injection of phonetic annotations for Japanese text (furigana) on the fly. Uses the IPADIC Japanese dictionary. * Works locally in your browser - no external server required * Automatically detects pages where furigana insertion is possible * Can switch between displaying the readings as hiragana, katakana or romaji * Persistent mode - extension will add furigana to all pages automatically until turned off * Customisable size and color for furigana * Auto-start option: extension will be turned on automatically from browser startup NEW in version 1.21: * Minor bug fixes
Latest reviews (2019-11-06) tusher amin: its helpful 役に立つ (2019-10-30) zhonghua lu: Helpful and easy!Especially providing kana for kanji long words. (2019-09-13) Luis Fernandez: The option to show in romanji is amazing. if I could do the same with hiragana and katakana it would be great. (2019-09-09) Baventhiran B: It didn't work for me, even with Rikaikun disabled. Any idea how to make it work? Will re-review once I can make it work. =) (2019-09-03) Gavin: It is really is a really great, I love your plugin, I agree with the others, there are situations it makes mistakes, but hopefully i can work it out. Another simple example is 2019/9/5(木) read as き when should be もく but as a developer/creator of a Speak Now Japanese app, I understand its difficult to achieve. Seriously great job (2019-08-30) Keiko: とてもすばらしい拡張機能です!ありがとうございます。 かなり難しいことばのふりがなも正しくて驚きました。 非常に基本的なことばですが、「研究」が「けんきわむ」になるのが残念です・・・ (2019-05-28) Telock: This is a very useful program. Thank you very much. By the way, I believe it would be better if you add a function that whether I can select hiragana. This is because usually, I do not want to select the hiragana when I want to select a sentence to copy it. (2019-03-29) lounera: very convenient tool ! Save my time to look up every Japanese words pronounce, thanks a lot dude. (2019-03-15) Povar Chan: Please add the block list because some page will cause refreshing all the time. Such as the google search. (2019-03-08) Severin Vogt: This is a really good and helpful extension. It's great as a furigana aid, and it is has the right yomi most of the time. It sometimes doesn't work on some sites, and it doesn't usually change color to links, but it is great nevertheless. (2019-02-17) Evgeny San: This extension is very helpful! Works perfectly (2019-02-08) yahya S. Satturi: Life-Saving plugin very helpful and smooth. (2019-01-22) Juan Diaz: Doesn't work on youtube (2018-12-23) GalladeGuy: It's a good extension, but I wish there was some way to turn it off for specific websites. (2018-12-21) chen weilix: 相當好用!!! But some words are not correct, e.g. "兄様". Is it possible customized or adding new words? (2018-10-21) bahrta sai: There needs to be an option to blacklist/automatically disable furigana on certain sites. For example jisho.org automatically shows the furigana so this extension isn't necessary, but sometimes it shows anyway. (2018-09-08) 226 ago: 便利で、いいアプリですけど、例えば、大谷を「おおや」とか、野球を「のだま」とか。ちょっとだけ惜しい。 (2018-07-12) Falcon: Loved it! (2018-07-12) Jason Wu: Very useful tool! Thanks (2018-06-03) die Doktor: Perhaps a Chrome update has broken it, but extension does not function at all. (2018-05-14) Jerry Tu: This sorta works. Often times if I'll need to refresh a page before activating it will work, but it does give me furigana. For beginners it isn't the worst tool available. I've given it a spin for about a while and it works well enough most of the time. It unfortunately isn't accurate all the time, giving uncommon readings rather than common ones sometimes. It will also give two different readings for the same word for unknown reasons. For whatever reason it also reverses the furigana sometimes (ex たし instead of した for 親しい). And it lacks furigana for a lot of basic words. giving a * instead. These problems don't happen too often, but they appear enough that they're very noticeable. For those learning Japanese, I recommend rikaikun or yomichan. They're far more accurate and prevent you from relying on furigana like a crutch. But for those who just want to read a bit, this works decently enough. I'd recommend checking out other ones first though such as Furigana Extension since that works better and seems to be actively worked on. I'm switching over to that one personally for my personal use. I'm only really reviewing this one since it's served me well enough for the time I used it. (2018-02-23) Yu Ze: It's working! You just need to check preferences at first. (2018-01-20) Juh: Não se esqueça de ativar o app, se não você vai achar que não funcionou xD (2018-01-07) SANS SOUCI !: Works perfectly. (2018-01-04) Аня: 私は日本語を学べますから、時々漢字が読みを正しくないです。振り仮名がとても助けます。ありがとう、クロティーム。

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