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Description from extension meta Automatically copy selected text to the clipboard. Has options for copying as plain text; including the URL in the copied text; etc.
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Description from store When text is selected using the mouse it will automatically be copied to the clipboard. I've found that just about the only time I select text in my browser is when I want to copy it to the clipboard. This extension is meant to streamline the process. Features: - Enable/disable auto copy for text fields (v1.0.0) - Enable/disable copy as plain text (v1.0.2) - Enable/disable including URL with the copied text (v1.0.2) - Implemented fix for beeping sound that some users were experiencing, thanks gregg! (v1.0.4) - Implemented a work-around for Chrome 6 (v1.0.5) - Updated artwork per Google's requirements (v1.0.6) - Added paste on middle click capability. See extension options to enable (v2.0.0) - Added ability to specify comment format which can optionally be added to copied text. See extension options to configure (v2.0.0) - Added option to include the comment only if a minimum number of words are selected (v2.1.0) - Fixed a bug that prevented the extension from working if the options hadn't been saved (v2.1.1) - Added blacklist support (v3.0.0) - Added blacklist support for URLs (v4.0.0) - Added copy notify (v4.0.0) - Added remove selection on copy (v4.0.0) - Added copy as link (v4.0.0) - Added ctrl/shift key to disable (v4.0.0) - Updated paste on middle click handling (v4.0.0) - Re-enabled support for copy with formatting (v4.0.0) - Copy with comment and copy without formatting no longer rely on each other (v4.0.0) - Added support to disable in content editable elements (v4.1.2) - Added support to allow ctrl/shift to enable or disable the extension (v4.1.2) - Added to manifest so extension can work on any url type (v4.1.2) - Bug fix: auto copy would execute on text deselection, or clicking without selecting anything (v4.1.2) - Bug fix: stopped multiple copies when double or triple clicking (v4.1.2) - Bug fix: auto copy notification text unreadable on dark screens (v4.1.3) - Bug fix: allowed for double click and drag (v4.1.3) - Bug fix: Did not detect nested contentEditable elements (v4.1.4 - Eliminated delay on triple click (v4.1.4) - Allow for alert on copy notice to be configurable (v4.1.4) - Added support for debugging to console (v4.1.5) - Added more comment formatting options for date/time informaiton (v4.1.5) - Bug fixes from v4.1.5 Go to the options screen to configure the features you'd like to use. Note: - This extension now works all URL types. In order for it to work with file:/// URLs you must check 'Allow access to file URLs' on the Chrome Extensions page. Content-scripts are automatically disabled in the Extension Gallery. Therefore, the extension will not work on this page or any page in the Gallery, so please test it on another page. - Chrome version 22 or later is required to use this extension.
Latest reviews (2019-09-03) Andy Mac: When I try to use middle mouse button for paste option, I get the scroll widget instead. Is there someone else I need to do to get this working? (2019-09-03) Rita: Not working at all. Reloaded page, resarted browser, and laptop. Nothing. (2019-08-26) Aleksey Midenkov: Please add an option to trim spaces on left and right edges. (2019-08-13) Emmy Shiu: 超级好用,神器 (2019-08-11) Toby Rieu: Awesome plugin for web marketers. Thank you (2019-08-09) Victoria Zampella: I am liking this extension (so far). I am making great use of the comments that this is allowing. That is a major time saver for my current project. My only "complaint" is that the paste on middle click is not working even though I have that selected; I also can't really complain about that because doing a trusty ctrl + v combo is fine, too. (Worth noting: I did restart chrome as I do that by default whenever adding something new to any browser.) (2019-08-07) Primaski: Does not work. (2019-08-05) Walter Kass: Excellent (2019-07-24) ерунда сэндвич: This saves me like 1 second per click. So it could save me like 18 hours of work because I have to copy and paste to 16 cells for 4156 subjects. TY (2019-07-18) rajesh kumar singh: Doesn't work (2019-07-11) A W: Doesn't work on Chrome Version 75.0.3770.90 (Official Build) (64-bit) (2019-07-05) time quran: Not working with latest Version (2019-06-19) Amy S: What a great extension. It works perfectly fine to me. I needed to do an amazing amount of copy/pasting and i finished in less than half the time, and my fingers are not sore! Thanks again! Amy (2019-06-07) Roni buium: Perfect after settings... (2019-05-29) Ngọc Thời: Like (2019-05-08) Mark Wynton: Works, recommending turning on alerts on settings (2019-04-09) 郑宏生: 特别好用 (2019-03-19) Hate leaving reviews. Have to do it for this one. don't bother downloading any other, download this it's all you need. It's working even if your on pages that don't have the function. simply highlight it. done. only time you use your highlighter is when you're literally highlighting or otherwise copying.90% of the time you're copying something. doesn't take a genius to know you're going to need this one. (2019-02-23) Tony Sodari: I tried several 'copy as plain text' and 'copy link text' extensions in various combinations, but they didn't work well with specific a site I need to use on a regular basis. This is a huge timesaver when copying text from chrome for use in other applications and greatly simplifies my work flow. (2019-02-12) Marian Hornjak: I have selected "Press Ctrl key while selecting to Enable Auto Copy " but it copy every time i select text no matter if i pres ctrl or not (2019-02-05) Mikhail Angel: ! Thank you ! Simple and very useful ! Never "let me down". ( Très pratique, il faut avoir absolument ! ) Best Regards (2018-12-17) Avi Amoyal: Simple and super efficient Thank you Needed to reboot Chrome to work. (2018-12-14) Kould B: Does exactly as it says. Has some good configurable options. Thank you! (2018-10-20) Kose RG: Nice extension, sad that isn't fully working: file URL not working (even giving access), middle mouse paste not working. (2018-10-11) RaymondD: does not work in the address-bar, so cant copy url. it used to be able to do that...

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