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Description from extension meta Customize your Scrollbar easily, fast and however you want!
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Description from store Do you want to customize / edit your Chrome™ Scrollbars? Try Scrollbar Customizer! It's very easy, fast and you can change almost everything with the built-in editor! IMPORTANT NOTE: It is NOT possible to inject code to some Chrome™ specific sites like this Web Store, Chrome Settings, Chrome Extensions and other. Therefore it is NOT possible to customize scrollbars on these sites from this extension. Google™ has good reasons for this so as long as they are keeping up for these restrictions, we cannot offer our options on said sites. Upcoming Features: - more preset scrollbars - more customize options - injectible custom css codes - downloadable scrollbars Want more? Leave a comment with suggestions and we will try to implement it! If you like Scrollbar Customizer, please rate us 5 Stars, give us a Plus 1 and share on Facebook! Chrome™ is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google Permissions.
Latest reviews (2019-10-15) Yago Twe Dark: Ótimo! da até para removê-las. (2019-10-06) Uta Mihai: not working (2019-10-01) Emokid TwoFace: Does its job! (2019-08-24) e Howard Green: Yes, seems to work as soon as added as extension from the chrome store. But where is the customization many have liked? I did not do the "download" step from the author's site, as prefer to use store supplied extns. Agree with those wanting this functionality as seldom do multifinger on trackpad. Am Very Happy I bought a touch-screen version of chromebook and I use a stylus instead of my finger. Thx (2019-08-19) John McSpiffy: Didn't change the scroll bars on sites that specify their own scrollbar settings. The entire point of downloading this was to get thick scrollbars on sites that force narrow ones. It doesn't work. (2019-07-02) Ron Klein: great extension, website-filter would be very useful (having two options "apply only in these web-sites" and "exclude from these web-sites") (2019-06-25) Dave Van Domelen: Doesn't actually change my windows, just the test window. Reloading didn't help. Nonfunctional. (2019-06-24) Bernardo Antunes: I think this only replaces the first horizontal and first vertical scroll bar it finds, therefore websites with multiple scrollbars will have two different scrollbars, it would be great if you could change that :/ As an example you can take a look at a GitHub project board (2019-06-08) 一的龗: Please, could you add some form of whitelist and blacklist options (or site-specific options) that allow the user to enter which sites they want the changes to be applied to? For example, I want to use the shine gray layout for every website, but on YouTube, I want the bar to be 0 width and 0 height. (2019-05-08) Dave C: Works good for every site so far except gmail.com where the main scroll bar is not visible on the right side at all. (2019-04-08) Heidi Howe: Without it- i literally cannot see chromes scroll bar. I think they want you to use your finger all over the screen- at least that is what it appears to me. Who makes scroll bars that are like 1 mm thick.....lll my chrome books were unusable when the change occurerd. THe review is now bc they did something overnight and all my data disappeared. I wonder if MAC rolls out new editions every few weeks? I'd be delighted to never ever have any "improvement's" I still believe the chromebook about 5-8 yr's ago was the best. Way better than 2019. Anyway- Thank You- Until i get a Mac.... (2019-03-28) Lyle: can you possibly make it so it has the ability to lock the scrollbar in place? i play a flash game that requires scrolling to scroll through weapons and the page moves around which causes me to get killed in-game, (2019-03-16) ★★★★★ (2019-02-02) Azarilh: Lovely. It doesn't slow down websites, as other people say. But i would like to change the background, i want it dark, not white. With this add-on is possible only to customise the thumb, the arrows and the THICKness, not the background colour. Also, as other pointed it out, it's not possible to auto-hide it, which would be awesome. (2019-01-16) Pho Huynh: The scrollbar keeps floating over youtube video in fullscreen mode, pretty annoying (2019-01-10) I haven't used it yet. But I do need help customizing my scrollbar. How do I customize my scrollbar? I NEED AN INTIMIDATE RESPONSE! (2019-01-09) Chris Meyer: "duhhhh wat is a hex code?" - the developers (2018-12-11) AggroBeat: Muito bom, dá pra customizar bastante e até mesmo removê-las (ninguém usa elas mesmo), excelente (2018-11-30) Yassine Daoudi: Exactly what I was looking for :) (2018-11-06) Layne Karkruff: I appreciate what it does, but if your Chrome browser has been slow-loading, look no further than this extension. Regretfully had to turn it off. (2018-08-31) Baptiste Roussel: Thank you ! Just perfect That will be great if the scrollbar is on the page with a transparency effect :) (2018-08-24) Adam Segal: If you are a developer DO NOT INSTALL. It slows down the elements styles tab in dev tools immensely. (2018-08-23) Hester Kay Rose: Scrollbar in Chrome would disappear as soon as I'd try to actually move up or down, this extension's 'thick' bar acts normal. (2018-08-16) Jim Potter: I've only had the extension on my Chrome laptop for 20 minutes and I love it! It is sooo frustrating trying to find the skimpy scrollbar that comes with Chrome. With Scrollbar Customizer it makes moving about the screen so simple it is intuitive and automatic. (2018-08-15) Joon Keat: Does as it says and very useful for bad eyes. Enough customization to suit everyone.

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