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Description from extension meta A companion for students and teachers that extends the Clever Portal.
Image from store Clever
Description from store Clever is a Chrome Extension that enables students and teachers to log in to their applications.
Latest reviews (2019-11-15) Siby Rodriguez: Hated it. (2019-11-06) Mandiac: It's great, Because it is really fast, it takes such little time to download and works properly. I love this extension since they improved and upgraded it. So, before they upgraded the extension it was really bad, but now I honestly don't see a glitch. If there is one I will report and I will only tell what really happened not like everyone else giving 1 stars and terrible comments. (2019-10-30) Mikun Naka: Actually tho. Just a bookmark kind. I hate that Clever bothers you to put it on like: "Get the extension and be happy" blah blah blah. its useful, but the district puts unnecessary things on it and it's almost about to blow me up. (2019-10-25) Blue Light: It blocks so many things that I can't even get any any extension .. like no VPN's, no themes, nothing. I tried to remove it but my school has taken control of my stuff.. and so when I click the "remove" button, it doesn't even remove itself!! Anyone has solutions to remove Securly, and Clever? (2019-09-19) Luke Collier: ABSOLUTE TRASH YOUR SCHOOL WILL BE STALKING YOU AND KNOWS WHERE EVER WHEN EVER (2019-09-19) Andrew Turner: teacher: this extension is great students: this is the worst thing in the world parents: this is okay for saving my password (2019-09-17) Rachel N.: I may be one of the few adult reviewers here, but I also didn't care for this extension. Most of the other reviews here seem to be reviewing Clever itself. That's not what this is. It's simply a button that gets added to your browser, and clicking it takes you to the Clever website. The Clever website is a landing page/portal full of icons to launch other applications. It's kind of a hybrid bookmark, single-sign-on, password storage website. School districts decide which buttons to give their users. But, this extension/button is basically a bookmark, except it appears as a button in the extensions area of the browser (upper right). If you know how to set up the bookmarks bar and add a bookmark with no name (icon only), you can basically make the same thing. If you don't know how to do that, then maybe this extension will be right up your alley. Needless to say, I was disappointed in this "extension." I thought it would present my Clever portal in a little popup of some sort, so that I didn't have to navigate to Clever's website to launch my various applications. No luck; it just takes me to Clever's website, just like a bookmark button would. (2019-09-13) Aubrey LaFave: Its really nice because when I log on in a class I can just go right to my school programs!! (2019-09-03) Benjamin Almero: Bookmarks exist, and wasted time making an extension to the home page e.e (2019-08-31) AN RU: Awesome! (2019-08-26) Harrison Pounder: completely useless. might as well bookmark. F to pay respects. Not to mention it's wormed it's way into being my homepage (2019-06-14) Lianis Rappaport: clever is the best (2019-05-22) juan rodriguez: So stupid doesnt even work right! :( EVERYBODY plz dont ever get and use this extension its so useless and slow (2019-05-16) Kayla Wang: whenever i click on the button it opens a new tab for clever so i have to delete the first tab kinda irritating at least the bookmark doesn't do that (2019-05-07) Arseel Ali: My teacher (3rd grade) did an awesome job assigning this to us. Clever/ Clever Portal. great (2019-05-01) Jaiquez Starks: It's extremely more helpful than going to the district site than clicking on resources just to get to verge or infinite campus sooo yea it's bee great. (2019-03-29) this is not something i would like to do every day but is something i would do like once a week.(: (2019-03-22) Vaspeli: its school related so 1 star from me (2019-03-14) all it does is link to the website. (2019-03-01) school vlogs . x.: the clever app is okay it just doesnt let me go into any app only edmodo . It wont let me log into mc graw hill or thinkcentral and all my assignments need to be done on that app but it wont let me . (2019-02-22) Ebrahim Lodhi: CultrueGrams does not even work its so dumb!!!!!!!!!!! (2019-02-20) Andre Hill: this is actually annoying (2019-02-16) You are forced to download and allow access! I hate it! I download because my company uses Clever and it's the only way I can access some of the Apps. I delete it immediately after. It is annoying. (2019-02-07) JoeyYe: I always use clever for school it helps me alot (2019-02-01) darth bear: Incredibly pointless.

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