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Group tabs like in Firefox, and optionally save them for later use.

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Description from store A basic tabgroups manager. Click on the extension icon to open the TabGroup manager. Click on 'Save' to save the current list of tabs to a 'TabGroup'. A saved TabGroup can be loaded. Clicking on Load will open the TabGroup in a new window. Contact me at yathaid-at-gmail.com for bugs or feature requests. COMING SOON : 1. Exporting a list of tabs to a JSON file. 2. Loading tabs into the same window. Known Issues : The TabGroup can be resized to not fit all the tabs inside it. Bear with it (for now :)_)

Latest reviews

  • (2017-11-19) Phil Nolan: At first glance it looks like it will be good. but then new tabs don't get added to it, closed tabs aren't removed from it. I can't see any way to make a new group. Basically useless.
  • (2017-09-24) Nathan Acken: Terrible attempt of a substitute for Firefox's tab groups. I use tab groups to quickly switch between groups of pages with different themes and, often using 4-5 groups with 20-30 tabs all loaded and constantly changing what pages are in them. This is just like saving those groups of pages in bookmark folders and closing your old stuff and opening a folder group. You can do that without this app easier than the app does since you can at least update the groups...but it doesn't remotely function like tab groups in Firefox.
  • (2017-03-23) Pavan Kumar: how to delete obsolete TAB Groups???? Not a very well thought through code.
  • (2017-01-26) Sachin Patil: still close to firefox clone. I like it. The only problem is if I want to additional window in existing tab group, currently not possible. If I open old tab group, add additional window then re-save with old name, still not possible. Old tab group cannot be deleted. Plz look into the matter
  • (2016-07-02) Brian Lowery: Extension is pretty much exactly what I wanted. Everyone in these reviews seems very dissapointed but I am pretty happy with it. The only problem I have is that once you save a group there is no way to actually remove that group if you don't want it anymore. It's pretty annoying because empty tab groups just keep building up overtime.
  • (2016-04-03) Very limited functionality. Absolutely nothing like and nowhere as good as Firefox tab groups. Does not seem to work properly at all. A work in progress with a lot of work to be done.
  • (2013-10-21) Zauberin Stardreamer: Nothing more than a pale imitation of the original. It doesn't even provide any of the keyboard shortcuts for quick access.
  • (2013-02-25) Mike Pretzlaw: Not very intuitive. If it's difficult to create a new group, then something is wrong with this tool.
  • (2013-02-23) Doesn't seem to work at all. Total rubbish.
  • (2013-01-15) Ynze Bakker: The idea is nice, but stating "Group tabs like in Firefox" is completely unjustified. The functionality is way too limited to get even close to FF, so still a lot of work to do. Unfortunately, at this moment this extension is not useful for me at all.
  • (2012-12-14) It is a good start, but no where near the functionality of tab groups in ff.
  • (2012-06-02) Jay Litten: Feels like it's in alpha stage of development. The first group didn't appear. The second group did appear; however, there is no drag & drop capability to re-organize groups. Hoping for more development. Thanks.

Latest issues

  • (2017-04-29, v:1.3) Is there a way to add a new tab to a group?
    Is there a way to add a new tab to a group?
  • (2017-04-29, v:1.3) Is there a way to move tabs between groups?
    Is there a way to move tabs between groups? If there was, the inability to delete tab groups would not be quite so annoying.
  • (2017-04-29, v:1.3) Is there a way to delete a group?
    Is there a way to delete a tab group? If not, there should be.
  • (2016-07-21, v:1.3) No option for deleting / modifying group
    There is no option to delete / modify existing group.
  • (2016-07-02, v:1.3) Brian Lowery: Delete a group
    How do I delete a group. Please help me lol
  • (2016-06-23, v:1.3) Eileen Rosin: How to delete group?
    I also would like to delete a group! I don't see an answer here...!
  • (2015-05-18, v:1.3) Brandon Sussman: deleting a group
    how do you do it?
  • (2014-12-13, v:1.3) Евгений Ежов: How to delete tabs?


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