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Description from extension meta Copy tabs URL to clipboard (formats : text, HTML, JSON or custom). Paste to open multiple URL at one go.
Image from store Copy All Urls
Description from store Two features : - Copy all opened tabs URL into clipboard. 4 formats available : Text, HTML, JSON and custom format. - Paste to open all URLs in the clipboard into new tabs. You can use keyboard shortcuts and copy only selected tabs.
Latest reviews (2019-10-01) Ahmad Ali: great experience with this extension... (2019-09-28) SaNaD AsaRa: its awesome (2019-08-20) Todd Poulson: Works great. Really need to re-think the icon to show up in dark mode theme. It almost completely disappears when running Chrome in dark mode. (2019-08-05) Michael Bladowski: funtzt, löppt, passt scho !! (2019-07-09) Brendan McGinley: Used it for years and grateful for it every time. So helpful. (2019-06-11) TodoEnHD Español: Sencilla y cumple con lo necesario. Excelente. (2019-05-30) Eppie F: awesome idea i had it first (2019-05-02) Илья Крашенинников: Еще бы добавить в контекстное меню. (2019-04-26) Melissa I.: Amazing extension, incredible useful and really easy to use! Would recommend 10/10. :) (2019-04-03) Bradley Anderson: 3 Things to say (glowing review) 1. Simple, does exactly what it says. 2. Vincent (creator of extension) very responsive and personable. I had a question and he helped out quickly and thoroughly. 3. WORKFLOWY : if you are a workflowy user (look it up, it's cool) you will love this extension as it is a painless way to dump all open tabs into workFlowy, with title above and URL indented so that the whole list collapses into an easily reviewed columns of items. I'm removing "TabSnap" for this extension. (It was good, but had added steps, and didn't indent) -- Thanks Vincent for a great extension. (2019-04-01) 弦默: 超棒,比原来一个一个点,现在只要几十秒就能打开三百个网页 (2019-02-24) Works well, only 4 stars because there is no context menu option. (2018-12-24) Derrik: Al creador de esta extensión le deben dar el premio novel de la mejor extensión!! Muy útil, rápido y sencillo. (2018-12-15) Shiri Dori-Hacohen: This app is a life saver!!! (2018-10-17) Ján Kúdela: OK ! (2018-10-02) Pai Xi: BEWARE. This is spyware and has vulnerabilities that allow your browser to be infected with malware. A few weeks after I installed it random tabs started opening secretly in the background while idle that wanted me to install other extensions. I pinpointed it to this extension but could not track down where in the source code it came from. It's likely due to exploits in the almost four-year-old jQuery 1.7.2 code it depends on. The developer is no longer active to update it and fix these vulnerabilities. The extension itself also inserts tracking scripts into the pages you visit. (2018-09-16) Witold Baryluk: Perfect for backing up tabs, transfering them to different browser (like Vivaldi, Firefox) or for reinstalling OS, or moving tabs from Windows to Linux, etc. Works perfectly. (2018-09-13) Nga Pham: ok (2018-08-29) Darwish: Thank you it made my life a lot easier. (2018-08-16) Lương Quang Phương: Tốt, dùng lâu rồi (2018-07-31) Наталья Бородина: Отлично,просто,без заморочек. (2018-07-30) Greg d'Aboville: Doesn't work any more... (2018-07-17) Roy Haroush: WARNING !!! This extension now requires very vast permissions on your browser, including managing your extensions and settings and viewing data on website you visit ! It was either hacked or the developer is engaging in foul play (in my honest opinion). You should modify the manifest file to match line 33 on on this file. https://gist.github.com/royharoush/790e7bbb677c9bb9c0caedaae0dbe27d and reload the unpacked offline extension (2018-07-13) Digital Marketing: All in all Good! (2018-07-04) Alexander Doak: I freaking LOVE this extension. It's such an amazing tool for power users.
Latest issues (2019-11-26, v:2.10) Stefano Sina: Copy urls from different windows
Can I copy all the urls in all the windows? Because seems you can get the url list just for the current windows.
(2019-03-27, v:2.10) Filipe Dâmaso Saraiva: Light icon for dark theme
Chrome has adopted the MacOS dark theme. On the new dark UI, the Copy All URLs icon is hardly visible. Could you add a light icon and ability to switch light/dark icon, either manually, or programmatically depending on the OS theme? Cheers!
(2019-01-16, v:2.10) Екатерина Караулова: Ошибка
не могу установить
(2018-12-27, v:2.10) Vijay Bodduri: It Doesn't Working on my Browser
Long Ago I Used this Extension it was Really cool and Super at that time... But Currently it not Properly Working. "When i Give (Alt+V) it does not considering the exact URL it's Re-Directing into other one Which you can see the below.. Not only with the shortcut (Alt+V) Even to the Direct Extension Paste Option also the Same Problem I'm facing... Kindly Help me to out of this Problem. Given one: www.localsearch.com.au It's taking into: chrome-extension://djdmadneanknadilpjiknlnanaolmbfk/www.localsearch.com.au
(2018-08-31, v:2.10) Anvar Jamal Saifi: "Your file was not found"
So when I try to paste, it gives me the following error. Previously it's been working just fine and I love your extension. "It may have been moved or deleted. ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND"
(2018-07-21, v:2.10) 1
(2018-07-17, v:2.10) Roy Haroush: too many permissions
please update the permissions in your manifest.json file to only include tabs, clipboard and notifications. this is major security issue and should be fixed asap.
(2018-06-13, v:2.10) Inside Online: No longer works properly
Doesn't work if URL isn't prefixed with protocol
(2018-04-17, v:2.10) Veeresh Devireddy: Too many access?
Why do you need too many access for simple purpose of URL access?
(2018-02-11, v:2.10) honeywell thermostat apps
how to setup wi-fi on thermostate

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