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Get open tab URLs for window, or load a list of URLs into new tabs on this window.

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Description from store This is a simple, no-frills extension that will be useful for folks who want a quick way to carry on a browsing thread from one computer to another. For example, if I'm doing research at school and find a number of interesting sites, I will end up with multiple open tabs. I may want to continue reading those tabs on another computer at home later on. To do so, I wrote this basic extension to do exactly two things. The first is that it will produce a list of the web page titles and urls of all the tabs open in my current window. I can copy and paste this list into an e-mail that I can send to myself to restore this browser session anytime later on any computer using Chrome and this extension by copying from the e-mail and pasting into the extension. Alternatively, I can save that list to a file through the extension and e-mail myself the file, upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive or somewhere else in the cloud, and retrieve it later at another computer where I can upload it through the extension and restore the browsing session. The extension is programed to extract the http and https, and ftp lines from any list, so the list can include the web page title or any other information. It will not open URLs that do not begin with http, ftp, or https. My favorite feature is that it will automatically pre-format a gmail message for sending the links to myself. To try this out: Go to options and select "blank gmail with unlimited links copied to clipboard" in box 1 of the options screen and then click save under box 3; then scroll down to the bottom of the "format" info section and put in the e-mail address you want to be automatically added to the formatted compose message and then click "save" under this box. Now when you click on the icon and select "get URLs", a pre-formatted gmail compose screen shows up. To get the links into the body, all you have to do is paste as they are automatically copied into the clipboard. This is the quickest way to e-mail yourself a copy of all your tab URLs. ============= Updates/notes ================ ---> Update 1.2.8 removed copy/paste permission request; chrome no longer requires this (fixed bug from 1.2.6/7). ---> Update 1.2.5, enhanced gmail option and added new gmail option. To create the compose window pre-filled with links, tab-snap creates a new tab that has a url which gmail recognizes as a command to start a new compose window with the given information. If this constructed url that is sent to gmail is too big, gmail will reject it, which is why the pre-filled gmail option can only allow for up to 22 tabs. Users now have the option to create a gmail compose window that has the to and subject address pre-filled with a blank body, and the entire title/list of urls copied to their clipboard so that all they need to do is paste and send. To enable this option, go into the options menu and select "blank gmail with urls copied to clipboard". This second gmail option allows for an unlimited number of tabs to be pasted into the e-mail, getting around the url-composition limit of the first gmail option and only requiring that the user has one extra step. Both gmail options now allow you to prefill the to address, in case you have the habit of sending a list of your urls to the same e-mail address. Look in the options section under format for a textbox into which you can type the e-mail you wish to send to every time you use tab-snap's gmail option. If you'd rather not have the to-field pre-filled, just leave that blank in the options menu. ---> Update 1.2.4, changed default behavior back to a list printed out on the screen per user request; the output of the url list can be changed in the option menu. This is an open-source extension--that means that you or anybody in the world can view the source code online at: https://github.com/tdj28/tab-snap This helps ensure the safety of the code and thus of your data as anybody can inspect the code. A streamlined extension that will be useful for users who want a quick way to carry on a browsing thread from one computer to another and/or to keep a convenient archive of useful sessions. A clean or formatted list of all open tabs can be saved in multiple formats including csv which can be opened in Excel, Google Drive, and so on. URLs can also be copied directly to the clipboard, or even e-mailed directly from the extension; a list of websites can be loaded into the extension and synced with the current browsing session either by pasting it into the extension or importing a file. This means that it will only open tabs which aren't already opened in the window, so you won't get duplicates. ---> Note to MAC users, due to known bugs in the OS X version of Chrome, this extension does not currently work fully with MACs. ---> Version 1.2.3 (Oct 11 2013) streamlined the copy and paste functionality; now the user does not have to copy/paste by hand since Chrome has enabled access to the clipboard for extensions on recent updates. Copy to clipboard is now the default setting. Simplified and enhanced the visual presentation for the user. To enable the new chrome clipboard functionality, the permissions on the extension now include copy and paste access. This extension was previously called "Grab Y'all Links!" and has the same functionality with additional features. ----> Version 1.2.2 (Oct 9 2013) changed the way tabs are opened so that it is syncing behavior---it won't open a tab that is already opened. Altered some string parsing to prevent possible misreading of some formats of files. ----> Version 1.2.1 (Oct 7 2013) added option to directly mail list of links via gmail. By selecting this option, a new tab will open that is a compose-message pre-filled with subject heading and body that is list of urls; all the user has to do is select who to send it to. Due to limitations set by Chrome, this only currently works if there are 22 tabs open or less; any more than 22 tabs could result in an URL error. ----> Version 1.2 (October 2013) includes many new features, such as the ability to save a list of open tab URLs as regular text files or csv files which can be easily read by MS Excel. Users can select their preferred output at the options menu. The default is to print to screen in text format. Users can now open a text file or csv file with a list of URLs directly through the extension rather than needing to copy and paste. *** Note to Mac and Linux users***: Due to a known bug in chrome: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=61632 the File-open pop-up dialog does *not* preserve the state of the extension--as soon as you click on the dialog to pick a file, the extension closes and nothing will happen. Until this is corrected in Chrome or a software fix is found, the following workaround will enable MAC/Linux users to upload files: right-click on the extension's pop-up and select inspect element. This will create a pop-up which you can ignore temporarily while you proceed to click on the choose-file button and choose your file. After the file is uploaded you can close the popup. This problem does not affect Windows users using the latest version of Chrome. Additional note for Mac users--if you really really really want the upload file functionality working now rather than waiting: Go to Menu > Tools > Extensions and click "Developer Mode". Now instead of a regular click on the Tab-Snap icon, contorl-click and select "inspect popup". Now you can proceed to use the file uploader. You can close the extra popup window when you are done. I'll upload a permanent fix for this problem as soon as possible. All other functions work, so you can also copy and paste from a file into the middle field. Features from previous versions still work in all versions of Chrome. ***This is an extension for grabbing the url of the tabs open in a browsing session, not the links on a webpage.*** Got a question / problem with the extension? Leave a comment/question at: http://iatenewtonsapple.org/?p=63 ============================================================ *** Updated October 2013 to comply with Chrome Store manifest version 2.0 requirements *** *** Re-branded October 2013 to better reflect the purpose of the extension. ***

Latest reviews

  • (2023-09-24) Dusty back: Simple, and get the work done!
  • (2023-08-05) Sumi Akter: Perfect for me to open a lot of link/URL just a one click.
  • (2023-03-26) oghaki: Just FYI, in case people are having issues and would like to see an updated version of this (repo: <https://github.com/tdj28/tab-snap>), it has been forked a number of times (<https://github.com/tdj28/tab-snap/network/members>). The one I like best is named 'Tab-Save' (<https://github.com/aar0u/tab-save>) by 'aar0u' ('RageApp' in the stores), which is basically identical, except that all of the functionality works, and it's been updated more recently. Here are store-links for the Chrome and the Edge-specific (Chromium-based) extensions: • 𝘾𝙝𝙧𝙤𝙢𝙚: <https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tab-save/iphpjidhdoilnfjhjpchcgamknepmabh> • 𝙀𝙙𝙜𝙚: <https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/tabsave/mpfkochhcbjfacnojmnjddihamgmhbda>
  • (2022-07-29) Brett Fullam: This is an excellent extension if you need to quickly grab titles-urls from open tabs, or even to open them again as a group. Unfortunately, the publisher didn't include any information regarding their privacy practices about the collection or use of the end user's data. If they were more transparent regarding their privacy practices, this would easily be more widely used. Until then, watch your back people ... no telling what's happening behind the scenes as you browse the internet with this plugin installed.
  • (2022-01-22) Savas X: Underrated extension, however if it just got a little updated it would surely receive a lot more attention. Mostly properly showing it's full capabilities. I mean I only realized after a year of use that you could paste in multiple URL's in the restore field. Oh and the option to trim down the snapshot so the date is not visible, I just need the URL's and that's it or just the title and the URL's. Small additions like this would be perfect.
  • (2021-12-29) shukka66 7: I lost all my different tab groups that weren't reloaded the first time. Appearantly you have to reload all tabs and I dont know about collapsed groups in chrome.
  • (2021-11-30) Олег Ершов: Works well but does not load URLs like "file:///C:/Users/Oleg/Documents/1.mhtml"
  • (2021-05-04) João Vinícius: Ela juntamente da StayFocusd são simplesmente a combinação mais imbatível que há para a produtividade. Enquanto uma te mantem focado, esta poupa o seu tempo entrando em cada aba e copiando URL por URL. Recomendadíssima.
  • (2021-01-28) Roland Pihlakas: Seems like the only extension which provides such simple but necessary functionality. Have been searching for such functionality for a long time. Why was it so hard to find?
  • (2021-01-27) da Bull: Really simple, handy little app. It's very 'no frills' but that suits me just fine. I googled how to export/import a set of tabs and this app is the one that fits the bill.
  • (2020-12-12) bikram: I wanted to copy a link of all the faculties profile that were opened in the chrome. I luckily found this extension otherwise I had to copy link for each of the tab. Thank you for this tool.
  • (2020-10-19) Олег Захарчук: Хорошее расширение!! Решило мою проблему с переносом рабочих вкладок! Хотелось бы иметь возможность копировать все вкладки с учетом их группировки. Так же доработать интерфейс, по моему дизайн немного устарел.
  • (2020-03-31) Gustavo Montoya (S1ragusA): Sólo copia algo de 50 pestañas (de las 1600 que tengo) y sólo se pueden copiar con el título. Inútil, hay otras que funcionan perfectamente como por ejemplo "Copy All URls"
  • (2020-03-23) perfect and friendly to me. make sure that the option settings are set in advance, which can save a lot of time in the future. It will be very convenient to trace your work if you need.
  • (2019-11-28) JR: Does not work, don't know how this extension have such a high rate. Does not snap all the tabs, for example I have 23 tabs opened (and all refreshed), i choose csv file, and when i export the file and open csv i have 8 tabs saved. Tried to close the chrome window, and restore the tabs and try again, the same happed. Dose not work!
  • (2019-09-06) Michael Pilgrim: Perfect, thanks
  • (2019-03-15) very good !
  • (2018-12-17) Does what it says on the Tin! Period!
  • (2018-07-04) Dan Nissenbaum: You'd think it would be easier to find an extension that just gets/loads a list of URLs for your tabs. Anyhow, this one is perfect - simple and just works. Probably a lousy name for the extension, but who cares?
  • (2018-02-09) Brian Trease: Great app, but would be better if there was a way to use it without a mouse and only keyboard.
  • (2017-10-29) Alain Koningverdraag: This only works for the tabs newly opened on the current day. Since many power users, routinely have multiple tabs open, across days at a time, this extension does not work as required. What is needed, is a mozilla firefox-style, one-click drop-down, scrollable, editable, list of ALL open tabs. Preferably with the option to color-code the "tabs opened today", and options for chronological adjustments.
  • (2017-03-22) Juan Pablo Treviño Gutierrez: Es perfecto para cambiar de usuario dentro del mismo navegador, o tener varias sesiones de trabajo.
  • (2017-03-01) ВАСЯ пупкин: Хорошая штука. 1, Только добавьте возможность менять имя файла при загрузке на диск. 2, Смена папки загрузки. 3, Автоматическое закрытие загруженной на диск сессии. 4, Открываться сессия должна в новом окне (или на выбор).
  • (2017-02-06) Rômulo Areal: Fantastic! Was exactly what I was looking for. Works perfect. I always end up with tons of tabs open and bookmarks are a pain, this is great.
  • (2017-01-24) Kevin Dondrea: Sorry to sound like a Valley Girl but... OMG!!!!! You just saved me hours. I do a lot of research for work and sometimes I'll have to keep my windows open for weeks due to being too busy to pick through the data. When I get the time I'll manually copy the title and the Link and add them to Notepad++. If I don't have time to create a fix based off of the article I still won't close the tab so I don't lose where I'm at. With this program it does 100% everything I do manually. It saves the title and the link. You just eliminated hours from my daily schedule. I was about to write a program to do the same thing but I didn't know where to start. Now I don't have to start, I can focus on the next project. THANK YOU!!!!!
  • (2017-01-18) Mel GSX1300R: Did exactly what I wanted - provided a simple and quick way to copy the URL's for all open tabs so that I could then paste them where I wanted (email). Well done!
  • (2016-11-20) People ask me how I do this. Imho, it would be helpful if the pasted url list mentioned "Tab-Snap". Maybe something like this: "List made with Tab-Snap available at the Google Play Store." Or, add this to the bottom of the urls: "Tab-Snap" available at: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tab-snap/ajjloplcjllkammemhenacfjcccockde?hl=en Hope that helps :-)
  • (2016-10-16) Laiba Iqbal: it's simple and has got all that i need.
  • (2016-10-03) Owen Tooth: Incredibly useful plugin. It needs a designer to make the user interface look better and be more intuitive to use, but the actual functionality is perfect.
  • (2016-09-04) J P: The window no longer expands to show all the links. It also only opens a couple links at a time, not all which have been selected, thankfully not just one, though.
  • (2016-08-03) Atul Kumar-Beurg: Brilliant! Simply Brilliant! does exactly what I was looking for - just need to figure the equivalent for opera & firefox.
  • (2016-06-15) L F: This does not copy all tabs...
  • (2016-05-09) יוחאי מנטל: אחלהבחלה
  • (2016-04-14) Shilpa Nicodemus: I use it frequently and have recommended it to others. Feature request: When I snapshot the URLs, can you make including the title tags optional? I frequently don't need them, and I have to edit them out manually in Excel.
  • (2016-02-01) Alvaro C: Solo copia dos de las casi cien pestañas abiertas. Completamente inútil
  • (2016-01-11) Sudhanshu Gaur: Awesome extension searching for it a long time.
  • (2015-10-01) Arian Kajtezovic: Awesome add-on! Helps with de-cluttering all those tabs :D
  • (2015-09-28) Otto Gustafson: As others have stated, it's just what I was looking for: simple and works. I use One-Note across my devices instead of emailing or saving in a separate file (which also works). I simply copy and paste into a "Quick Notes" page which I named TabSnap and then the most recent list (or all of them) is available anywhere I access One-Note.
  • (2015-09-08) Josh Ruben: Absolutely amazing! Exactly what I was looking for. Saves a lot of time.
  • (2015-01-31) Tomoyo Daidouji: It is exactly as what others said. This saves lots of time especially for someone like me who does data entry projects. Though at times, it only opens 1 link even though I copied 10 links and then I had to repeat it until it works. There's still room for improvement but definitely it's a recommendable Google extension.

Latest issues

  • (2022-02-14, v:1.2.9) Timo S.: Problem mit ä, ö, ü und ß
    Hallo Wenn ich Textdateien mit Links importiere, werden die Buchstaben ä,ö,ü und ß nicht richtig angezeigt und werdn als Quadrat mit Fragezeichen angezeigt. If I import text files with links, the letters ä,ö,ü and ß are not displayed correctly and appear as a square with a question mark. https://imgur.com/xDc5Ksw Mit freundlichen Grüßen Timo3681
  • (2021-12-26, v:1.2.9) Peter Callen: Collect and Add Group Tab Info
    Would be nice if you can gather group tab inoformation and upload them. I use your extension to migrate between browsers. eg i copied my current Chrome tabs open to Brave but I had to manually regroup the tabs
  • (2020-07-03, v:1.2.9) Jerry Leventer: Expression of Appreciation for Your Tab-Snap Chrome Extension
    Where is the "Make a Donation" button?
  • (2019-06-16, v:1.2.9) Honoré SABATIER: Automatic feature
    There is an automatic feature to save periodically a list of tabs?
  • (2019-04-22, v:1.2.9) Open tabs at user selected location in the tab bar
    I'd like to be able to select where in the tab bar tabs are opened: Leftmost. Rightmost (current behavior). Right before and/or after current tab.
  • (2018-12-11, v:1.2.9) Bethany Spivey: Tryng to delete my icons from an app
    There are certain files that won't delete and I get a blue screen. How do I fix?
  • (2018-06-13, v:1.2.9) Brian Trease: Keyboard Operation?
    Hi, great extension! Is there any way to use it only with keyboard operation? I created a shortcut (alt-S) that opens the extension window, but I still need to use a mouse to click on the "Click here to get URLs." Tabbing through the menu and hitting "Enter" does not work. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  • (2018-03-16, v:1.2.9) Downloading CSV File
    Hey Guys, Starting today tab snap stopped downloading any files. In output options i have selected CSV and file and I save the settings and when I click on snapshot nothing happens. If i change settings to copy to clipboard it works, but any option that involves downloading doesn't work. I'm running MacOS 10.13.3, chrome is up to day, i've uninstalled chrome and deleted to google library files on MacOS, i've cleared caches, removed my profile. Logged into another user account on the laptop and tried again and had the same issue. I am out of ideas. Please help! Thanks, Carissa
  • (2018-01-25, v:1.2.9) PEGAR CELDAS EN CUERPO DE CORREO
    Quiero pegar una selección de celdas de excel en el cuerpo del correo de gmail, anteriormente lo podia realizar con couldcodes insert pero ya esta inabilitada, como puedo hacerlo ahora
  • (2017-08-22, v:1.2.9) Karen Walters Killian: email
    I responded to JD Power via email. I went to print out & it was a long email, it shows on preview the entire page, but prints only 6 lines, I want copy for very important issues dealing with the death of my husband
  • (2016-11-10, v:1.2.9) Tony Roger: url with blank can not be inserted correctly
    i know normally url won't inlcude blank in the middle, but for the practical usage, we maybe created the urls in the local files(.csv, .xlsx, .txt, etc) firstly, and then with this extension to open them up(RESTORE->Paste and open list of URLs), so with this example: "https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=i+want+a+big apple+in+supermarket" the extension will extract only the 1st part, omit the later part, which means: "https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=i+want+a+big" only; so it's expected to "add"/replace the "+" symble/conjunction with the blank, hence, the expected url can be opened smoothly without detachment. Thanks.
  • (2016-07-07, v:1.2.9) getting extension to work
    Hi! I keep on trying to add, and it says it's in process of downloading but never comes through. I keep reloading but doesn't work. Can you help? I use this on my home account and it's a great app!
  • (2016-06-02, v:1.2.9) questionable
    Why do you need to read my browsing history
  • (2016-05-25, v:1.2.9) Jarrell Dunson: Not all tabs showing up
    I really like Tab Snap... but this morning, I noticed that not all the tabs were showing up... can you check on this? [email protected] Thanks
  • (2015-12-02, v:1.2.9) Patrick Verhoeven: iPhone Safari
    I'd love to be able to send an email of all open links on my iphone. Then close them all. Is this possible with extensions or apps you've done? Patrick
  • (2015-11-25, v:1.2.9) Juan Andrade: inteligent to either copy or paste
    let me tell you that I love this app for it's simplicity. I thhink there is one more twist that you can add to do it more simple. if the current window does not have any pages loaded, meaning there is only one default new tab from chrome, then automatically paste and open. else automatically copy the tabs. this way you can reduce to just one button (if you remove the CSV option)


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