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Collabspot: SugarCRM 7 and 8 for Gmail

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Collabspot is a sales email platform that integrates SugarCRM with Gmail.

Image from store Collabspot: SugarCRM 7 and 8 for Gmail
Description from store Collabspot is a time-saving tool for Sugarcrm 7.x users in Gmail. Collabspot is a Gmail service that put Sugarcrm 7.x into gmail so you close deals faster. It's the perfect plug-in for any salesperson or avid email user because the inbox is where things happen. ★★ Connect Gmail to Sugarcrm 7.x ★★ Collabspot is designed to enhance Sugarcrm 7.x by allowing users to keep track of and manage customer info directly from Gmail. You can log emails from Gmail and manage Tasks, Opportunities, and Cases related to Accounts, Leads or Contacts with ease. You can save email to Sugarcrm 7.x with a single click without having to copy paste anything. ★★ Keep track of information ★★ Collabspot shows Gmail users a complete customer profile immediately upon opening an email from the customer. Instantly view customers’ contact information, upcoming and recent activities, and open Opportunities and Cases without opening Sugarcrm 7.x. You can view history, create new Contacts and Leads, Meetings, Notes... and log emails, allowing you to keep better track of prospective clients, partners, and customers. ★★ Get the most out of your investment in Sugarcrm 7.x ★★ With more accurate and timely sales information logged, users and management get a better picture of the sales floor and support desk, improve training, collaborate with colleagues, and never let new leads fall through the cracks. Easy 15-second setup. No registration or credit cards required. Get started right away for FREE - just click "Add to Chrome".

Latest reviews

  • (2019-10-29) Tyler Noonan: I'm still using the trial version, but this seems like an older product that needs some attention. Specifically, Google won't authorize a sign-in in order for me to grant permissions. So, many of the features I can't use: calendar sync, file uploads, etc. Also, I tried researching the cost, and there's no information. Even the link that says "Upgrade Now" doesn't work. It's only been a two days, but I think this could be a useful tool, I like many of the features that are working. Someone updated the extension on 10/9/19. Anyone know if this will get further development?
  • (2019-04-24) Lee Beer: When its works, it's great but every week / 2 weeks it crashes my gmail and I either have to turn off the extension so that I can use email again or remove and re-install it, where it'll work for a week or so again before crashing. This has been going for 6+ months with no fix.
  • (2019-02-01) Great tool. However everytime I load gmail the tool appears automatically and overlays it self over all the usefull buttons like reply send etc. Then when I try and use the button to hide it, it does't do annoying. Let's down a great tool.
  • (2017-07-18) Alison Asher: Love it, very useful tool for work purposes. Integrates well with Sugar CRM.
  • (2017-06-14) Virendra Manek: I didnt find Sugar Server, where to find it? I have developed account with SugarCRM
  • (2017-01-19) Rhonda Martucci: Absolutely LOVE this extension to integrate information from Gmail into SugarCRM!!! It is a huge timesaver. It makes adding a new contact or lead directly from an email so easy. It also allows you to link the email to the contact, lead or account with the click of a button. Need to add an attachment such as a resume - one click and you're done! It is so much quicker and easier that switching back and forth from Gmail to SugarCRM to copy and paste information into the database. It is also very helpful to scroll over someone's email address and have all of their contact information pop up without having to look it up in Sugar. Highly recommend this extension!
  • (2016-12-15) Robin Weber Pollak: This tool to integrate SugarCRM with Gmail has saved soooo much time for our company! It's frustrating that SugarCRM only natively integrates with Outlook, but Collabspot totally solves the problem. It's very easy to use Collabspot to link Gmail emails to records in SugarCRM, and also to view data from SugarCRM right in Gmail to aid in personal communications with clients. Previous versions of Collabspot had a few bugs that tripped us up, but the Collabspot team has been extremely responsive in helping us get our system updated appropriately to improve the situation. I appreciate how much the company cares about the experience of its customers.
  • (2016-12-14) Al Bhanji: great plugin to Chrome. Very happy with this
  • (2016-12-14) July Rada: Our company just started working with SugarCRM and the connection with Collabspot has been very helpful.
  • (2016-12-14) Alexandre Lacour: As user of SugarCRM for more than 5 years, the company decided to move to Google Suite solution in 2015. One of the key features that we had to find was a extension to connect SugarCRM to Gmail because our users were very satisfied by the Outlook plugin of SugarCRM to save emails, create and edit opportunity, synchronize contacts.... After some research and test we chose Collabspot. After now 1 year of use, having done many upgrades on SugarCRM, both minor and major upgrades, in each cases we have had a strong and helpful support at anytime. It is a real powerful and efficient solution operated by a very professional partner.
  • (2016-09-02) John Kincaide: Lest this review reads like an advertisment for Collabspot - it is not! Love this product. Prior to Collabspot: I've been a Sugar user for 3 years. Had to straddle both worlds of Gmail, and Sugar in my daily life. Lookup more detailed info on Sugar, and then write an email in Gmail to complete the task. Integration was clumbsy using a Bcc method to copy the email into Sugar. No more.... Collabspot put Gmail front and center, and pushes Sugar to the background, and completes the integration of the two. Great Application. No more switching between Gmail and Sugar to do lookups and set calendars. No longer have to download files from Gmail only to upload them again into Sugar such as contracts, or price lists. Just click on the Collabspot icon onthe Gmail attachment in Gmail, and associate one or more contacts, or their opportunity notes, or documents, to add the documentation -- all at the same time! Easily add new contacts/leads from Gmail using the contacts' emaill address. Live and work in Gmail, and let Collabspot do all the nitty gritty (boring) data entry heavy lifting for your CRM info into Sugar. Now I can focus on my work, and get sales results - rather doing a lot of database maintenace efforts on Sugar.
  • (2016-02-10) Ludovic ROBINOT: Collabspot is a great tool for People who use Gmail and SugarCRM. Using SugarCRM from within Gmail is a huge improvement. Creating, editing or searching records is so easy.
  • (2015-11-18) This is by far the best extension we have for Google and SugarCRM. Although there are a few functionalities that I wish they will add in their future development roadmap such as creating a case from an email. Just like what you can do currently with collabspot that you can save it to sugarcrm except that a case can be directly created from an email and the details of the case will be automatically filled in and the email message will be archived against it.
  • (2015-02-25) Justin Kay: Collabspot is a fantastic tool. People who use Gmail and SugarCRM need this Extension. Users can use a good amount of Sugar functionality from within the Gmail web client. Create, edit and search records, automatically open records related to your currently viewed email and record emails directly to Sugar history!
  • (2014-12-15) Don Petersen: We've been using Collabspot in conjunction with SugarCRM for the past month and it's been a wonderful experience. Many of the people on our sales team are familiar with Salesforce from past gigs and they couldn't stand it because it's so cumbersome. When we hooked up Collabspot, I think their minds were blown. We're now getting tons of great data into our CRM (a CRM is useless without data) and it's all because of how easy it is to use Collabspot. One of the best features is the email tracking feature. Curious if that all-important email you just sent out to a client/prospective client was actually received? Now you can actually find out when it was read and with what browser and OS. Finally, the support team is truly fantastic. I receive responses very quickly and they are even working with us to add additional features as we request them. It's awesome. Can't say enough good things about Collabspot and their support team. If you're using SugarCRM and Gmail, you'd be crazy not to also use Collabspot. Kudos to the entire Collabspot team for creating a top-notch product!
  • (2014-10-29) Our company started using Collabspot in conjunction with Sugar CRM 7. The sales and support teams love it - you can send any gmail correspondence to the CRM link, and with simple customization update the Collabspot sidebar - meaning you can have check boxes for different issues you're tracking that you can tag from within your email without having to visit the CRM. So far it works like a charm, and to me the biggest difference is the super responsive and high quality customer service. A company's support brand is just as important as their product in my mind, and Collabspot really takes care of the customer and is super easy to work with. I've used alternatives to them before but the service (and product quality) was lacking - very glad our company switched. I highly recommend it if you want to simply the life of your sales and support and get good info into your CRM!
  • (2014-09-30) Randy Risser: This is by far the best extension out there for integration with SugarCRM and Gmail! It has greatly enhanced our CRM/Email experience! It's very fast & has all the information you need right there. There support is amazing! They are quick & do a live Google hangout if needed to discuss issues or any questions you might have. The best part is they can also have them enable your Sugar custom modules to show in Collabspot. Now we can see our customer orders right from Gmail! They also are actively developing it, making it Better/Faster and are very open to any suggestions that you have to make it better. If you have Sugar & Gmail do yourself a favor and give it a try!


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