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Get a simple overview of your RSS and Atom feeds in the toolbar

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Description from store Keep up with everything you care about in one place with Feeder (www.feeder.co). Feeder is the news manager that tracks any online source you choose and bundles it into an easy-to-digest reading experience. Have any questions? We're always listening at [email protected] The best RSS Feed Reader extension for Chrome. - Instantaneously see when new posts are added to one of your RSS and Atom feeds - Easily subscribe to new RSS/Atom feeds by clicking the browser icon - Intuitively manage your feeds - Right click context-menus in popup-menu let you mark all as read, reload feeds, and other nifty shortcuts - Export your feeds so you can import them on another computer and/or keep them as backups for safekeeping - Customize your feeds by choosing how many posts to display, or changing the title - Organize your feeds using folders and sorting with drag and drop - Choose between two different themes: Dark or Light - Everything is contained within the browser so no other third-party sites are needed - Notifications when feeds have been updated. Enable globally or on select feeds - Supports both RSS and Atom feeds - See when a page has any RSS or Atom feeds to subscribe to - Sound notifications - Mobile apps Collect and organize content like a Pro, subscribe to Feeder Pro (more information on feeder.co) - 1 minute updates - Filters, rules and collections If you have any feedback, bugs or issues, we're always listening on our support channel: [email protected] If any RSS or Atom feeds don't work please report it to us. Brought to you by Really Simple AB from Stockholm, Sweden, the RSS Feed Reader team. Have fun with RSS and Atom! Changelog: V7.9.0 - New RSS feed subscription page. Beautiful new design, custom reader options and more. - New options for the post list - Images and a short excerpt. V7.8.3 - Add a menu option to quickly add new feeds - Fix bug causing middle-click queue to not open new tabs V7.8.2 - Attempt fixes with settings not being saved properly - Fix issue with listing posts in the correct order V7.8.1 - Migrator bug fixes V7.8.0 - This releases changes the local database use for storing feeds for no-account users. A migration might need to happen which can cause the extension to be unresponsive for some time. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] V7.7.5 - Fix display issue for posts on web reader V7.7.4 - Fix some users not being able to delete feeds V7.7.0 - New themes! Sand and Dark - Fix crashes when importing OPML files - Mark posts older than 7 days or 30 days as read - Cleanup a lot of old code - Fix minor bugs with 'Are you sure you want to mark X posts as read?' V7.6.14 - Improve how Feeder reconnects when starting Chrome - Fix an issue when marking all as read in web reader You can read old release notes here: https://feeder.co/help/extension/release-notes-for-extension/ Thanks for reading this far!

Latest reviews

  • (2022-07-28) Станислав Поморгайло: Все отлично работает.
  • (2022-07-25) Streisand Effect: Doesn't work unless you give it access to "feeder.co", which means the site can potentially read all your RSS feeds. Pointless if you have private feeds.
  • (2022-07-16) Bro BIG: pefect
  • (2022-06-28) DarKey: Раньше можно было быстрое уведомление получить. Сейчас только раз в 2 часа или плати деньги. Ну и зачем он тогда, если основная функция получать все новости быстро и вовремя?
  • (2022-06-27) Michał Stefaniuk: Richly featured, but at the same time clear and easy to use
  • (2022-06-22) Zorbio NumberOne: Great app, i've been using it to get daily updates on stocks trough the sec.gov website, what a powerful tool !
  • (2022-06-10) Nicolas Laruelle: The addon looks good
  • (2022-06-03) Kevin A: Perfect for what you want it to do. Gets all the updates, makes it easy to get to and manage them. 10/10!
  • (2022-05-23) Nate Streeter: used this for years, though got it on a new computer and it limits me to 10 feeds? ridiculous
  • (2022-05-19) Alexander Antonopoulos: It was good at the beggining but now you have to pay or wait 2 hours to get updates. Pass...
  • (2022-05-18) Yang: The update interval for the free version is 2 hours. 2 hours! You could easily open up a new tab and look up the rss feed manually yourself in that time.
  • (2022-05-10) Lucas Fernandes: Funciona bem para mim, só quero saber quando tem posts novos nos blogs que leio e ele cumpre essa proposta
  • (2022-04-27) Eugene Panov: Huge intervals between news headlines. In the Firefox they are much more compact.
  • (2022-04-24) Liran Barsisa: Good
  • (2022-04-05) Markos Hudson: As of 2022/04/04 it was just a shortcut to a website. Not much of an "extension." Uninstalled minutes later.
  • (2022-04-05) Gabriele Prosperi: Sarebbe utile avere la possibilità di indicare tutte le notizie nuove come già lette.
  • (2022-04-01) Виктор: Платно, нет доп. языков, сложно. Два плюса: поддержка (с задержкой, но все же), и дизайн.
  • (2022-03-29) Stefan Anegroaei: foarte buna! folosesc zilnic! recomand !
  • (2022-03-28) Hebert Espinosa: As manchetes dos sites favoritos à apenas um clique de distância. Funciona bem e não é invasivo. Eu recomendo.
  • (2022-03-28) Wendelues Cliton: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE I can not open feeder
  • (2022-03-24) Jane Murple: Remove RT (Russia Today) news from this extension. It spreads misinformation and lies and is a completely unreliable resource.
  • (2022-03-22) Md Anamul Islam: good
  • (2022-01-28) Yura Moshnin: Бесплатно обновлять фид можно только раз в 2 часа. Бред...
  • (2022-01-12) Gustav Broström: Kinda feels like bloatware, but it works
  • (2022-01-11) SKI CAI: super useful, super like it
  • (2022-01-10) Sohel Rana: Excellent!
  • (2021-12-19) Russ Hollyer: Nice.
  • (2021-12-17) Inny74: Started locking intervals faster than 2 FREAKING HOURS behind a paywall. So, I use this to be notified of time limited offers on the r/FreeGameFindings subreddit. With intervals of 30, 10, 5, and 1 minute(s) being locked behind a paywall, this makes being notified of these offers redundant and utterly useless. I will be finding a replacement RSS Feed extension soon.
  • (2021-12-09) Marjorie Laxamana: Useful for me to see all the news and podcast episodes in one place. Easy to use.
  • (2021-12-03) かみかつき: Weird things. The no account is much better than Basic plan.
  • (2021-11-28) Jamie Ng: it's good, very light, i often go to website feeder.co instead
  • (2021-10-24) Дмитрий Алиев: Зачем регистрация? Хотя можно обойтись и без нее... Настройка через сайт, добавление фидов тоже через сайт... Вы серьезно??? А заявление и отпечатки пальцев для работы дополнения не нужны??? Это я еще не знаю, на сколько удобно работать и работает ли дополнение вообще...
  • (2021-10-22) dustin garrett: It does the job, but I get a popup every single time I needed to go into settings about seeing less relevant ads. I'm also struggling to delete feeds. I did a test of a combined feed that is now sending about one update every 15-30 seconds, which means every 15 minutes, I get a flood of popups, with no way to stop them. Unfortunately, this little big means I'll either have to delete the plugin, re-install and hope import works or just find something new.
  • (2021-10-21) Evaldas Rimkus: Randomly stopped refreshing all feeds for weeks. Requires an account to go to settings.
  • (2021-10-17) Mark Waite: Works great for my needs I use this plugin to track job failures from a continuous integration server so that I can investigate failures without needing to visit each job individually. Works very well for my use. Thanks!
  • (2021-10-10) David Kouvchinov: how is there not a tool to search a feed by text? insane
  • (2021-10-01) Valeria DAmbrosio: Lo uso muchísimo! Genial!
  • (2021-09-28) Sung Chan Kang: 사용하기 쉽고, 좋네요.
  • (2021-09-24) Peanut: Free, intuitive UI, no ads! and has sound notifications.
  • (2021-09-21) Vitaliy Avramenko: I like this extension, it allows to read RSS feeds easily.
  • (2021-09-19) Роман Матохин: Перестало работать добавление новых RSS и перестали приходить уже добавленные RSS
  • (2021-09-19) Donnie: It works well when it works, but what is really annoying, and the reason for the low rating, is when you haven't clicked on the icon to display your feeds in a while (i.e., a few hours), the next time you click on it, it doesn't do anything for a good minute. It's like it wasn't clickable. Then after about a minute the menu will open. Very annoying and I will probably look for another.
  • (2021-09-14) Sanjay Chackroborty: Really useful application
  • (2021-09-12) Otto von Bismarck: Все было не плохо, пока я не понял, что две трети базовых функций доступны только по платной подписке. Даже не смешно. Приложение мусор.
  • (2021-09-09) TOOTZKIE Moto: I love this feeder. It updated in real time.
  • (2021-08-31) Faruk Hossen: Excellent service for me.
  • (2021-08-31) Michael Maharlika: So far, this works as well as I thought it would. I get up to stories per feed at a time, I can click to remove after I have read it, and or choose to delete them all at one time. Its fairly easy to setup, and I like the feature in entering a website myself. Thank you
  • (2021-08-18) J. M.: It was working beautifully, then apparently it updated, did a weird double refresh thing, then it wouldn't let me go into my configuration, then finally wiped all of my feeds. I can't recommend it anymore.
  • (2021-08-13) Manuel Huertas: too many restrictions
  • (2021-08-03) Kaneda Takashi: 最近、急に無料版で登録できる件数が10件に制限されるようになった。 使いやすかったので残念。乗り換え先を探し中。

Latest issues

  • (2022-06-06, v:7.9.0) Ragheed Al-Tayeb: Illogical Permissions!!
    Unacceptable set of personal data are collected by this Extension for no reasonable reason.
  • (2022-03-31, v:7.9.0) JericX C: Can't delete or edit a feed
    When I try to delete a feed, 'Something went wrong when saving the changes null' is shown.
  • (2022-02-14, v:7.8.3) crystal narvaez: Hack
    Please remove hacker
  • (2021-09-24, v:7.8.2) Peanut: Thank you!
    I'm here to give thanks!!
  • (2021-08-11, v:7.8.1) corbeille1801: The worst update ever
    we know it's important to get purchases, but please don't make time to update a premium option, this is makes it useless , 2 hours to update ??!! what's the point of this, you're killing your comunity
  • (2021-08-09, v:7.8.1) John Grogan: Attached files
    I have an RSS feed with attached files (BBC Archers podcasts). I have successfully added the feed and I can see the summary texts but I can't work out how to download the files automatically.
  • (2021-05-19, v:7.7.5) Paolo Olocco: Google Currents
    How can I add Google Currents notifications? When I try to add it as a website, it fails to go ahead in the Google login
  • (2021-02-24, v:7.7.5) Toàn Phan: Not updating anymore?
    Today, 24/02/2021 GMT +7, I don't get any news RSS, all the news inside are from yesterday, still worked fine yesterday tho.
  • (2021-02-13, v:7.7.5) Kieran Cannistra: All marked unread
    I'm guessing this was the result of human (MY) error, but all my unreads are zeroed out. Is there a way to restore a previous state of the feeder? (So, for example, I could reload my unreads from a day or two ago?) I'm assuming the answer is no, but figured I'd give it a shot and ask.
  • (2021-01-26, v:7.7.5) Gary Miller: download
    How do I download the food network for streaming/i havejoined already.
  • (2021-01-18, v:7.7.5) 高良学: 未読の数が違う(The unread number is different.)
    未読の数字があるのに見ると「No Post Post list is Empty」となる --- When it's seen though there is an unread number, it'll be "No Post Post list is Empty".
  • (2021-01-12, v:7.7.5) nikitaluger: This extension is broken
    The icon shows the amount of feeds that are unread but when you click the icon the only thing that shows are the top bar stuff (gear icon, upgrade, show all, star, 0 show unread, check & +) clicking any of those options doesn't do anything. Right-click>options will only give you the "Loading..." screen and it's stuck there permanently. I can't backup my feeds since I can't access my feed settings.
  • (2020-12-21, v:7.7.5) RICHARD WAYNE: feeder not showing anything
    I have had nothing but wonderful experience with feeder until lately? When I click on my feeder at the top of chrome, it takes me to the feed site but NOTHING is there? I am still getting my feeds but I can not add new ones or delete old ones? I have rebooted and cleaned cookies etc.. but to no avail.
  • (2020-12-08, v:7.7.5) annie zephaniah: i cant get epson scanner installed
    im at my mac computer. i need you to walk me through setting up and getting started
  • (2020-11-24, v:7.7.5) Colin Prime: Feeder options window has some bugs
    https://feeder.co/reader?ctx=extension When I go to the above link and try to look at "All Posts" or any of my feeds, it always says "An error occurred while loading the posts. Please try again." This continues regardless of what I do. Additionally, when trying to delete an old RSS feed that is no longer updating, it gives me the following message: "Something went wrong when saving the changes. null"
  • (2020-11-16, v:7.7.5) PepeLaugh: follow websites don't support rss
    i added some feeds from websites don't support rss but when i click in those feeds , there is no post in there ?
  • (2020-10-07, v:7.7.5) Jared Bothwell: Feeds not loading
    Recenlty I've noticed an issue with the RSS feed reader extension on Chrome. It use to be all I had to do was hover my mouse over the extension icon and the feeds would appear. This is no longer the case. Working on Version 86.0.4240.75 (Official Build) (64-bit) Windows 10. They will appear but only after a number of minutes and sometimes not at all
  • (2020-09-18, v:7.7.5) 李立峰: Can I change the font settings?
    Some of my feeds are not in English. They sometimes become difficult to read with the default font settings (bold and size). Thanks for your attention 😊
  • (2020-09-02, v:7.7.4) Carol Mattsson: Please provide basic usage info: HOW to see my feeds, HOW to adjust my settings?
    I am new to RSS. I installed the Chrome feed reader extension last night and added three feeds. This morning I closed that tab in Chrome so now it's gone. HOW do I open that feed reader again? I can't find any documentation about this feed reader, all I can find is your Chrome extension description. Which does NOT tell me how to see my feeds or how to adjust my settings. In particular, within the last hour, I've already gotten TWO notifications from the "lifehacker" feed which I added just to see what it was. But if it's going to interrupt me multiple times per day I don't want it. --Carol Mattsson Web developer in USA
  • (2020-08-19, v:7.7.4) yonlei venezuela: ciudad venezuela
    ciudada venezuela con hno vdunvo vjo lcitnvl jnlvo bvlnoi nultvon bcjenotrno
  • (2020-07-11, v:7.7.4) Carolina Acevedo: No entiendo
    Tengo instlado el rss feeder, necesito anclarlo a gengo.com para trabajos de traduccion, lamentablemente no he conseguido entender como funciona aún...preciso asistencia
  • (2020-07-01, v:7.7.4) Eloise Taylor: Feeder notifications
    I am not finding this very helpful at all. I want notifications as soon as something happens but I hardly ever see notifications pop up on the screen and when I do it is with a big delay. Are there some settings I can change or is that just the way it works?
  • (2020-06-25, v:7.7.0) Michael P: Privacy
    Why does your RSS reader want the ability to change any site I am on? Why would you want to? Why would I want that? Example: no matter how I set or narrow the ability of you product, it still says it has "terrifying" access to my e-mail account, my sensitive government site, banking, etc.... I don't want that. I don't even use your product for those sites. I use the RSS reader on one site for a single page! Could I possibly just look at that single feed from that one page without getting other pages and sites "hacked" into? So far the answer is no, because I tried to limit the scope of you product using options and failed. Again, why would you want to change anything on my e-mail account? Creepy!
  • (2020-06-18, v:7.7.0) Сергей Якушин: Feeds are dublicates
    All feeds from Steam, like this ttps://steamcommunity.com/games/818520/rss/, always duplicated. I.e. I see two the same entries each time when a new post appears. How to fix it?
  • (2020-06-05, v:7.7.0) 金井作: do not disturb?
    Is there option??
  • (2020-06-01, v:7.7.0) Matt Martella: Can't delete feed
    I can't delete any feeds from my current RSS saved feeds. How to solve this?
  • (2020-05-16, v:7.7.0) burl hamm: backgammon
    boatd game
  • (2020-05-14, v:7.7.0) Shyam Sundar: Display Limit
    Hi Team, Reader is displaying only 10 feeds, remaining feeds are not displaying. Please help me to resolve this problem
  • (2020-05-05, v:7.6.14) Tsahi Asher: Support Chromium Edge
    Now that Microsoft gave up on it's rendering engine and based it's Edge browser on Chromium, can you make this extension available for Edge as well?
  • (2020-05-04, v:7.6.14) Nicole Sim: doesn't work. am pro user
    it keeps saying "could not load posts. Try again or contact support." i have seen this message since the day before yesterday. now solved yet..
  • (2020-04-16, v:7.6.14) Yossi Offir: Eric, Following our non communicative chat
    Eric, So even if we are not at the same timezone I will get an email when you respond?
  • (2020-04-16, v:7.6.14) Yossi Offir: I can not see the content of my collections on my 2 android devices
    Why I can not see the content of my collections on my 2 android devices but I see them on my desktop?
  • (2020-04-16, v:7.6.14) Yossi Offir: I can not see the content of my collections on my 2 android devices
    Why I can not see the content of my collections on my 2 android devices but I see them on my desktop?
  • (2020-04-14, v:7.6.14) AYO AYO: 用RSS Reader瀏覽器拒絕連線
    tw.stock.yahoo.com 拒絕連線
  • (2020-04-02, v:7.6.14) Mattia Carugo: Feeder stopped showing me notifications on chrome
    I only get the sound effect but no popub, how can I fix it?
  • (2020-03-24, v:7.6.14) Apps Talk: Nonmarketapps
  • (2020-03-16, v:7.6.14) shakozzz1994: Mark all as read
    It would be nice to be able to mark all posts as read with one click.
  • (2020-03-13, v:7.6.14) robin li: Can not connet the feeder
    BTW, the web 'feeder.co' can not be opened now. Does the website is fall?
  • (2020-02-27, v:7.6.14) Ali Ghanbari: Unable to access plug-in
    No plugin can be used in Iran without VPN application or modification. Please find a fix for this
  • (2020-02-02, v:7.6.14) Kla Indumentaria: mi casilla no funciona
    el problema que tengo es, que no puedo entrar a mi casilla de mail, gracias
  • (2020-01-31, v:7.6.14) Teresinha Langner: baixarcamera
  • (2020-01-31, v:7.6.14) Teresinha Langner: baixarcamera
  • (2020-01-22, v:7.6.14) pejuang muda: pinjaman
    butuh tambahan dana
  • (2020-01-19, v:7.6.14) Bob Stone: not working for feed i want..."This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. "
    See screen info below. This is a feed from a large corporation and it seems unlikely the problem is at their end..... This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <rss version="2.0"> <channel> <title>BC Hydro Outage - Hope</title> <link> https://www.bchydro.com/power-outages/app/outage-list.html </link> <description> <![CDATA[ This outage RSS feed provides information about current and restored power outages. To report an outage call 1-888-POWERON (1-888-769-3766) or visit http://www.bchydro.com/outages to view or report outages online. ]]> </description> <lastBuildDate>19 Jan 2020 13:15:01 PST</lastBuildDate> <copyright>Copyright 2020</copyright> <language>en-us</language> </channel> </rss>
  • (2019-12-06, v:7.6.13) David Turpin: Feature(s) no longer working as it did in the past
    A few versions ago I could add a RSS feed from a site I visit by clicking on the + in the upper right corner of the Chrome extension menu (The current site i'm trying to add a feed from has a green 2 next to that +). That would of given me, in the past, a sub menu where I could select the version of the feed from the site I wanted and the feed would be added. Now when I do that, an add feed page loads but it appears to be generic as I couldn't find anything related to the page I was at on this page. I've seen things like this happen many times over the time I have been using this extension. Something simple that works just fine being made complex and not as useful. I am hoping this is just something that broke in the current version and will start working correctly again soon. The feed in question is from a fansubber group at https://pas.moe/. I have added the RSS feed from this site before in the past (before my RSS feed list decided to empty itself) by clicking the +. In fact I am having problems adding any RSS with that button. I am starting to think you might of changed how that button works for the worse again. In this version I have also noticed I can no longer edit the URL of feeds like I could in past versions (a feature I only used two or three times). This was useful for a few feeds that imported but didn't display correctly without editing the URL to change the feed type. I like the program I just wish you would stop fixing things that aren't broke.
  • (2019-11-09, v:7.6.13) Ari Seidenfeld: No desktop notifications
    marked on in settings but nothing pops up. The sound does work though. It is not blocked in chrome settings.
  • (2019-10-24, v:7.6.13) Fred Khonje: Not Updating
    The RSS Feeds are not updating on my iOS or my Chrome extension. It was working for 2 weeks and the past week there have been no updated. I've had to re-subscribe, but eventually the feeds stop updating.
  • (2019-10-23, v:7.6.13) Unknow0059: Does this work in a new tab?
    If I wanted it to show up every time I opened a new tab, would this work for that? There's another extension that does this but its development has been halted since 2017.
  • (2019-10-20, v:7.6.13) giuliana bravin: non conosco l'inglese.
    Come faccio a scrivere o rispondere?


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