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Awesome button to reload all tabs in the current Chrome window (or all Chrome windows).

Image from store Awesome Reload All Tabs Button
Description from store This button refreshes all tabs. The button can be configured to refresh all tabs in the current Chrome window, or to refresh tabs in all Chrome windows.

Latest reviews

  • (2021-01-14) Анастасия Малышева: прям камень с души. давно искала
  • (2020-06-29) Brian Hopper: Redirects search to yahoo/bing search
  • (2020-04-08) Guido Ferrari: just cuz it saeyz Awseome:);)etslay etgay estone'dibay someday together, ??ouix?
  • (2019-10-09) paulette lundquist: In two years have never had one problem! Just downloaded it for my Mac, too. Couldn't find a better option for the Mac to refresh ALL tabs. Thanks!!!
  • (2019-06-28) Mellissa Willoughby: It doesn't work for me, It just refreshes the page nothing more.
  • (2019-02-03) Very useful extension!
  • (2018-08-22) Matt Jones: Love this extension! Finally, a way to manually reload all tabs, so it doesn't have to be on a timer! Thank you upway2late.com!!!!!
  • (2018-06-27) Leland Scott: Does not work. No matter how many times the button is clicked it refuses to reload tabs. Looking for something that actually works.
  • (2018-06-06) Person 1: Thanks for making this extension that stupid Google should have made.
  • (2018-05-13) Christopher Hørling: Effective and stable.
  • (2018-03-22) Cristian Daniel Ortiz Cuellar: It works
  • (2018-01-31) chapsueyochentanueve: I like how it refreshes all my open tabs in my chrome Internet browsing layout.
  • (2017-12-15) Eduardo Mendes: Can you add a timer to auto reload?
  • (2017-12-09) Vinícius Muniz: Muito útil!
  • (2017-12-05) Ryan Turner: Perfect.
  • (2017-09-19) Fahd Harb: Does not do what it says, It kept loading the highlighted tab in other tabs replacing their original page
  • (2017-09-11) Arnold Schellenberg: Does what it claims. I use it many times per day.
  • (2017-01-30) Austin Bennett: it gets 3 stars for doing exactly what it says it will do. Nothing more or less. I give 3 stars for only a couple independant reasons. Either I really don't know what I think between imbalanced UX and features (not the case here) or for this scenario where the product in question delievers as promised but the criteria to meet was simple. I this case it is my hope to give this 5 stars after it is(hopefullly) expanded. couple suggestions reload all tabs in current window showing a particular site reload all tabs in all windows showing a particular site reload all with exception Reload all without user input (ever hit the button when you're in the middle of a form or a comment? if the site doesn't have auto save you get to rewrite it. reload all (no exception) automatically confirms you want it closed if an alert box warns you (kind of like the worlds worst "psych" joke. you think it's all closed when someoe walks in and what's that going on behind you?) actually why do reload confirmations exist when they're so inconsistent. those just off the top of my head that I would use.
  • (2016-11-10) Александр Хозяинов: Просто кайф! Как я давно об этом мечтал!
  • (2016-09-07) Gear Timtim: good
  • (2016-08-31) Matt Burnham: Does what it says, would be cool to have a right click option for "in all windows" while left click does all tabs. Or like Tab Copy (micdllihgoppmejpecmkilggmaagfdmb) maybe one click for all tabs of this window and double click for all tabs all windows?
  • (2016-07-18) Дмитрий Севальнев: Не ясно только, почему данной функции нет по дефолу в Chrome. Спасибо за приложение!
  • (2016-03-24) James DiLullo: Comes in handy for a lot of applications!
  • (2015-11-29) Pluff Mud: Works inconsistently.
  • (2015-10-26) Wesley Maia: Great !! Very good
  • (2015-09-23) Artur Rutkowski: It is good.
  • (2015-08-02) Thomas K: Ca fait ce que c'est censé faire. Et ça marche bien.
  • (2015-07-07) Z Wales: perfect. saving this guy for sure. Thanks a ton!

Latest issues

  • (2019-10-05, v: Carlos Almeida: Add option to Ctrl-F5 all tabs
    I like your tool but would like an option to hard refresh all tabs, please.
  • (2019-02-23, v: daniel anderson: Does session buddy use your google account to persist data ?
    Does session buddy use your google account to persist data ? if not, is there some limitation to doing this ?
  • (2016-08-31, v: Matt Burnham: Option to reload one/all windows in context menu or on doubleclick
    Would be cool to have a right click option for "in all windows" while left click does all tabs. Or like Tab Copy (micdllihgoppmejpecmkilggmaagfdmb) maybe one click for all tabs of this window and double click for all tabs all windows?
  • (2016-07-20, v: Seungyub Hahm: Question/Suggestion for functionality
    Greetings developer, Thank you so much for making this useful extension! However, I ran into a problem where "reloading all tabs" function does not work with "The Great Suspender". Problem: when tab is in suspended mode, refresh all tabs does not restore the "suspended" tab into an active tab. This function works with another similar extension that I am currently using,, but I hope you can look into this? Thank you in advance!
  • (2016-05-17, v: Business proposal
    Hello! I'm interested in your chrome extension . I want to buy it with the transfer of your google account or without it which means the transfer of the chrome extension in my account. I propose the price 1 500 $. We can bargain if your users are active. e-mail:[email protected]
  • (2016-05-06, v: Antonio Lopez: add delay
    It's possible to add a delay between each tab reloading!!
  • (2016-04-19, v: Dwight Stegall: New Extension
    Please make a toggle switch button that pins/unpins all tabs at once. Right clicking 50 tabs is a pain in the rear.
  • (2016-01-31, v: Matthew Martin: Tabs to the right
    I am a person who frequently needs to refresh tabs but I also dont wish to refresh the page I'm currently on or other pages I have up. A feature where you can right click on a tab. Which will have an extra option like the close tabs to the right. Instead though it will refresh the tabs to the right excluding the page you clicked on.
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  • (2016-01-16, v: Zhanna Luchezarova: Extension buyout
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