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Description from extension meta Adds a toggleable sidebar with all your bookmarks at the edge of your browser window.
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Description from store ---- NOTICE ------ Due to security restrictions, the sidebar is not working in the chrome webstore. So to open the sidebar simple navigate to another website, where everything should work fine :) --------------------- Starting with Chrome v61, the extension is not working on the default new tab page anymore. I added an alternative page which you can enable in the extension settings. --------------------- This extensions allows you to access your bookmarks by clicking on the left side your screen. You can edit, delete or rearrange your bookmarks by drag&drop and view some information about them by just clicking them with your left mouse key. You can check your bookmarks for updated or broken urls, too. If you found a bug, have ideas for features or improvements, please let me know.
Latest reviews (2019-12-05) Igor Muzyka: Just awesome. (2019-11-29) Paul Cusch: The only tool that works. I use it in combination with default chrome bookmarks everyday now. Great search results function because you can view bookmarks and folders in context after a search. Awesome tool, goes some way to fixing chrome's bookmarks usability limitations. (2019-11-24) Crimson Alexander: So intuitive and useful, especially since chrome's default bookmarks have been glitching for me since the latest update. Thanks! (2019-11-18) Uriel Cid: Very useful I had a mess on bookmarks. (2019-11-05) 王大帅: 为什么侧边栏今天显示突然被屏蔽了?? Why is the sidebar display suddenly blocked today?? (2019-11-04) Ronald Minch: Saves a lot of time looking for that new ( or old ) bookmark , and using the colors and relocating bookmarks saves duplication and finding them easier . (2019-11-03) Dario Pizii: Ottima (2019-11-01) M Scott Adams: Outstanding extension. Beautifully and thoughtfully designed. Does what it does perfectly. I'd still love to see the ability to tag bookmarks, but this is a limitation of Google's rather than the developer's. (2019-11-01) Faeith Ahab: Excellent bookmark extension. I absolutely love it. (2019-10-30) Hồ Trung Hậu: It is a great extension. I hope that it will be developed and added more features! (2019-10-28) VvE Ringmus 11 t/m 21 Oneven: Idea is nice, but it doesn't stay open, which is what I want (2019-10-23) Wykyd Wytch: I just now installed it and I can tell already this is going to be a long-time love affair! (2019-10-22) 王KUMA: 挺不错的,基础使用都能满足,就是收藏比较多的时候,找起来还是有些麻烦 (2019-10-21) Blax Lee: 非常棒的一款书签插件,是个人目前在chrome上找到最好的,不管是在实用性,易操作性和美观度方面都是数一数二的。 (2019-10-17) benjamin957957: '"This extension is the greatest third-party extension I have ever used on Chrome. 5/5' -Israq Much time has went into this extension. There is a lot of in-depth customization of the extension. (2019-10-16) Worachot Nurak: ดีมากสดวกเยอะ (2019-10-13) Максим: Отличное приложение, оплатил премиум с огромным удовольствием! Автору - рекспект! (2019-10-13) baba7 family: Top - a huge improvemnt managing bookmarks. Saves so much time. The best manager available (and I searched for hours). Buy premium to get some more cool features - its a super deal considering what this extension can do. This bookmark not only has cool functions, but also has a super nice interface. The developer is a star! (2019-10-13) Raphael Rudat: Meine Bewertungen sind verhältnismäßig streng was dazu führt, daß ich nicht sehr oft mit fünf Sternen bewerte. Es kam noch nie vor, daß ich eine Premium Version innerhalb von fünf Minuten bezahlt und danach gleich eine fünf Sterne Bewertung vorgenommen habe. Der Entwickler ist nicht nur sehr begabt, sondern er hat auch ein ausgezeichnetes Verständnis dafür Funktionalität und einfache Bedienung miteinander zu verbinden. Großes Kompliment und ja... danke für die gute Arbeit und somit der Vereinfachung meines täglichen Lebens mit Chromium bzw. meinem Chromebook. Grüße aus Berlin (2019-10-12) 戈诗: 可以 好用 解决了很大的问题 继续保持 (2019-10-12) 刘炎: good one! (2019-10-10) SalicylicAcid_: 简洁易用,本来想弄个高级账户,看到4.99觉得挺便宜,再一看发现是欧元。。 (2019-10-07) Allen Harris: 嗯,对我来说一点也不好用,使用双屏时触发不灵敏,而且书签还需要二次展开,实际使用起来并没有google的ctrl+shift+b方便 (2019-10-06) phoenix cao: 非常喜欢,尤其喜欢从新标签打开书签的功能。希望兼容一下“Infinity新标签页”。 (2019-10-03) Ramsayi M.: Marked
Latest issues (2018-12-04, v:1.15.4) wanna remove shortcuts placed on overrided new tab
need to remove shortcuts placed on overrided new tab....how to do it.....otherwise its really an awesome extension i love it....just want to remove those shortcuts...any help
(2018-12-04, v:1.15.4) Mike Buckley: scrolling
I am a new user. Some webpages freeze scrolling part way down the page. I can only use the page down button to see the rest of the page at that point. When I disable your extension, the freeze goes away. Any help appreciated.
(2018-11-29, v:1.15.4) Jacopo Usai: No icons
All works good, but the sidebar doesn't show any icon... Every bookmark has only the title and an empty space on his left.
(2018-11-26, v:1.15.4) Christopher Osolin: Using sidebar
Wondering if it's possible to have sidebar work as a "true" sidebar, where it's not an overlay, but a separate column in your browser window. So, when you click on a link, the sidebar is still visible. Useful for when you're not sure what link you want to open, and may want to quickly click another link without having to open the sidebar extension again.
(2018-11-06, v:1.15.3) Reapazine64 McGlaun: rearranging?
I want to rearrange my book marks in the way i use them verses how much they get used is this possible
(2018-10-26, v:1.15.2 rev2) Badgerkins: settings wont load
hi love the extension. encountered a problem though. i'm unable to access the settings, it brings me to a white page with the loading circle but it never goes past that. i've reinstalled the exetension which worked but the next day problem happens again.
(2018-10-16, v:1.15.2 rev1) Regina K: Hiding bookmarks
Hi, is it possible to hide bookmarks in the sidebar, but have them still show in my original Chrome Bookmarks? Deleting them will also delete them from Chrome, so that's not an option.
(2018-09-26, v:1.15.0) Vickie Lewin: How Bookmark tab appears after it opens
I already have my bookmarks under two separate folders, so when the tab opens, it shows only 2 tabs, which is not very helpful to me. How do I set it up so that when the tab opens, it automatically opens the links directly under the main headings? THanks for your help!
(2018-09-24, v:1.15.0) Moving Bookmarks in the Sidebar
Hi, there! I would like to be able to move bookmarks after they've been created to other locations (say I put it in in the wrong sub-folder or something when I created it). Is there currently a way to do this? Dragging and dropping does not seem to work, nor does editing the bookmark give a way to change its parent folder.
(2018-09-09, v:1.14.5) 李鹏宇: 谷歌的书签无法安装

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