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Description from extension meta Lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time.
Image from store Linkclump
Description from store Linkclump gives you the ability to drag a selection box around links using your mouse to quickly open as new tabs, open in new window, save as bookmarks, or copy to clipboard. Similar to Snap Links or Multi Links for Firefox. FEATURES - Action: choose to open links as new tabs, into a new window, copy to clipboard or saved to your bookmarks. You can setup multiple actions. - Activation: choose how to activated the selection box using different mouse and key combinations (including shift/alt/ctrl). - Smart Select: tries to select only the important links on the page. Turn off this option to open all selected links. - Auto Scroll: the page will automatically scroll up/down to make it easier to select all the links at once. - Filter Links: include/exclude links that contain certain words. - Delay: set a delay between the opening/closing of each tab. - OS Tested: works on windows, mac and linux operating systems. Visit https://github.com/benblack86/linkclump to get involved.
Latest reviews (2019-12-05) 예스대디: 아주 좋음 편리함 (2019-11-21) Nolan Donovan: Absolutely amazing extension. I have been using it for over a year to do thing like copy links in bulk to past into spreadsheets. I've recently started to use the bookmarking functionality and love it. When I find a resource online that has many pages on a topic, I use the bulk bookmarking functionality to create an easy to access reference. give it a shot. Definitely worth 5 stars and the time it took me to write this ;) THANKS! (2019-11-21) Audrey Biguet: J'adorais cette extension, ça fait plusieurs années que je m'en sers... Mais ça fait quelques mois que ça ne fonctionne plus ? O_o (2019-11-20) George - Valentin Pane: It's a really helpful tool. There is however an issue. On certain applications like JIRA, if you want to copy the title, the app puts all the letters in succession making a long string of characters. foo-1foo-2foo-3foo-4 instead of foo-1 foo-2 foo-3 foo-4 It would be really helpful to be able to put a forced space between the links in this situation. (2019-11-14) Mitchell F Bain: Quick, lightweight and makes simple desktop research super practical. (2019-11-14) Arslan Ahmed: Great extension. Does exactly what it claims (2019-11-09) aldo pigni: you are a GENIUS thanks for this extension, saves a ton of work and solves issues otherwise impossible to perform! (2019-11-06) Saymongp Gomes: show (2019-11-01) Rockbard Design: Gorgeous addon, love the copy links option. Keep it up. (2019-10-24) Abdullah Munawar Siregar: Very Helpful, Thanks A LOT.... (2019-10-23) tim early: Just hold the right-click button and drag over all links you need to open. Saving a little time everytime adds up! (2019-10-19) Matthew Hawn: I think they need to update the instructions, it requires CTRL+Z, not just the Z key, but other than that, it works great! Saving me TONS of time! (2019-10-17) Amy Griffin: Love this app! Easy to configure and use.I set up additional actions to open in new window, bookmark, and copy, all work awesome!! 4 stars instead of 5: 1) Options revert to the default settings (~2-3 months), deleting all of my settings which I have to reconfigure 2) Occasionally I have to disabled/re-enabled it because it stops responding Fix these, and I'll update my rating to 5-stars! Still my favorite app that I've found to set up bulk link actions. (2019-10-14) Satoshi Nakamoto: Not work with Brave browser but is all ok with Crome (2019-10-13) Reyhan Wahyono: This is exacly what i need thx (2019-10-12) Faheem Pervez: Needed to get a bunch of URLs without going to each one and clicking "Copy link address" each time. This extension is very extensible and is open source. Thanks to the developer. (2019-10-10) Balaji Ramalingam: It's very useful and I am using this for more than 5 years. Works like a champ. (2019-10-09) QUI SA: Great ! Thank you ! advice: Opened in a New Window --> state:"maximized" background.js --> 142 line ->chrome.windows.create({url: request.urls.shift().url, focused : !request.setting.options.unfocus,state:"maximized" }, function(window){//... ---------------------------------------------- when website's js is disabled, Linkclump is invalid too. (2019-10-05) Hussain Hashim: One of the best tools ever...hard to live without this tool... (2019-10-05) Gay Simpkins: Increased productivity is time and money saved...Wonderful tool! (2019-10-02) Pavol Kutaj: lightweight, elegant and to the point, it made my workday (2019-09-30) Sootlet: I like linkclump a lot, it normally works great however I've found that sometimes it just, stops working. No matter how many or how few links I try to open it just won't open them. If this could be fixed that would be great. (2019-09-30) Richard Morwood: First things I install when I get a new computer 1) Chrome 2) Link Clump (2019-09-25) fashionsofmystery: Nice little extension. I am really looking for an extension to select (click) links instead of opening new tabs for each link. I just need to select them. (2019-09-25) Lance Zhou: 完美,解决了自己的问题
Latest issues (2017-06-10, v:2.7.6) Linkclump + Google Maps
Google Maps uses the right mouse button to control a few things. But Linkclump blocks the right mouse button. It would be great, if users can decide a PRIMARY shortcut for Linkclump (e.g. right mouse button) and a SECONDARY shortcut (e.g. center mouse button)
(2017-06-10, v:2.7.6) Stopped working again
Official build 60.0.3112.24 (Chrome beta). Now, Linkclump won't work
(2017-06-09, v:2.7.6) Ищенко Илья: Not working
After Chrome update, stopped working
(2017-06-06, v:2.7.6) Tabatha Payne: help
not working... greyed out.. help
(2017-05-31, v:2.7.6) Limiting Links
I use LinkClump with LinkedIn. I search for people, which results in lists of 10 names per page. I used to be able to just have LinkClump open all 10 profiles in new tabs. Now, it will stop after opening 5. Then I can open another 3, then another 2. Is there a work around for this?
(2017-05-27, v:2.7.6) Mike Winchester: Not working
Not working anymore on latest Chrome
(2017-05-21, v:2.7.6) problem on linux
this extension don't work on linux(ubuntu) chrome(and chromium)
(2017-05-17, v:2.7.6) Dany Cevino Sobretti: Opens windows with malicious content
Hello, I have problems, I installed the extension, and every now and again chrome opens windows with malicious content, I just uninstall it, do you have any solutions?
(2017-05-17, v:2.7.6) Carlos Martínez: Dev Channel
Hello, I think you should know that in DEV channel your extension stops working some days ago.
(2017-05-17, v:2.7.6) Michael Dementev: Bug: Jquery tooltips aren't hidden after selecting
Repro steps: 1. Navigate to https://jqueryui.com/tooltip/ 2. Hover mouse over first link 3. Try to select few links using extension Actual: Tooltip is shown Expected: Tooltip should be hidden Video with repro steps: https://www.screencast.com/t/FwnjMjGwR82

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