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Description from extension meta Center images over a dark background (like Firefox)
Image from store Center images
Description from store User reviews: "Nice work man, really digging it!" - /u/U_WAT_MATE "Hey man just wanted to say well done, I'm really happy with this extension :)" - /u/hippity_dippity123 New in 0.6.3: - add french translation, vive le fromage ! New in 0.6.2: - fix centering of video/audio pages New in 0.6.1: - works with videos and add light shadow behind - no black background when printing New in 0.5.2: - turn on offline mode New in 0.5.1: - works now with github raw viewer (and other websites with strict CSP) New in 0.5: - add light background to show transparency New in 0.4: - support ALL the images format - support ALL image urls, no more triggering via the url extension - better background (with light noise) New in 0.3: - fix extension not loading after chrome bug - new fancy icon New in 0.2: - injert style before page loading, no more white flash for big images New in 0.1.3: - support local files viewing - support gifv New in 0.1.2: - only load on chrome image viewer - no more cutoff for big images Source code is at https://github.com/mdamien/chrome-extension-image-center
Latest reviews (2019-09-10) Anton Nimos: Works just as described. Way better than the default implementation. Works in the Brave browser too. (2019-03-06) Fracture64: Can't imagine using Chrome without this! (2017-03-24) It's clear the developer has strived for efficiency and it shows - there's no horrible flash of white before the image is displayed. Thank you, developer! (2017-02-16) Art Archer: your extension is perfect sir (2017-01-30) Moo Scree: Came looking for a replacement for "Image Center" that has disappeared from the store. This one is the best one I've ever tried! Does not conflict at all with Chrome's default autosizing features, and also does not conflict with the great ImageZoomer extension. The background color can't be customized (at least easily), but it's the perfect one anyway. And a great point of this extension is the image is centered before it is shown, even while the image is still downloading. Well done! Absolute A+ extension for a feature that should be built into Chrome. :D (2017-01-18) Manniac Mind: almost perfect - if only aspect ration was fixed when you zoom into the image and its width exceeds window width. In that case height increases while width stays fixed and the image gets distorted. (2017-01-10) Emil Ehlin: Doesn't even work :/ (2016-11-29) Jechtmike: This is exactly what I was looking for! Thanks! I'm trying out Chrome after years of Firefox and I was really turned off with the crappy default image viewer. White background and stuck to the left? Horrible design from Chrome. (2016-11-24) Sonic Son'edit: Great addon. The only thing it lacks is background customization. (2016-08-12) Monika Sobotkova: Helps alot! :) (2016-06-12) Alex R: Simple, working. (2016-06-10) Stuart Bradley Newsom: Good, but not enough. Right now it conflicts with the zoomWheel extension. What happens is that your plugin ceases to work when the zoomWheel extension is enabled. Something I cannot live without. I'll edit the review once its fixed. You can find the extension i'm talking about easily, as it has a magnifying glass icon and that exact name. Other than that, if you offered zoom controls that don't use use the mouse wheel, that'd be cool. Like a smooth zoom and not instant zooming. As long as it doesn't mess with mouse gestures that initiate with the right mouse button. That's all. I'd happily abandon the current plugin I use to center images, but until then, I'll keep an eye out to your updates. (2016-05-31) Fenix Qubes: Thanks, works as expected. (2016-05-14) Ricardo Carvalho: It's perfect. Keeps the zoom working the way it's supposed to be and you still can use your keyboard (Up, Down, Pg. Up and Pg. Down). (2016-04-30) Dario G: La migliore per velocità e non ha bisogno di alcun settaggio! (2016-04-07) Does what it says! Works perfectly fine and requires no tweaking. Image background is dark gray and images are always kept in center afer zooming out. I was dissatisfied with other extensions. Then I finally found this one. (2016-03-06) Tyler Beatty: Does exactly what it's meant to perfectly, no more, no less. Couldn't be better. (2016-03-04) 5silentrain: Definitely awesome extension! (2016-02-13) Jason Lee: A++ will download again!

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