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Save time, improve work efficiency! 'Fast Tabs' can help you quickly find a specific page when you have many tabs open.

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Description from store Save time, improve work efficiency! Ever tried having 20 tabs or more open in Chrome? You can't even see the favicon of the tabs, not to mention the tab titles! If that happens to you, Fast Tabs is a must-have extension that manages your tabs, it can help you quickly find a specific page ! === Features === 1) Bird's eye view of all opened tabs, and quickly find a specific page. 2) List recently closed tabs 3) Sort tabs by creation time, domain or title 4) Custom themes 5) Run very fast.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-11-30) 灰鲨: 我用的是brave浏览器,是谷歌内核。。使用贵插件后,点击看到的预览都没有,这是什么原因呢。
  • (2018-05-23) George Cooke: You've got the right idea and some nice animation/UI in there. Well done. Chrome and even in my opinion an OS like Windows need this kind of Expose/instant tiling/birds eye viewing with quick find/sort/group/whatever. Instantly I see a couple of possible feature additions: 1. Make it fill the screen or at least bigger, we wanna get an overview, which means as much as possible squashed in there, but with the required details visible, in my case there was favicons but no content (no worries for me, i'd imagine that's resource intensive...). 2. I vote for plain backgrounds, this is for productivity no distraction/confusion; perhaps leave the fancy stuff as optional instead of default. 3. A HOTKEY is imperative and doable. (UPDATE: SORRY I SEE YOU CAN ADD HOTKEY TO ANY EXTENSION IN EXTENSION SETTINGS I DID NOT KNOW THAT!! wooo). Otherwise it's actually darn good mate well done. I personally need Tab mgmt aswell like grouping, sorting, suspending, saving (tagging etc) and integrating with knowledge management apps etc but that is a few months away. Thanks, and nice work :D
  • (2018-02-05) Frances Cherman: Screenshots are not working for me. I see the Chrome icon, and that's all.
  • (2017-09-10) Тарас: Картинок страниц нет. Нужно в открытых вкладках простой минималистический вид - строчки столбцом, как в закрытых вкладках
  • (2017-01-14) Franz Tunda: Non carica le schede chiuse di recente.
  • (2016-09-29) Daniel Lim: 在网页中生成一到多个 <canvas width="380" height="180"></canvas> 严重影响开发者调样式
  • (2016-09-06) Chaves Pinto: Não consegui encontrar forma de contactar o programador, portanto coloco aqui o comentário. Não há preview das páginas abertas, pelo que se torna inútil. Já Speed Tabs, do mesmo programador, embora muito mais simplista, funciona. Espero que este bug possa ser corrigido.
  • (2016-07-07) Gersivan Oliveira: No meu Chrome versão 51.0.2704, o preview das abas não funcionou, não exibe a imagem da miniatura das abas e por isso deixa de ser funcional.
  • (2016-06-11) Hans Meier: Birds eye view does not work; backgrounds are horrible (to be able to use a plain white/gray background, you first have to create an image...)
  • (2015-08-25) killaboy712: 不能预览啊,不算好用
  • (2015-05-23) Slava Syrota: Быстренько работает , но скриншоты страниц чет не показывает.
  • (2014-07-04) sync Joy: 不仅加载有延迟不好用,他丫居然会在任何页面底部生成3个高380的空白图片,过几秒还会变更大,排查了好久扩展,终于发现是这玩意惹得
  • (2014-04-07) S Co0l: 无法预览了
  • (2014-02-17) 张鑫: no response when click in 34.0.1843.2 canary
  • (2014-02-05) Zero Juan: love it... it is very useful and nice. Better than a lot of the other tab out extensions
  • (2014-02-03) Json Kimi: I need it! thanks
  • (2014-02-01) Cat Jimmy: great extension, One of my favorite extensions
  • (2014-01-30) son joke: 5 starts! One of my favorite extensions,a great utility tool for the heavy tabbers out there.
  • (2014-01-28) David Andy: fast, easy. love it
  • (2014-01-28) Smith Jhon: This is a super easy and convenient plugin. Cool !
  • (2014-01-26) Rachel tom: A great extension. It always works and does what it it says it will do. If you want save time and improve work efficiency, you get this!
  • (2014-01-26) Nuke Black: good
  • (2014-01-26) Blueel Wang: It can improve work efficiency, recommend!
  • (2014-01-26) Green Lucy: i love it
  • (2014-01-26) Jim Green: It is really Grateful!!!!Nice


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