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Agile SCRUM for Trello boards

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Super-charge your Trello boards with Story Points, Projects and Progress bars

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Description from store Agile SCRUM for Trello boards gives super-powers to your Trello boards by enabling SCRUM features: ★ STORY POINTS: Set Story Points for Trello Cards ★ TIME SPENT: Set time spent on tasks. ★ TAGS: Group Cards into tags, User Stories or projects, these are colored automagically to save you time. ★ PROGRESS BARS: Visualize your Sprint progress instantly with unobstrusive background progress bars on both cards and lists. ★ HEADER SEPARATORS: Use header separators to group cards inside lists. ★ VISUAL AIDS: Cards with more Story Points have a slightly increased font size so you can distinguish bigger from smaller tasks at a glance. Instructions ――――――――――――――――――― There's no need to set up anything! This extension is made to be simple, install it and start giving super powers to your Trello. Add Story Points to a card by typing the number in parenthesis: "(3) Design new homepage header" Track time spent on each card: "(1/3) Design new homepage header" Assign a card to a Project by writing it in square braquets: "[dev] Implement Ads in footer" Create a Header Separator by creating a new card with three asterisks at the start and end: "*** Sprint 3 ***" You can add as many tags as needed. Tags will be colored automatically in a random color. Both Story Points and Tags can be defined anywhere in the card's text, it's usually best to add them at the start so it's easier to read. At the top right of the Lists and Cards you can see how many story points have been completed and how many there are in total. Compatibility ――――――――――――――――――― If a team member doesn't have the 'Agile SCRUM for Trello boards' extension installed he will still see be able to see Story Points and Projects as well as modify them (he won't see colors or progress bars). You can install/uninstall the extension at any time without loosing any data too. 'Agile SCRUM for Trello boards' is the fastest and with the best performance of all similar extensions and at simply 2KB of code, a seamless extension to have installed, even for slow computers or for those users who want Chrome to work fast and are concerned on having too many extensions, this extension has such a tiny footprint that goes unnoticeable. Links & Resources ――――――――――――――――――― - Source code: https://github.com/luckyshot/agilescrumfortrello - Issue tracker: https://github.com/luckyshot/agilescrumfortrello/issues - Blog post + Screenshots: http://xaviesteve.com/5109/agile-scrum-trello-boards/ Changelog ――――――――――――――――――― ★ 1.4.5 - Fixed Progress bar color not showing (thanks @danicg) - Custom tag colors by adding "red" or "#ff0" suffix (thanks @rudwolf) ★ 1.4.3 - Fixed issue where it wouldn't detect story points longer than 3 characters (0/10.5) - Improved method of detecting changes and rendering the boards ★ 1.4.2 - Released Source Code under GPL license https://github.com/luckyshot/agilescrumfortrello - You can add the '#' symbol inside tags - Removed Settings button (not yet finished) ★ 1.4.1 - Rounded Story Points to one decimal ★ 1.4.0 - Huge refactoring for better scalability and future development of new features and feedback - When Story Points get overrun then show them in a slight Red color, when estimation was perfect then show it in slight Green color - Improved updates listener for better performance, responsiveness and less memory consumption ★ 1.3.5 - Fixed: 'innerHTML of null/undefined' bug - Increased randomness of Tag colors - Updated jQuery from 2.1.1 to 2.1.4 ★ 1.3.4 - Fixed: Tag support for "." (dots) ★ 1.3.3 - FIXED: progress bar doesn't seem to work with themed backgrounds ★ 1.3.2 - Infinite decimals bug fixed ★ 1.3.1 - Can't remember, something awesome perhaps ★ 1.3.0 - Header Separators now count Story Points of tasks in them so you can have sub-groups inside each list (I use it to have archived Sprints in quarterly lists) - Better tag coloring (always nice smooth colors!) - Increased progress bars transparency for better readability ★ 1.2.5 - Fixed bug where Header Separators wouldn't show up when hyphens found ★ 1.2.4 - Header Separators ★ 1.2.3 - Fixed a bug where the extension would sometimes stop working when adding a new card ★ 1.2.2 - Progress bars colorize as a shade of the board background - Design improvements - Fixed a bug where Progress Bard wouldn't update correctly in some circumstances ★ 1.2.1 - Improved documentation - Code optimizations ★ 1.2.0 - Faster and smaller code for blazing performance and tiny footprint - Removed unnecessary files from extension pack by 20% ★ 1.1.7 - Automatically increase card's font size depending on Story Points - Code optimization and performance - Coded OOP design pattern ★ 1.1.6 - Added extension to Google Chrome Store - Bug fixes

Latest reviews

  • (2020-01-24) Kacem Bannour: Parfois il faut rafraîchir la page pour qu'on voit le résultat mais a part ça je trouve que l'extension est une des meilleurs pour adapter trello a scrum
  • (2019-09-25) Solly Motsoane: Love this app. I have instroduced it to my colleagues and we are now using it as a base plugin for Trello. A few things are still lacking or inconsistent. * When adding *** headers ***, you need to refresh your page for them to be recognised. * Could be nice to count the cards per *** header *** on top of the (score). Or even for one to choose.
  • (2019-07-24) Douglas Powell: So far so good. I realize this is not a fully integrated package and it is rather useful for the features it provides. *** Important point *** Be sure to turn off and popup blockers such as AdBlock or it will not function at all.
  • (2019-07-21) Martine Maague: Beautiful UI but it lacks convenience and some of the basics for Scrum workflow.
  • (2019-05-23) Dean Davis: Excellent app, I hope functionality is soon compatible with custom fields... it seems to duplicate a bit and requires a simple refresh but hopefully temporary bug
  • (2019-05-03) Yehonatan Anabi: Must have feature: * when filtering cards, sum only the filtered cards title hours.
  • (2018-12-19) Andi Taru: Very Solid!
  • (2018-07-03) Bezkonkurencyjny dodatek do codziennej pracy z Trello Must have on daily basis with Trello
  • (2018-05-14) Darlan A. R.: GOOD
  • (2018-03-12) Matthew Hall: Without being able to turn on and off the various features of this extension, it is incompatible with the other extensions I am using. I also need to be able to change how points are recognized to instead look for the pipe characters: |2|
  • (2018-01-04) Awan Jogyantoro: good for manage everything
  • (2017-12-28) Rahul B: It server the purpose and shows better overview and progress of the tasks.
  • (2017-12-13) Kaelan Frey: Need to refresh the Trello page on load to get the extension to work. Otherwise it's fantastic
  • (2017-11-13) Alejandro Martínez: Thanks!
  • (2017-07-18) Rafael Almeida: awesome
  • (2017-07-06) Maxym Chaban: + Not laggy + Beautiful + Useful - Sometimes not working after page reload. But rarely
  • (2017-05-30) Valentim Araújo: A ideia é bacana, porém na minha versão do Chrome(Versão 58.0.3029.110) as tags ficam piscando, uma hora com a tag que eu criei e outra hora com o titulo do quadro.
  • (2017-04-20) Samira Negm: I needed the progress feature, and it's not working, they are not even answering the people asking in the support
  • (2017-02-14) J S: we like it, its simple design but helpful.
  • (2017-01-16) James Craig: Great extension. Trello - you should purchase it!
  • (2016-12-06) Randy Mefford: It doesn't seem to work with Chrome and Windows 8 for some reason none of the features listed work.
  • (2016-11-18) Mauricio Ojeda: Excelente
  • (2016-09-15) Vinicius Stutz: Quando funciona é bacana, um ótimo visual e ajuda a organizar os quadros de forma prática. Mas na maioria das vezes o plugin não carrega...
  • (2016-08-17) Slimen Arnaout: Vey nice and helpful plugin I <3 it :)
  • (2016-07-28) Thiago Assunção: Feature suggestion: Customizability! 1. It would be interesting to be able to have the option to choose which features are enabled or disabled. (One might like some feature and dislike others). 2. An option to change the syntax symbols would be really appreciated. For example, I'd rather have {} as a shortcut to tags instead of []. It depends of the user habits. 3. Being able to chose the colours and location of Tags would be very welcome as well. 4. It would also be interesting to be able to choose the colour of the progression bar. 5. Or, it would be even better to be able to simple choose the background colour of the whole list. etc. New feature suggestion: 1. In Trello, when one posts a link to another trello card in the description, or in a checklist item, or in the comments, the link automatically becomes a card-like icon. However, a link posted in the title of the card will not become a cardlike icon -- instead, it will remain a literal link. It would be great to have the cardlike icon displayed in title of a card instead of a literal link. However, above all: thanks for this amazing extension!

Latest issues

  • (2018-06-06, v:1.4.5) no Progress in List header
    By creating card progress with (0/1) there is no sum at the list header.
  • (2018-05-24, v:1.4.5) Andrea Costa: Calendar Integration
    the integration with the Calendar (Power-Up) would be very interesting
  • (2018-02-16, v:1.4.3) not working
    Progress bars don't work, from about 1 weeek ago.
  • (2018-02-12, v:1.4.3) Progress Bar not working
    Hello, I used the plugin for many days, but today the “Progress Bars” don’t appear. Anybody had this problem before ?
  • (2018-02-07, v:1.4.3) Ramin Farmani: progress bar not working
    progress bar not working any more
  • (2017-10-24, v:1.4.3) For Tracking Story Points
    I think it would be better if we use "(10) my task [2]" than "(2/10) my task" to set estimation and progress. and i also think there should be setting to choose which feature we would like to have (for example i don't want to have a progress bar on the list). thanks :)
  • (2017-06-26, v:1.4.3) Three star titles
    Three star titles dont get updated when I switch to different board, refreshing the page fixes the problem. Would be nice if it did notice change of board and did it's job withoug refreshing the page :)
  • (2017-06-01, v:1.4.3) Titles are screwed
    Since today, titles of cards are getting screwed if extension is active. It looks like some problem with UTF8 and it kind of doubles the title.
  • (2017-03-31, v:1.4.3) nothing works
    I surely want to use this wonderful application, but nothing works ;(
  • (2017-03-09, v:1.4.3) Anja Saaby Ladegaard: Try the F5 button
    It didn't seem to work. Until I realized that I have to press F5 every time I open the board.


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