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Description from extension meta Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring speed dial,search,topsites,weather and datetime.
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Description from store Replace the original new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring Speed Dial,Search, weather, change the badkground wallpaoer, and inspiration. Every time you open a new tab, you will see a beautiful wallpaper. Engoy a day with pretty New Tab. This is not only a kind of tool,but also is a new kind of Life. Features - See the weather in your area - Search bar for you to search everything online - Manual change the background wallpaper - "Apps" button takes back you to the original Chrome home page when needed - "Web" button takes you to common web sites. Keep in Touch
Latest reviews (2019-05-03) Jacob de la Montanya: Very nice, but I am getting an error where the new tab isnt reading my location so I get "null" in like every location related text box. If you could fix this or help me fix it I would appreciate it (2017-09-28) Electric Raver: really good but you cannot use own photos thats bad so i will remove it! (2017-01-19) Michael Kipke: Eine tolle Erweiterung die gern, oft und intensiv nutze. Vielen Dank (2016-11-23) Irina Svetlowa: Hi, I am interested in acquiring your extension "Pretty New Tab(Ext)". Please contact me at: [email protected] (2016-04-15) Bommy Tian: We can help you to monetize your browser extension. ****For better users experience and higher revenue!*** *The average ARPU is $ 0.004! *Shorter payment term! High revenue share! *24/7 customer support *GEOs: All countries, the whole world *My email/skype: [email protected] *website: http://goo.gl/iNQZzX (2015-10-08) Володимир Тесляр: Вибачте. Але це ХУЙНЯ кончена, сволота встановилась автоматично без усяких запитів, навіть касперський не врятував. Суки! Мудаки йобані!!!!! Блять, пів години потрачено на стирання цього та іншого гімна!!! У Й О Б К И ... (2015-07-31) Federico Casali: near zero customization. horrible design. (2015-07-12) Paul B.: Hardly any configuration. Monetized search goes to google. Not updated. (2015-06-09) Martin Young: Horrible and useless. Thge search box keeps adding "Good Morning" to my search terms, and the bottom boxes are just unwanted advertising. Terrible app. (2014-06-23) Ping Jessica: I enjoy this new tab replacement. It is user friendly and it allows me to find tabs I recently had open or other items easily. The wallpaper choices are awesome! (2014-06-12) Clayton Jessica: This is awesome, keeps things where you can use them immediately. (2014-06-09) Joseph Silva: Everyone relax, all your ad woes can be fixed with a simple flip of the switch in the settings. Just check no on using snapfish and the problem is solved. (2014-06-06) Kevin Malone: Love it! It makes your day brighter...nice selection of photos (2014-06-04) 张子涵: You can create your own links with a cool looking icons from web. New tab looks cool and is very useful. (2014-05-27) Bit Roob: I just love the photo of the day! Everyday has a different new photo! :3 (2014-05-26) Nigel Bernice: Great extension! I really love it! Really convenient to access all my web pages and you can add your own web pages which is probably the best feature. Highly recommend it! (2014-05-21) Habib Parry: love this appp this is the first review i've ever did on the web store this is a must have (2014-05-19) Rosa Odon: this is super awesome ,i really cant believe now that i experience usin it so beautiful, lightning fast whatever apps you open...so beautiful..i can manage and create my own links so quick.. (2014-05-15) Gloria Galvin: Wish there was a way to change the order of the objects, otherwise great new tab menu. (2014-05-14) Tyson Lisle: It is very cool to use.And you get to make your links. That's just great!!!! (2014-05-13) Ike Yehudi: It's hard to believe, but I like it much better than the tabs page in Google. Great Job. (2014-05-09) Davies Mary: Love it, love it, love it. I got used to the fantastic nature shots and today you throw out some starry conglomeration. WHOA! (2014-05-08) Villegas Brenda: Really nice. I love it! user friendly. I love the backgrounds i love nature. :) (2014-05-06) lia Delia: Great extension. Love the motivational quotes and the random inspiring images. My only suggestion: Let us chose a 12 hour version of the clock, please! (2014-05-05) Olin Dorsey: Very Beautifully Designed App but Background image should change daily

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