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Description from extension meta NIGHT MODE FOR ALL WEBSITES. It darkens backgrounds of html based webpages.
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Description from store ***NOTE: If this plugin doesn't work for you it would help me to track the issue if you include information about your browser version, system installed on your computer and what pages did you try to use with this Website Dimmer extension. Thanks. *** NIGHT MODE for all html based websites. It basically darkens websites backgrounds and turns other elements (mostly texts) into easy readable color. If you right-click on extensions button with your mouse you will see a couple of options. When you switch anything in the menu (it will appear when you right click on extension button) preferences will be stored for the website you are currently on. You can save this setting as default by choosing appropriate menu option. The default will be used then for every website that doesn't have stored settings. You can clear stored settings if you don't to have it there. Reload page after modifying settings to see the changes. Features: - makes all websites darker and letters brighter - doesn't affect pictures and videos - allows you to set NIGHT MODE and adjust settings for particular domains Please be aware of the development stage at this point. Some changes in menu options may require to turn on and off NIGHT MODE or sometimes full reload of the webpage. Extension uses your browser storage to save your preferences which means that if you visit website and use menu to change an option the webpage domain (e.g. 'youtube.com', 'twitter.com' etc.) will be registered. It's not encrypted (yet) but hidden a little bit so your mom won't read it unless she is a clever hacker ;). Stored settings for particular website is indicated by small 's' letter on extension button. If you set 'Dim More' option extension tries to use more aggressive way to darken backgrounds which can help if some elements don't dim (yet you want them to) but also can make some elements invisible in a few cases. Just try to see if it suits you. 'Dim Levels' menu allows you to set full blackout for background, if you chose "Dim to Full Black" or just partial dim. If you set 'or pick Dim Level:' then the number below are applied. Changing this needs to reset colors by turning NIGHT MODE on and off or reload webpage. Permissions description: - 'Allow access to file URLs' This permission is not necessary if you don't open websites (.html files) from your local disk or if you don't care if plugin can operate on them. - 'Allow in private mode' The same goes for this permission: if you don't like to let Website Dimmer work in Private Mode this is not required. - 'Storage' Stores 'per domain' preferences.
Latest reviews (2018-12-06) Kendall Stover: Application Works On Some Websites After You Reload The Page... (2017-12-13) TheAnimeSensai: Simply doesn't work well. (2017-11-28) Herm Medina: DOESN'T WORK FOR ALL OF THE SITES I USE, EVEN AFTER REFRESHING. IT DOES WORK ON THE GOOGLE HOMEPAGE, THOUGH. YAY! (2017-10-07) h3ao: big help (2017-09-17) paladin roy: Didn't think it was working, but simply refreshed the page and it works Beautifully !!! Thank ye much !! I came from firefox using the owl n really missed having it. ... Don't wanna go back to firefox. :) (2017-08-19) JEN W: I agree, installed the add on and worked with the settings and nothing happened. my screen is still very bright. (2017-08-02) Lauren A.: I mean.... i definitely played with all the settings and went to a few different pages and it didn't do a single thing. so. idk. where do we go from here? (2017-04-01) T W: Jest super, od dawna takiego czegoś poszukiwałem. Brawa dla autora... (2017-03-21) Mariusz: Małe rozszerzenie, kóre jest bardzo przydatne gdy się siedzi przed ekranem do późnej nocy.

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