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Super Dark Mode

Description from extension meta Switch all website to dark mode. You can darken all sites and also customize colors for the sites you want.
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Description from store The Super Dark Mode extension darkens all website. You can relax your eyes for working on the screen at night. There are two pages that the Super Dark Mode cannot darken: + The new tab: you need to install dark theme for Chrome to make it dark. + The Chrome store: Google does not allow access to this page to change the theme. HOW TO USE: 1. Turn on/off the dark mode manually: + After installing the Super Dark Mode, you need to reload all opened sites. + Click on the extension icon to turn on/off the dark mode or use shortcut: Ctrl+Q (Windows, Linux, Chromebook), CMD+Q (Mac). 2. Automatic schedule: + Right click on the extension icon. + Choose "Options". + Enable "Auto ON/OFF" in the section 1. 3. Exclude/Include a site from the dark mode: + Right click on the site. + Choose "Disable/Enable Super Dark Mode for this site" or press Ctrl+B (Windows, Linux, Chromebook), CMD+B (Mac). 4. Customize color scheme for Super Dark Mode: - On the option page, choose "Modern Dark Theme" in section 3b. - Change colors that you want. 5. Reduce brightness/contrast: on the option page, check on section 5 and adjust the value bar. 6. Custom the Global CSS: + On the option page, write the CSS rule in the section 7. + Hit the "Save and Apply" button. 7. Add the pattern to the background: on the option page, check on the section 4. =============== Version update for Tumblr. Version add shortcuts Ctrl+B, Ctrl+Q, add the pattern, adjust the brightness/contrast. Version fix bug for auto-schedule. Version set auto-mode to turn on/off the dark mode. Version fix bugs for GMail. Version frequent update for maintenance. Version update for whatsapp Version frequent update for maintenance. Version 3.0.0.: add new modern dark theme with material design and let users customize color schemes of the theme. Version fix bugs for Xbox.com Version fix bugs for instagram, google docs (dark mode for viewing and low contrast for editing), youtube. Version Exclude/Include super dark mode for specific site from context menu. Version update for ResearchGate.net Version update for Reddit. Version add help in option panel, improve YouTube dark mode. Version add multiple languages to description. Version reduce extension size. Version change option style and add "how to use" at the first installation. Version improve performance and fix bugs. Version update for SoundCloud. =============== We hope you enjoy it!
Latest reviews (2019-11-20) Muki Miszter: Huh, már régóta vágytam rá! (2019-11-18) Taremani: fast perfekt (2019-11-18) Ryan Carlson: I use it for writing with Google Docs at night, This extension makes it a down right pleasure to do so. Would highly recommend. (2019-11-17) Héloïse Romet: Good. Too bad the Tumblr theme hides the modal window of Newxkit and takes away the sticky menu!! (2019-11-17) Ace of Anime: its AWESOME (2019-11-17) Victor Estella: the best!! among the others i have tried (2019-11-16) Jesus Gildardo Mejia Cortes: Excelente. (2019-11-15) Xiao NOMNOMNOM: This works great for me! Thank you! One tiiiiny little thing though. I mostly use Google Docs with it, and my text block shifts sideways a little and makes it hard to click on where I want to. Otherwise it's perfect! (2019-11-15) NGOC KHANH NGUYEN: rất tốt (2019-11-14) AMLOCO ESTÁ LOCO: LA MEJOR (2019-11-14) Kevin Nguyen: awesome mode like so much (2019-11-13) Aazam Muarfi: satisfactory (2019-11-13) Brandon Wang: It works perfectly until it suddenly popup a new tab and asked me to rate it with 5 stars... OMG it pops up an new tab showing a racing car for what? without permission how can it acts like this. i removed it right away... (2019-11-13) Daniel Espinosa: Exelente exepto porque en algunos sitios no funsiona (2019-11-12) Kopax Anderson: It deserve 5 stars but because of the blinking white to black at every page change, it only got one. The GitHub black extension does not blink (2019-11-12) Robert Tovell: very easy on the eyes (2019-11-12) Patrick Palmerini: The extension is quite good but some button shapes on pages are squadred instead of having smoothed corners when the dark mode is turned off; very appreciable theme anyway. (2019-11-10) Дмитрий Болотов: Dark Reader лучше. (2019-11-10) Ishtiaqe Hanif: No option to adjust per site theme (2019-11-10) Talat Özmüslüman: Love it ! (2019-11-09) Nguyễn Minh Phúc: good (2019-11-09) Jaime Bort: Thank's for the extension, I love it (2019-11-08) Nathan Guillin: Pratique, simple d'utilisation et, petit plus comparer aux autre, la possibilité d'enlever le mode sombre sur un site avec un simple clique droit (2019-11-08) Rustayne 2019: Всё отлично работает, хоть глаза теперь не режет этот белый экран (( чёрный приятнее глазам )). (2019-11-07) Jacinto Quiroz: es buena

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