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Aria2c Integration

Description from extension meta Download files with aria2
Image from store Aria2c Integration
Description from store This extension captures new download tasks and sends them to aria2 automatically, as per capturing rules you set (file size, file type, site whitelist, site blacklist) It also adds a context menu item. Right click any link and select "Download with aria2" to add the link to aria2 download queue. Click the extension icon to reveal a quick view of tasks. Click a progress bar area to pause/unpause a task or remove a completed/error task. Requirements: 1. Chrome >= 31. Auto download capture doesn't work before this version. 2. aria2c (>=1.15.2) with RPC enabled. RPC user and password/RPC secret can be set in options. Also rpc-listen-all and rpc-allow-origin-all needs to be switched on. Example: aria2c --enable-rpc --rpc-listen-all=true --rpc-allow-origin-all=true Recommend: Tick off "Ask where to save each file before downloading" in Chrome settings. Please report a bug if you run into any issue, preferably on Github. https://github.com/robbielj/chrome-aria2-integration Feature request is also welcome. Changelog: v1.6.7: Enable adding tasks manually. v1.6.4: Skip the "blob:" scheme. v1.6.2: Bugfix. v1.6.1: RPC secret field is now masked; Paused tasks have their own color. Icons made by Loc(game-icons.net) under License CC BY 3.0.
Latest reviews (2019-02-24) Martin Perez: Last version intercept not work. It throws errorCode=25 Could not parse BitTorrent metainfo (2018-10-26) JiaXiang Ge: 配置了地址,但是还是请求的localhost:6800 (2018-08-05) Tran Anh Tuan: It works beautifully. Except for long file names. There should be an option to truncate long file names to prevent "Err 16: aria2 could not create new file or truncate existing file". (2018-06-27) Jessie MA: what is the minimum size that triggers download tasks to be transferred to Aria? It is really bothering that only when I download things that are bigger than around 500MB, the tasks get transferred to Aria. (2018-03-23) 林彥宇: 完美結合,下載神器! (2017-10-11) Is there any way to set the aria2c as default downloader when click mouse leftkey on a magnet link? Will it support -cookie argument? (2017-05-03) Adam Valentine Nguyen: Excellent!!! (2017-02-25) Patrícia: As a minimum requirement one ought to be able to set the destination dir. (2016-12-21) 王鴻烈: 配合網樂通改機盒下載...嗯,有夠好用... (2016-11-10) icer song: 不错,很方便,也比较灵活 (2016-11-07) Shubham Maurya: work like a charm .Thanks (2016-10-26) উৎসব রায়: Love you man! :D (2016-05-22) zero xia: Does not support --rpc-shared? Only --rpc-user / --rpc-passwd is supported? The latter style is deprecated, could you update to support the recommended way? Thanks. (2016-05-17) Сергей Шариков: How i can quick add torrents? Please add .torrent capture! (2016-04-03) Slava Baginov: Works perfectly but lacks lots of options. (2015-09-22) Feng Ye: HTTP urls work like a charm. However I couldn't find any clues with bit torrent download. Better to have that. (2015-08-10) Zor David: thanks for this! it is awesome! (2015-07-25) XhstormR: GOOD!! (2015-07-08) cappingpong pom: on highspeed up & up!! (2015-05-06) 尹湘中: 应用还不错,但权限有点不正常:读取更改网站所有权限???? (2015-02-16) Frank Utne: Maxes out connection like aria2c always does from the command line. Browser integration nice. There's just one minor problem. It doesn't prompt you for download location. It goes ahead and downloads to an unknown location, not the default one. Where did my files go?! Update: The files get downloaded to whatever directory you opened aria2c in unless you add '--dir=<path/to/dir>'. But you still don't get to choose the directory from Chrome so this is not a full integration. (2015-01-20) Yu Denzel: Very nice work! (2015-01-14) Gerald Cox: Works very nice, doesn't yet integrate with the chrome "save as" dialog allowing you to rename the file and download from websites which dynamically build the url, but otherwise a solid plugin which allows you to use aria2 for many sites easily with chrome. Once it has "save as" capability it will be perfect. (2014-11-25) Thành Nguyễn: Good. (2014-10-09) Mohd Nazreen Abdul Rahman: Will give 4 star if you add configuration editing from this extension. 5 Star if you add configuration and nice UI for your apps. Make it as your proud apps. Anyway great job ...

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