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Check GMail, Google Reader, and Google Voice. Many sources, one number.

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Description from store Now with 100% more github: https://github.com/The-MAZZTer/One-Number 1.5.6 Released: - Added support for manifest_version 2. - Removed Google Wave support. Features: - Check your favorite Google services (GMail, Reader, Voice, hopefully more coming). - Only one toolbar button, shows you all you need to know. - Notifications when something new pops up. - Customization options and tweaks for every step of the process. - A nice big "0" when you've read everything! Coming eventually: - Going to replace the service icons with some of this guy's work, if I can get permission: http://carlosjj.deviantart.com/ - Update the "nav bar" on the options page to match the current google.com style. - More services (Twitter, Calendar, Docs, Buzz all being considered). - A focus on unread items and greater interactivity with them from within One Number. KNOWN BUGS (I'll fix them as soon as I can): - Always appears to be logged out - Turn off the experiment to block third-party cookies from being read to fix this... it seems to not be compatible with google.com. - People don't like the icon (I will probably add a selection ability for the icon as well as service icons. But not in the next bug fix release, sorry. I might do a 1.6 release before 2.0 with this in it though. I may also redo the icon to fit with the Chrome default theme colors better.) - People don't like Google Reader jumping to All Items (will add a toggle). - Gmail previews may be malformed if they can be parsed as HTML (whoops). Please report any other bugs to [email protected]

Latest reviews

  • (2018-08-18) Farhad Chinoy: Great
  • (2017-06-05) John L Cannon: I will gladly change this to a 5 star...provided I can get it to work. I've left the following message @ GitHub: "Hate 2 b snarky...but...I followed barely decipherable instructions in ur 'Readme' post. I got, "Error Loading Extension" & the following, "Failed to load extension from: ~/Downloads/src Manifest file is missing or unreadable. Could not load manifest." I'm over 65, getting a divorce after 40 yrs because my partner is violent & delusional related to dementia &, in spite of large Rx opioids still suffering from chronic pain. I'm grumpy...granted. But really, I'm not a developer & still recovering from years of Windows (now enjoying the much simpler Chrome OS). How on earth am I supposed to follow the (to me @least) less than simple directions here @ GitHub?"
  • (2015-02-15) Andrew Meyer: Used to be a pretty sweet extension, but now that 2 out of the 4 services that it supported don't exist anymore it's not all that great. Update, please?
  • (2013-07-02) Daming Jiang: Please add digg reader or feedly.
  • (2013-06-30) Issac Penn: It really helped a lot. But as Google Wave and Google Reader has or is to leave us, I just have to uninstall this sadly.
  • (2013-06-23) Matt L: This was the greatest extension a few years ago. But now simply all the services one number caters to have shut down :( its too bad...
  • (2013-06-22) Keita Y: Please add Feedly,because Google Reader was closed.
  • (2013-03-14) Brian Carr: not working on Version 27.0.1438.7 dev-m chromes own notification update is clashing with it along with other notification popups not just this on just learnt Google Reader will be retired on July 1, 2013. oh well.
  • (2013-03-06) Oleksandr BORYS: Stopped working with latest Chromium Browser Build. Please fix it
  • (2013-03-03) Jeremy White: Stopped working lately, was my most used extension, and I love it. But lately it just stopped looking for unread items, and a un-install and reinstall didn't fix it. Please have a look? Thanks :)
  • (2013-02-26) Boa Ferramenta, mas dando problemas com versão nova do chrome Versão 25.0.1364.97 m....
  • (2013-02-25) David D Carroll: This extension functions well, unless you are trying to monitor multiple gmail inboxes at once. While it promises to accomplish this, it fails.
  • (2012-11-14) Tatiana Espinoza: Es una de las extensiones que no puedo dejar de usar. Aunque últimamente he tenido algunos errores, como que se desconecta solo Gmail.
  • (2012-11-07) Claude Guidi: quite perfect. I miss just one thing yet. I would like to choose witch folder will be openned in the reader.
  • (2012-10-01) Nephi Wright: Needs Google+ added and wave removed. Otherwise works as intended and is one of my favorite extensions.
  • (2012-07-05) Tor Karlsson: Works really well but I miss Google+ as one of the services to check.
  • (2012-06-21) LeGrand Johnson: Why is Wave still a part of this extension? I like this extension. I wish it were still being actively developed.
  • (2012-03-24) Nikola MBC: works great
  • (2012-03-18) André Nunes: Sempre usei e gosto muito. Estão de parabéns. Uso a mais de 2 anos e nunca vi um parecido tão eficiente.
  • (2012-02-28) RJ Hsiao: Thanks for fix issue.
  • (2012-02-25) Tony Lee: It doesn't work on chrome dev 19.0.104x,either on chrome canary.. plz fix it..
  • (2012-02-16) Tomer Arazy: Hey, this is a great app and i've been using it for over a year now! However recently it seems not working propertly - it doesn't update from gmail, only reader. So the icon doesn't change when I get mails. I using the chrome beta version (18.0.1025.33 beta-m) on Windows Vista
  • (2012-01-29) Simon WANG: there is no google wave any more, could u pls change it to G+?
  • (2012-01-25) Jamie Henderson: An excellent extension that I use all of the time. Highly recommended. An unlikely request but if you could add Hotmail support you'd make me very happy as I have to have another (inferior) extension to do that and use memory and screen real estate. Good work fella!
  • (2012-01-17) Михайло Тітов: Please add the posibility to checking gmail/greader/etc when chrome browser window is closed

Latest issues

  • (2013-11-25, v: Joseph Gualdarrama: Phantom Emails
    As the subject says, about a week ago after checking my email, the icon kept showing 28 emails. Now whenever I do have any mail, it's 28 plus that number. Very strange. Was wondering if you knew anything about this.
  • (2013-06-20, v: Other RSS Services?
    With Google Reader going down, are there plans to support other RSS services such as Feedly in the future?
  • (2013-06-10, v: PatMac: Gmail not launching
    Love this extension. Last night our local ISP (Insight) as transitioned over to TimeWarner cable. (Buyout) Now, my gmail extension will not launch. Reader and Voice are fine. Strange...
  • (2013-01-15, v: Lydia Newkirk: Multiple Sign-in for Gmail Not Working
    Although I carefully follow the instructions to check Gmail in multiple accounts (add username and password for not only the account I have specified as "default" with Google, which the app checks automatically), the different Gmail numbers only read for my main Google account, without checking the other one I specified. The links also both point to the primary account. Any reason why this won't work?
  • (2012-09-18, v: Sam Grooms: Extension no longer displays count on icon
    For many versions of Chrome, this extension has no longer been displaying the unread count on the icon. Is this extension dead? What's the deal?
  • (2012-07-25, v: Subhaneil Lahiri: Gmail unread count
    The unread count on the button and popup reads zero even though there are unread messages. However, the preview does show the first unread message correctly, despite the wrong unread count. The "Check for new messages in " is set to "All mail".


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