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Description from extension meta It is a night mode for the entire Internet. It darkens all the websites you visit so that you can browse without straining your eyes
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Description from store Dark Night Mode is a Free Open Source Software which makes all the websites you browse into dark/night mode so that you can browse the internet without straining your eyes. It is an extremely useful chrome extension for those who use internet especially at night. We use a unique algorithm to apply dark mode to all the websites in real-time as you browse. It basically detects the color of each element of a website and intelligently converts it to a darker shade. Bright colors are darkened at more intensity than dark colors so that most of the colors are preserved. Unlike other similar extensions, we do NOT invert the colors, so black websites will not change its color into white. An added benefit is that the images will also not be distorted! I think we were hit by the one-star-bot-ratings because we were the only extension to have this intelligent-algorithm. Now, after this extension became popular, one another super famous extension have copied this feature of ours. We have also put immense effort in eliminating the flashes of bright white screen while loading different websites. It was a challenging task due to the limitations of chrome, but we were able to eliminate this problem with 99.9% success rate. Using the brightness slider, you can adjust the brightness of your browser beyond what your computer's brightness adjuster allows. This is useful in dimming the brightness to your likening. For example, by default the images are shown with normal color, but you can darken it by sliding down the brightness slider. There is also an Auto mode which will automatically turn on the Dark Mode at night 8:00PM and will turn off at morning 6:00AM. It was complicated to develop an option to customize this timing, but we are working on it and may add this option in the future versions. There is also Whitelist feature which can be helpful if you do not want the dark mode to work on certain websites. Since this extension will darken all the websites you visit at night, you will initially not enjoy it due to the huge change in your routine. However, our internal studies have shown that people start getting used to it after about three weeks of use. Some people have claimed that this extension helps them sleep better while some others have said that it helped them reduce the burning sensation in their eyes caused by extensive browsing of the internet in the dark. This plugin is NOT 100% perfect. It never will be perfect because many websites are developed in a non-standard fashion and there is no easy way to detect a site and perfectly change its colors in real time withing milli-seconds so that the user do not see the bright colors. It is a double edged sword - If we add more conditions to make the algorithm smarter, then it will affect the processing speed and the user will see flashes of white light, so we had to make some choices to get an optimal balance. If you want your browser window to also look black similar to how it is shown in the screenshots, then you must install a Dark Chrome theme as well. We suggest to search "Morpheon Dark Theme" and install it in google chrome. It took us - two developers two whole months of full time developmental efforts to conceptualize, design, code, test, calibrate and deploy this extension. We had initially started it as a side project aiming to make it in couple of days, but it ended up taking significantly more time than expected! We hope you enjoy it.
Latest reviews (2019-11-11) GPerman itSynergy: Tried the top 10x night mode extensions. This is BY FAR the best. Instead of just replacing white with black it uses grey tones. White text on black is high contrast and still hurts your eyes. This is so much better. It also dynamically does images and a whitelist. There is an 'auto' mode, but it doesn't seem to work well. (2019-11-10) Kamil: It works perfect for me because i can add any site to whitelist (!, but please, do something with comment section on facebook.com - it has white background, not black/dark :( (2019-11-03) Stefane Guevremont: Seriously impressed. I've been using dark mode extensions since this year and tried a lot of them. This is one of the best one I've found so far. Especially when reading a Google Docs. This Extension lets you see the highlighted text (the highlights downplayed to suit dark mode). Awesome work! (2019-10-28) Continental Nobleman: Exactly what I was looking for. Had tried the "flags" dark mode built into the Chrome, and which gave weird and unreadable results. Then by luck came across this extension, which is just right! Thanks and rgds. ps if there are any places where you are not satisfied with the result, you simply push the "whitelist" button, and on that site it stays default. Perfect. (2019-10-27) LightRay15: Erweiterung funktioniert problemlos und alle Elemente auf Webseiten bleiben sichtbar (im Gegensatz zu einigen anderen Alternativen). Ein muss für jeden Chrome-Nutzer (2019-10-25) Kishan Kumar: Finally found an extension that works 5 STAR thanks to the developers. LOVE IT (2019-10-15) Alexander von Robke: Definitely the best dark mode extension I've used, it doesn't do the lazy color inversion way of making websites dark but rather preserves colors nicely in most cases and darkens overly bright parts (2019-10-11) Raven Chin: 有的网页会变全黑,连文字都看不见 (2019-10-08) Сергей Taрзан: работает! (2019-09-29) Pseudo Nym: Great extension. Shame it takes two outside developers to do what Google should have accomplished years ago. This extension deserves 5 stars and Google should stop allowing bots to bombard the reviews with fake one star ratings. (2019-09-28) Shimon: Easily the best Dark Mode extension for any browser, very happy with it. (2019-09-23) luminita andrei: THE BEST of all EXTENSIONS..I tried them all believe me..I have serious problems with my eyes and I was desperate but now I fell great USING THIS so I recommend IT! ;) (2019-09-22) Aneesh Tigga: Worked as expected. Could be better if it supports for even more websites. Kuddos to the developer! (2019-09-22) Taisia Terumi: While the extension is great, it tends to disable itself on a regular basis. It disappears from the extensions sidebar while still being installed (and doesn't work, obviously). It's definitely not something on my side, as it's the only extension of almost twenty, many of which are in active use, that behaves this way. That's unfortunate, because it's pretty good otherwise. (2019-09-16) Kryštof Píštěk: It works well, but most websites I visit already have dark mode, and I would like a way to specify a list of websites to darken, rather than a list of websites to leave alone. (2019-09-13) Gmail Account: Been using for years. Back when it was 2.5 stars. At the time, I had used about 4 or 5, really enjoyed TLV for its customization but ended on this as my main cause it is just solid. That being said, the auto apply feature has been buggy for me lately. Currently I have it set for 6pm start time, and it's 8, and it's still not activating. That being said, I still decided to come here and give it a review because I remembered I hadn't yet, and really am so grateful and impressed with it's functionality despite the recent hiccup. Hopefully it get's sorted. (2019-09-07) greg bauder: Absolutely love this extension !!!! After trying about about a dozen others this just works right out of the box without adjusting anything anything and darkens faster than my eyes can really notice.Amazon is the the only site so far it a nano-second to darken but once you hit search and look for your item its perfect .Just give it a try you will not regret it !!! (2019-09-07) Johnny Rivas: I like it but I'm just stunned that it doesn't seem to work on Google sites, which is ironic. I'd also like to see it work on Amazon, but otherwise it seems to work great so far. (2019-08-28) That Pancake Cat: Works perfectly as advertised except that it made videos no longer display AT ALL in full-screen. (2019-08-25) Joan Dicker: So many errors ! (2019-08-17) Majesticool Muffin: It works so well so far! I've tried so hard to find something that'll give me dark mode on g drive and this is it. Finally! Thanks for this ^^ (2019-08-10) Катя Луцай: То что искала, спасибо за компактный дизайн. (2019-06-29) Dad_mdw Google: Love this app except for glitch on https://www.espn.com/ when page first loads tons of glaring white then reload page all black returns like it should. Kind of annoying. Fix possible maybe ? (2019-06-21) Giraffe FlavoredCondoms: Just flat out did not work, even on the page I downloaded it from (2019-06-18) Rafael Benavent: Good & free but does miss some spots. On Facebook & Google Calendar I get a few white spots and sometimes the text or other colors gets messed up, particularly in Google Calendar. Overall night eye is better but paid.

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