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Remove most of those annoying "We value your privacy" banners & cookie notices from websites.

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Description from store This extension was built to remove those annoying "We value your privacy" banners & cookie consent notices that are popping up on every website. It will not give any consent to advertising cookies, nor will it alter cookie behaviour—it just blocks or closes in-page notifications so you don't have to. It's therefore important to note that blocking these notices is not a guarantee that websites won't set any cookies to track you. Furthermore, some websites are particularly forceful in their implementations of cookie consent, so this extension may not work in all cases. It'll work in a lot of them though!! Cookie Notice Blocker works by injecting scripts into each tab. These scripts use a multitude of techniques to block a wide variety of cookie notices, and each script can be enabled/disabled at your discretion. A core aim of this project was to achieve intelligent blocking without any noticeable impact on computer performance. As such, scripts will only run in the active tab and there is no persistent background process. You can disable blocking on individual websites by using the whitelist feature. An open tab's domain can be quickly whitelisted by clicking on the Cookie Notice Blocker button in the Chrome toolbar—the required field in the options page will be filled in automatically. Just one more click and the domain will be whitelisted. Any changes made to the settings will be instantly reflected in your open tabs. All settings will be synced automatically to your Chrome profile. Cookie Notice Blocker does not rely on any third-party ad-block database. The filters and algorithms developed for this extension are all a result of my own tests and experiments. Basically, I'm the guy to blame if it doesn't work. On that note: if you have any questions, feature requests or bugs you'd like to report, feel free to leave a comment on the Chrome web store page.

Latest reviews

  • (2020-03-21) Lorenz Bank: Works like a charm
  • (2020-02-16) M Vivek: Works like a charm!
  • (2020-02-07) Jeff Guarino: It worked theguardian.com for the first three surfs but the fouth link and I have the big cookie policy notification taking up more that half my screen with the only option to accept. It is not going away. The first three were very slow , about 3 seconds or longer to disappear. This extension is no good.
  • (2020-02-04) Snake: Great extension, finally something that works
  • (2020-01-30) Dmitry B: it really blocked a cookie notice that adblock plus can't handle!
  • (2020-01-29) Tobias Frank: Doesn't work at all!
  • (2020-01-29) F: Very useful! This functionality should be included with ad blockers as these pop-ups are getting more intrusive than your average adverts on non-sketchy websites!
  • (2020-01-16) Marek L. Kozak: Not everything works for me as expected. Some cookies still pop up, and today I couldn't log on a forum I use, since login part of the site was blocked.
  • (2020-01-01) Chris Vydas: Works with some websites but still see cookie notices/banners on others. For example https://www.freeapkbaixar.com
  • (2019-11-28) Paul Donovan: Fantastic extension that works! It's great seeing those irritating (and pointless) cookie notices magically disappear! Thanks.
  • (2019-11-11) MrGhostMark Let's Plays: Thank you.
  • (2019-10-30) JB McKee: Works good to block the notices. However, it also blocks cookie recipes on sites. Search for cookies on http://withlovefrommom.xyz No cookie recipes show up. Disable the plugin and they show.
  • (2019-10-14) Antonio Flores-Alvarez: It only makes the button disappear, not the whole banner with the notification! :-(
  • (2019-09-08) Curt Rowlett: Works perfectly and I commend the developer for creating this most useful tool. Like everyone else who spends a lot of time on the Internet, having to click through cookie warnings is almost as annoying as all of the popups out there. Thank you for making this app available to the public.
  • (2019-09-05) Kenny Brunton: Fantastic, even if it only stops some of these annoying pop ups it's worthwhile. Great work!
  • (2019-08-28) Jan Krulik: The most useful add-on to ever exist, once I got it, I can't live without it.
  • (2019-08-26) ultravio1et: the first extension of its kind to work in Opera. excellent work
  • (2019-07-17) Sebastian: Thanks so much Ben! I'm realizing now how much I really despised these cookie notices. In addition to the statistics that Ben Steed mentioned, you could calculate how much time has been saved by not having to click away these notices. Assuming it takes about 0.5s per notice, I can see this piling up quickly. Would be fun to see. =)
  • (2019-05-30) Ben Steed: Love it! Great work. Would like to see statistics as to how many of these notices get blocked without my knowledge.
  • (2019-05-07) Kai-Uwe Markeli: Absolutely zero functionality
  • (2019-01-05) Lee Matthias: Awesome extension. I absolutely despise cookie and GDPR warnings. They are intrusive and annoying and have ruined the internet. Been looking for an extension that blocks them for ages as none of the adblock extensions i've tried work This works well for most websites. Unfortunately there are a few website that this doesn't work on like techcrunch.com but hopefully that will be fixed in a future update
  • (2018-12-27) Linux Mangaka: Worked perfectly! Thank you. Must have along with adblocker, mining blocker from now on.
  • (2018-10-07) BJ Jongejan: Works great!
  • (2018-09-20) Bob nothing more nothing less: Great work Ben! This extension works all day.

Latest issues

  • (2020-03-10, v:1.5.5) Patrick Wills: Add to Whitelist button is greyed out
    Whichever site I visit (e.g.https://www.cube.eu/en/cube-bikes/) the button is greyed out. No explanation is given why this should be, but clearly it renders the extension somewhat redundant.
  • (2020-02-04, v:1.5.3 rev 8) Michael Cordon: Can't see overlay in bottom corners of google maps
    Until I whitelisted google.com I couldn't see the buttons on the bottom corners of google maps, such as the switch to satellite view button or the zoom buttons or th drag and drop yellow street view images person.
  • (2019-12-19, v:1.5.3 rev 4) Giordano D'Obici: How does it work?
    Hi, this is a very interesting extension: thank you for the time you put into it. I'm not sure what it really does, though. Does it decline every cookie but the necessary ones? Or does it just close the popup? In this case, the site's default settings are kept, which means you accept most cookies anyway.
  • (2019-06-20, v:1.5.0 rev 3) Raina Suominen: GitHub
    Hey Ben, Do you have a place for users to check out the code on GitHub or anywhere else?
  • (2019-02-01, v: Ålexander Palecha: Don`t work
    for example this site: https://pes-zone.ru/news/patchi_dlja_pes_2019/1-0-151 or this:http://pes-files.ru/pes2019_patchi
  • (2018-11-21, v:1.3.11) monstercolorfun co: found a bug
    good program, found a bug https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/318595/why-is-submit-button-invisible-for-edit-form-on-politics-stack
  • (2018-11-21, v:1.3.11) monstercolorfun co: found a bug
    thanks it's a very good chrome extension, found a bug: https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/318595/why-is-submit-button-invisible-for-edit-form-on-politics-stack
  • (2018-09-16, v:1.2.3) Doug H: https://realclearpolitics.com/
    https://realclearpolitics.com/ utilizes a delayed element insertion method


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