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Profanity Filter eliminates profanity and other offensive content from the web.

Image from store Profanity Filter by PureMedia Software
Description from store Enjoy surfing the web without offensive content cluttering your screen. Simply install the plugin and Profanity Filter will remove objectionable content for you! Profanity Filter for Google Chrome blocks: · Profanity · Racial Slurs · Sexual Language . Other Offensive Content Other features: . Personalized settings . Words Whitelist & Blacklist . Chrome Sync keeps your settings on all your browsers Profanity Filter is the world’s premier content filtering browser extension. It is a community-driven project. In future releases, volunteers will be able to contribute to the success of Profanity Filter by submitting new content and making sure that all content is properly tagged so it can be automatically blocked. Please note: When installing WebFilter for Chrome, your browser shows a warning that WebFilter for Chrome has access to your browsing history and data. This is a standard message, we NEVER collect any information whatsoever! *********** Release announcements and changelogs can be found here: http://puremediasoftware.com/blog/ Problems? Try restarting Chrome. This solves the most common issues. Found a bug? Need help or have other questions? Let us know! http://puremediasoftware.com/contact-us/. You can find more information at our blog. http://puremediasoftware.com/blog/. ************* Future Updates: Our goal is to make the plugin easy to use and only block what you want it to. In future releases we plan on adding support for user filter settings which will allow you to modify what content will be blocked based on your preferences. We also plan on adding editing functionality so you can submit additional content to us. This will also allow us to rate and block more complex content that is topic related.

Latest reviews

  • (2015-12-24) L7vanmatre: The Whitelist section doesn't work, the word section is a bit over done, like I can't say "gay" without it filtering it out, AND I can't even whitelist the word! That makes me mad. But I'm glad that you can blacklist certain words/phrases though. It no longer works on my Chrome after a certain update.
  • (2015-07-27) Owen Griffiths: It worked incredibly well to begin with.. then suddenly stopped working (perhaps due to a Chrome update?) Either way, contacted the developers by email, and got no response; hence the rating to reflect both the now useless app, and lack of resolution or contact from the developer.
  • (2015-01-04) Natasha Amann: It would have been nice if it didnt filter the word "gay". Gay is not a cuss word and should not be filtered.
  • (2014-10-24) It works at a basic level by filtering seemingly everything that is potentially offensive in any context, but that causes as much benign, inoffensive textual content to be filtered as legitimately offensive content. An option to customize the filter's aggressiveness or adjust filtering based upon context would be very helpful.
  • (2014-07-09) Declan McDonnell: It works as described, but I found it overzealous in its filtering attempts. There are alternatives that are more flexible than this. I may return to it in the future as it appears to have ongoing development.
  • (2014-07-05) Patricia Kasper: Awesome! It works!
  • (2014-05-10) David Hicken: Constantly being improved. Nice to have vulgarity filtered!
  • (2014-05-01) April Tew: Works just like it says it does! I would love the ability to add my own filters/words in the future!! Thanks guys!!
  • (2014-02-05) Steve Lloyd: Works as advertised. I am looking forward to the additional features!
  • (2014-02-03) RC Hancock: What an awesome idea to add your own custom filters! I know so many people who will find this useful.
  • (2014-01-31) jeff hicken: Pretty Awesome. I'm looking forward to the ability to add my own custom filters.
  • (2014-01-31) Mark at Argent Cove: Simple filter that catches a lot of profanity. I've been using it for about a month and while it's not perfect, it's pretty cool.

Latest issues

  • (2016-10-15, v:1.1.3) DCTGoddess: Doesn't work at all.
    I am irritated and disappointed this extension doesn't work. Reviews were very good, and that is why I downloaded it. Now, In fact, there are trolls using the worst language writing reviews of your app, in the Google comments section. Gimme a break.
  • (2016-08-18, v:1.1.3) This doesn't fucking work
  • (2016-04-29, v:1.1.3) Jessica Grace: video
    I second the question about a video on a website, can the filter do that?
  • (2016-01-14, v:1.1.3) Does it work
    Does this work?
  • (2016-01-08, v:1.1.3) Ryan Rodriguez: Fails to respond
    Hello, Developers. First of all, I absolutely *love* this, and it was a life-saver for me, while it worked. I was readying myself to donate to you. However, about a day eight months ago, this stopped working for me. Words I'd been protected from started showing again. I didn't tell you this earlier, as I wasn't familiar with how Google's Chrome Store works, and so did not know there to be a feedback section. However, knowing now that there indeed is, I compose this for your scrutiny. I thank you for your time in patience if you have indeed read this. Please consider investigating the issue, and taking the measures you deem necessary to address it.
  • (2015-08-03, v:1.1.3) Tom Snell: Stopped working
    Doesn't work for me any more either.
  • (2015-07-31, v:1.1.3) Kelvin Afolabi: Magically stopped working.
    Maybe it's a Chrome update but for the past week or two, nothing is being filtered out.
  • (2015-07-27, v:1.1.3) Owen Griffiths: Stopped working...
    Not working whatsoever.. perhaps with a recent update? Filtering nothing on any webpage. Contacted you by email, no response.
  • (2015-07-05, v:1.1.3) Skyler Gray: Suddenly stopped working!
    Has been this way for days.


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