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CommonKey Team Password Manager

Description from extension meta CommonKey | team password management and sharing for collaborative companies
Image from store CommonKey Team Password Manager
Description from store Protect the keys to your company with CommonKey, your team password manager for sharing and collaboration! CommonKey helps company's securely manage and share passwords across teams. Ditch the Google doc filled with passwords, increase productivity, and control user access with a click of a button. Designed for collaborative and growing companies, CommonKey is a simple and intuitive password manager. Built in the cloud and encrypted using leading industry enterprise security standards, access to your company's applications are with you wherever your company takes you! Looking for more information or how to set up your common key? Check us out at http://www.commonkey.com
Latest reviews (2019-11-08) Ian Blomley: Started off ok. The website is great, but the chrome extension has never worked correctly & I or my colleges havent been able to login to the extension for over a month. Support has been virtually none-existent over this time and has now gone dark - unable to help with my companies current problem. (2019-06-04) Faisal Ghori: The extension was great and working well for several years. It was a life saver. But for few months now unable to login the extension and also unable to add or modify secrets on the web. Support not responding. It is sad to see such a useful tool just going down and leaving it's users stranded. (2018-10-15) Ian Grant: There's a lot about CommonKey which is terrific, and we've been using it as a small company for a few years now. But following a recent Chrome update, it now crashes almost continually and refuses to acknowledge new passwords. The support for it appears to have disappeared too, so who knows if anyone is even there to fix these issues. For that reason, you should avoid it. Which is a shame, as it's a good easy-to-use product...when it actually works. (2018-09-23) Kevin Johnson: It was 5 stars, now it the extension does not even open. Will be exploring other options as my team need this to be productive. (2018-04-05) Michael Rojek: Works great for our small team. Not sure why such bad reviews, or such little visibility altogether. Switched over from Dashlane which was an expensive nightmare. (2017-01-03) Mary Streletska: The worst password manager ever. We are a small team and we are using this on a daily basis I hope our manager moves on to another product because COMMONKEY is just the worst of the worst. It doesn't auto fill login forms so you have to open login page in commonkey and copy password MANUALLY oh YES every effing time! But wait there's more, it won't let you copy login just password so you have to memorize login and fill it in by hand every time. (2016-10-19) Bert Marinus: very bad nothing works. stop this time wastage extension (2016-10-13) Jill Headen: It worked really great for a while. Now it doesn't. I can log into the commonkey website, but the extension keeps telling me my info is wrong. Resetting my password does not help. What gives? (2016-02-17) Al Romano: We have a team of 12 people using this and we really want to love it. When it works, it works beautifully. Unfortunately, it is really buggy. Here are some of the bugs we are finding. - In alternative browsers that support chrome extensions (Vivaldi) after logging into CommonKey the dropdown constantly refreshes and doesn't stop, stuck in a loop that almost forces the browser to crash. - Unless you are an Admin, you cannot view or change any passwords in the web app, even the ones you created. This is a horrible pain. Because of this, if the plugin fails to work, you are DOA. We love the idea of Commonkey and the features it has, but they really need to fix this stuff!! (2015-07-24) Christofer Huber: Great tool to share passwords with your teammates! Awesome stuff! (2015-03-10) We have a team of 5 people using this and we really want to love it. When it works, it works beautifully. Unfortunately, it is really buggy. Here are some of the bugs we are finding. - Copy to clipboard does not work most of the time in the password generator. - Extension sometimes does not let you click the lock icon to get your password so you have to login to commonkey and copy it. (only admins can do this) - One of our users is on Windows 7 (rest of us are 8) and they can't update their passwords via the extension, it just never works. BIG ISSUE. Other issues: - Unless you are an Admin, you cannot view or change any passwords in the web app, even the ones you created. This is a horrible pain. Because of this, if the plugin fails to work, you are DOA. We love the idea of Commonkey and the features it has, but they really need to fix this stuff. (2014-11-21) Oliver M: I love it when it works, but so many sites it does not. (2014-10-16) Ian Thomas: Fantastic! No more endless spreadsheets! This saves so much time. (2014-07-28) Pierre Ozoux: We defend Net Neutrality. We know that when we install a chrome extension, some have the possibility to break it. But we trust you not to do so. Please stop modifying my webpages without my consent. They look and feel horrible because of you. Besides that, the software is really nice. I'd put 5 stars when I'll have the choice to not have perturbations from CK on my browsing. (2014-07-28) Josh Raab: Easy awesome. Worth your attention. (2014-05-23) Madeline Laxa: I love the aesthetics and it's super easy to use! (2014-03-21) Jonathon Ende: Coolest thing I like about it is not just sharing with the team but ability to click on tool bar to log into any app with one click. Well played, well played. (2014-03-11) Won Gyu Tamura: Love the interface! I've used LastPass in the past and while it's useful, the interface isn't as pleasant to work with. (2014-02-05) Anant Sharma: Fantastic extension and super responsive team (2014-01-31) Michael DeRazon: Love it ! Amazing tool very handy for teams. Just ditched my passwords spreadsheet for this gem (2014-01-31) Tom Bachant: Super easy way to manage my passwords. Love it (2014-01-24) Eric Tulle: CommonKey is exactly what we needed, secure and simple password sharing for teams. (2014-01-22) pionect: Handige extentie om snel te kunnen inloggen. (2014-01-21) Ray Xiong: Oh man, this service is exactly what I needed. It seriously makes password management on our team way easier. No more texting passwords to one another, woohoo! (2014-01-21) Rewon Child: love this! very easy
Latest issues (2019-07-17, v:1.15.0) Joice Biazoto: commonkey extension not working
My Chrome Commonkey extension doesn't work anymore. I tried uninstalling and installing again, still didn't solve the problem. Please help!
(2019-05-16, v:1.15.0) BB Media Co: Really interested in buying this product
Hi, I’m looking for a password manager for my team and I have a few things I’m looking for and was wondering if your company offered these particular features. I’ve played with a few services and the whole process has been a tad overwhelming and hard to navigate through. So I thought I should reach out and see if you could just give me a straight up answer to if your service has these features I’m looking for. Not all of these features are dealbreakers, just things my company is looking into utilizing if it’s the right fit. 1. Master login password 2. One click mass password change 3. Team sharing & Team managing of who can see what passwords/secrets/etc. 4. Easy to use and implement into my company 5. Mobile app 6. Able to use your service with a mobile only application (ex: snapchat) Thanks so much, I look forward to your response. - Asia
(2019-04-19, v:1.4.16) Faisal Ghori: unable to login the extension and also unable to modify a secret on the webs
We have been using commonkey for few years but recently it has stopped logging into the browser extension and also unable to modify the secrets.
(2019-04-17, v:1.4.16) Hannes Leskelä: Can't log in anymore
Hi, I love your product and used to use it flawlessly. However, after a computer upgrade I can no longer log in using the chrome extension. It prompts for login, and then just loads forever without actually logging in. It just states "Don't click outside of this extension" and then spins forever. Please help me address this issue! Hannes
(2018-04-24, v:1.4.11) yet another bug
The "copy" feature just doesn't work anymore ?! Nobody answers on Intercom... allo ?
(2018-03-01, v:1.4.11) Ed Parry: How do I remove your useless ass hard to understand app
How do I remove your useless ass hard to understand app from my webternet experience? where is this in your FAQs you time wasting arrogant fools gee awesome
(2017-06-22, v:1.4.7) Christina Janek: chrome extension not working on some sites
The following sites are not successfully auto-signing-in: - Dropbox - Jotform - Screencast-o-Matic
(2016-12-26, v:1.4.7) Google Chrome Extension has not been working for 3 month
The Google Chrome Extension has stopped working for us 3 month ago. It just keeps loading forever but no account is shown. We have reported this bug several times but I almost never get a reply and if it usually is a standard answer after days saying that they have done and update and the issue shall be solved now. They claimed this 3 times now but it is still not working. At least I would expect a better communication for a paid service.
(2016-12-22, v:1.4.7) Hernan Efron: Common key it's not working
The image below shows what's happening. http://imgur.com/MfkLZRM Can anybody help us? thanks
(2016-10-17, v:1.4.3) Buttons not working
It keeps asking me if I want to save the password. But none of the buttons are working ... Yes, No, Never for this site. Nothing works.

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