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Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, 3D, Sync...

Description from extension meta New Tab Page Replacement with 3D Speed Dial and predefined images, sync and organize your bookmarks, groups, and most visited
Image from store Speed Dial [FVD] - New Tab Page, 3D, Sync...
Description from store ★★ Thousands of People love FVD Speed Dial ★★ Replace new tab page with most popular speed dial (visual bookmarks) with incredible design, groups, sync and other useful features. Main Features: ✔ Speed Dial (visual bookmarks) This mode allows you to create your own Dials 👥 Most-Visited The Most-Visited category lists the sites that you visit most often. Each Dial contains a group with the full list of URLs you’ve visited at the site in the Dial slot. You can add any Dial from the Most-Visited category to your Speed Dial. 💻 Groups of speed-dials FVD Speed Dial allows grouping sites by different topics. For example, for car-related sites you can create a group called Cars, for gaming sites - Games, etc. 🔄 Synchronization You can synchronize your speed dials between different computers. For instance, you can work with those sites from home and work. 🔍 Searching by speed dials If you have hundreds of sites, it's not so easy to locate the one you need. That's when the feature that allows searching by speed dials comes to rescue. All you need to know is at least one of the words in the site name or the first letters of the link for our smart search engine to locate it in seconds. Use it as your awesome new tab page! Contact us: https://nimbusweb.co/contact.php Terms of Use: https://nimbusweb.me/terms-and-conditions.php Privacy Policy: https://nimbusweb.me/privacy.php
Latest reviews (2019-11-17) Fresca Ricard: Nice concept, but a weirdly limited choice of search engines. Even though it tries to suggest you're using Google (by the search icon's color palette), it's actually using Bing, and the only other choices you have are Yahoo and Yandex!!! (No kidding.) Users have been asking for years for more choices, but are consistently ignored (so the developer is probably monetizing their extension by deals they have with search engines that nobody wants to use). Well, I'm not part of that deal, so forget about it... (2019-11-17) dobrovan dobrovan: Круто! спасибо!!! (2019-11-17) Filippo Macheda: Ben fatto e molto utile (2019-11-17) АЛЕКСЕЙ МАКАРОВ: МНЕ НРАВИТЬСЯ! (2019-11-17) 霧裡雨: very good expansion function,very focused on the user experience and Update error quickly THANKS! (2019-11-16) алексей мамонов: super (2019-11-16) Armando Clausse: I'm using FVD for more than 4 years and it's stil the PERFECT AND MUST HAVE extension I have. I use it with Chrome and Firefox in different computers so I keep my Speed Dials and Favorites bar sybcronized. Very useful (2019-11-16) Mark Ivanov: Разрабы ожидаемо забили на поддержку и часть заявленных функция отвалилось при следующем обновлении браузера. (2019-11-16) Руслан Итманн: все супер (2019-11-16) Sergey: Всё отлично, оригинально и удобно (2019-11-16) Серж Д: Пользуюсь много лет. Очень нравится. (2019-11-16) Kritsda Kanjanarai: Very High Productivity Usages, Thanks But 01 I always/ every day found "Thumbnail dial could not updated" For some reasons I donot know 02 (2019-11-15) IVAN KOSOLAPOV: Очень хорошее приложение. Гибкие настройки.Много возможностей. (2019-11-15) Alex Falcon: Пользуюсь уже около трех лет,и не представляю себе другое,даже похожее расширение. Очень удобно,наглядно и наконец красиво и радует взгляд.Спасибо разработчикам.Советую всем. Оценка 5+++ (2019-11-15) Сергей Мартынов: В приложении не обновляются эскизы! Это вообще нормально? (2019-11-15) José Carlos Mateos: Durante años llevo utilizándo. Me organiza todos mis trabajos con los enlaces. (2019-11-15) Fabricio Andrade: Já uso a 3 anos e é muito prático e tem um otimo disgner! (2019-11-15) Love Family혼살: Now, dials images are works perfectly. I am back to Chrome from FF! (2019-11-15) амфитон: Отличное расширение (2019-11-15) Derek Rule: A nice little utility but unfortunately when I changed PCs a day or so ago and reloaded Speed Dial, although the dials showed the URL and click count the web site image was a blue scowly face emoji. Since this is the main way I access the relevant site, it has become useless. A query to Support has not yet been answered. So every one of my dials looks the same, although if I can remember which is which they do work. (2019-11-15) Анатолий Медведев: Приложение отлично! Пользовался им ещё очень давно, потом перестал, сейчас вспомнил, скачали и был приятно удвилен. Все стало еще лучше, ребята молодцы, развивают проект в правильном направлении! (2019-11-15) Nicolás Tuñón: Amazing extension to keep your links and access icons always at one click. Easy to use, super clean and amicable. Definitely a must for a Chome OS user. (2019-11-15) Trevor7392: Only speedial that had everything I wanted. Woks great! Edit: Issue is fixed! Definitely download this. (2019-11-14) tornado559: превью не отоброжаются ( грустный смайлик ) , что с этим дополнением не так то вроде работает нормально то на тебе не скучай . теперь все ок , но вот насколько .. (2019-11-14) Issac Algizani: I have used it with Chrome since 2015. It became uncomfortable, using the browser without it.

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