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Description from extension meta This extension allows you to change the color of your visited links
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Description from store Color Links enhances how users navigate visited page search results on the web by allowing the user to select the color of the visited link. Color Links is an excellent enhancement for color deficient users. The ability to control the color of the visited site link, improves the visual comfort of the search by creating a color contrast that is appealing to the user. Browsing search results on google.com can be overwhelming, especially when the default colors for referencing visited links can be similar for end users with decreased ability to discern colors. Multiple color options are available in this light weight extension that will help you immediately sort out your visited links. Color Links is not only light weight but it is only one click. One click and the visited link stands out giving you quick visual confirmation of where you have already been. To get started, navigate to a page, toggle color links to the on (or green) position, and select your color. You can turn color links off at any time if you'd like by setting the toggle to off (or red). Developer Notes: If you're interested in the project, or maybe you want to contribute, be sure to check out the open source repository hosted here https://github.com/therynamo/color-links. View the README for instructions on contributing. All contributions are welcomed, and we will get to them as soon as we can.
Latest reviews (2019-11-10) Otto Kan: Not working (2019-10-13) pfettig77: Doesn't do anything. Links are still blue and purple (or whatever). (2019-09-24) Mike Leibel: Doesn't work (2019-06-20) Cazador de DRAGONES: Funciona, cuando se instala presionas el icono en la parte superior derecha y te permite agregar el color que quieres para los enlaces visitados de esa pagina en especifico. (2019-05-30) Sayeed Alireza Zanjani: it works (2019-05-20) Eduardo Morales Hudtwalcker: Not working in incognito mode even with the option for it to work, now I can't tell which porn sites I've already visited ! (2019-05-11) LooneyTunes Horner: It's not working (2019-05-05) Drasko Divic: Just installed. It seems useful. Suggestion:more options (it now not exist). For example: permanent switched on! Or tooltips? (2019-04-19) Disciple de Jésus-Christ: marche (2019-03-09) Does not work in the Gov't of Canada Job Bank... (2019-02-23) iherb mop737: Does nothing on the news web site: www.yle.fi (2019-02-15) Leslie Gordon: doesnt work (2019-02-04) Dmitrii Starovoytov: works (2019-02-02) Mauro Ciomei: Funziona solo su Google (Win 10). Meglio di niente. (2018-12-21) Captain Sunday: Finally relief for the color impaired among us. Blue and purple look the same to me. Did Google ever care? NO EVEN A LITTLE. Why did it take 30 freaking years! (2018-12-16) Sigitas Bartkevicius: Do not work on version 71 (2018-12-03) KDASthenerd: It's more or less good, but it's only working on Google for me. I try using it at Bing and YouTube, but it doesn't work there. (2018-11-14) live oak: Yay, works perfectly. Very easy, does the one simple thing it's supposed to do. I'm not even color blind but was completely unable to discern the slight color difference for visited sites without squinting. I love an easy fix, thanks. (2018-10-31) Garth Robbins: Very nice. I'd recommend explaining the color selection option and, if possible, integrating a color selector directly into your extension. The selector that's built into Google is convenient (just Google a hex color code). But I have to copy/paste each new value into your extension. (2018-10-20) Saleh Mahmud: Not working :( (2018-10-20) jesse blakely: works great! i can finally stop clicking on the same links. (2018-10-19) Ron Schmiege: Does not work in Chrome vs. 69. The Chrome developers broke all the methods to change the visited link color in their latest update. (2018-09-28) Arya Singh: i think this is great tool for SEO brothers :) and i am sure we never ever visit visited site :) :) (2018-09-18) Jean Pierre Papon: ça marche ultra simple...mais que veut dire acces à toutes les données sites visités et pourquoi ? (2018-09-08) Thanks! Chrome's built in blue-to-purple color change for visited links is almost imperceptible on my Pixelbook. This extension showed me that all those links I thought were purple (visited) were really links I hadn't yet clicked on. Just what the doctor ordered.

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