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Wrap your tabs. Group them, save them and share them.

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Description from store Wrapper is an awesome tab manager that lets you control your tabs in the browser. 1. View/Search open tabs. 2. Highlight/Close open tabs. 3. Group tabs into wrappers and save them, view them and open them anytime you want. 4. Collaborate with others by sharing and commenting on wrappers. 5. Transfer tabs between wrappers by simple drag & drop. Increase Productivity, save time, reduce clutter from your browser with Wrapper. Share what you have curated with others. Also available on Firefox.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-10-25) Myles Jordan: get-wrapper.com has been hijacked, DO NOT go to that site or allow it to install any extensions! This also means that there is no way to safely share tab groups anymore.
  • (2018-06-06) Christopher Muir: This is not truly a tab groups manager. It does not save the browsing history for each individual tab, so when you close a group and later reopen it, you can't use a tab's back button to go back to a prior page in the history.
  • (2018-04-16) Ayush Arora: Awesome tool. It saved a hell lot of time for me. I always need fixed 10-15 tabs. Earlier, I needed to open my bookmarks one at a time. Wrapper made this easier and automated my task. Now I just open that particular wrapper that I want. Kudos to the developers behind wrapper
  • (2018-01-25) Michael Teal: Like everyone that uses Chrome and creating multiple tabs for various reasons, this is a great extension to use. With this app, I've created numerous "wrappers" that contains only those tabs I want to refer to later. I can add or delete tabs to a wrapper as often as I want or delete the wrapper when I'm done. The strong feature of Wrapper is whether I'm at work or home, I can access the wrappers and pick up where I left off. I suggest adding a date stamp prefix and meaningful description when naming your wrapper (e.g. 2018-01-25 Job Search or 2018-01-25 XYZ research topic) so you can manage the wrappers. Great app that I know you will find useful.
  • (2017-11-09) Anawar Hemel: good
  • (2017-11-07) Gersivan Oliveira: Muito boa, mas parece ser mais indicado para guardar site "raiz" e não artigos/notícias para leitura posterior.
  • (2017-11-04) Vijayalakshmi gutthula: good one
  • (2017-11-01) R campany: Problem is - you can not add new tabs to a wrapper once it is created. I'm a tab-happy type. Gobs of tabs open all the time. Wrapper is great for scanning open tabs, and quickly sussing out what each tab is. It also offers an easy way to close unwanted tabs. And - you can "wrap" selected tabs - Kind of like "bookmark all open tabs" but better. So if I am researching Topic X , I can easily pick and choose which open tabs to "wrap." BUT - if I later want to add other tabs to the wrapper there is no way to do so.
  • (2017-10-31) Reed Kemp: Why does it need my location
  • (2017-10-21) Malti Arora: Nice
  • (2017-10-21) naresh arora: This is one of the best tab management tool that I have used till date
  • (2017-10-17) bhavna sultana: Wrapper works well in wrapping tabs and decluttering the browser. Once a wrapper is created, you do not have to worry about going through your browser history to find the relevant links you found once and need now. The share wrapper feature is great. Instead of sharing multiple links with someone, I can simply share a wrapper with them (provided they have/install Wrapper) which reduces a lot of hassle. If Wrapper is not installed, an invitation is sent after which they can view it. This extension, I believe, is not only useful for the "multiple tab" personalities, it is useful for almost everyone. Like when you are shopping and you have to take help from someone to help you decide what to buy, simply send them a wrapper instead of flooding them with links. Overall, Wrapper makes life easier.
  • (2017-10-13) Monisha Malik: It is so helpful. Helps me save all my open tabs. so I don't have to keep my laptop turned on everyday. I can easily save all opened tabs and shut down everyday. Just come to office and open all tabs in my wrapper. Life is so easy :) :)

Latest issues

  • (2019-03-02, v:1.2.0) Kevin Kleinfelter: get-wrapper.com defunct
    The Chrome store says "offered by get-wrapper.com". get-wrapper.com redirects to an Access Denied message. I don't think it is a good idea to add an extension to my Chrome from a defunct web site!
  • (2018-07-06, v:1.2.0) Wrappers-Open tabs
    Should I close tabs that I have added to a wrapper? I thought once I added a tab to a wrapper, that it would close.
  • (2018-02-07, v:1.1.9) Danielle B: Privacy Policy
    Do you have a privacy policy?
  • (2017-11-08, v:1.1.8) none
    i was just wondering what this website for to help you with what suppposedly
  • (2017-11-06, v:1.1.8) Adrian Muir: Login / Register window too big for screen
    I want to register so that I can use the app but the extension pop-up window buttons disappear off the bottom of my screen, so how can I register as you don't seem to have a website.
  • (2017-11-05, v:1.1.8) Andrew Ferreira: Transfer files from tab to laptop
    How do i trasport sheets from my tablet to this laptop?
  • (2017-11-03, v:1.1.4) Speed
    This seems like a really great application, however it's too slow to load up. When I click on the button, I want to see my open tabs right away, not have to wait 1-2seconds for my info to be fetched. I think you should leverage some local storage and if you need to save data to your server, do that in the background when the user isn't trying to use the application
  • (2017-11-02, v:1.1.4) Hi There: No data policy
    Why does it want to locate me and to read my history?
  • (2017-11-01, v:1.1.4) Isaac Eric Rojas Condori: no quiere funcionar youtube
    no quiere dar youtube
  • (2017-10-28, v:1.1.4) Zümra Karapınar: youtube
    youtube video açılmıyo ve bu program işe yaramıyo. bunu yapın şikayetçiyim


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