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Manage your bookmarks / notes by Omnibox (browser address bar)

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Description from store Handy and quick access to your bookmarks using your keyboard. Why is it fast? ★ Controlled over keyboard: plugin and service are optimized for keyboard input ★ Smart key filtering - you can save your time by providing only part of a key (e.g. you can find job.java.spock-framework bookmark by typing ja.spock - we got this idea from Jetbrains) To add bookmark: 1. Open page you are going to add 2. Select address bar (ctrl+l / ⌘+l) 3. Type hm +[bookmark key] 4. Hit [enter] To open bookmark: 1. Select address bar (ctrl+l / ⌘+l) 2. Type hm [bookmark key] (you can even type part of a key to open bookmark faster) 3. (optional) Select bookmark from suggestions 4. Hit [enter] Why hashMem.com? ✔ Provide very simple and fast way to access your information ✔ Optimized to store bookmarks and short notes ✔ Optimized for keyboard control ✔ Free hashMem.com synchronization - you can access your bookmarks / notes from any device ✔ Very light - only creation and opening ✔ (for developers) plugin for Jetbrain IDEs (Intellij IDEA, WebStorm, PhpStorm, etc) ------------- More info about service - https://hashmem.com/docs/faq More info about plugin - https://hashmem.com/docs/plugin/chrome ------------- Bookmarks and notes from Omnibox. 5 seconds to add. 5 seconds to open.

Latest reviews

  • (2019-09-03) Tom Schi: Be careful!, it looks that there is no way to get a copy (backup) of your own bookmarks. If this service stops working or has issue, then all your work and knowledge is lost.
  • (2018-08-14) Hector Guzman: Syncing doesn't work. Would love to see a backup feature for Google Drive or Dropbox
  • (2018-07-21) Bryan Stark: Update: 07/21/18 Always get "502 Bad Gateway" so I can't enter the site whatsoever. Lost all my bookmarks until the server fixes the problem. Initially I like it. it is a fast keyboard based system of adding bookmarks. You should sign up to sync with the hashmem.com website so that you can use the same bookmarks across all computers and it will backup your bookmarks incase you lose them. 1 problem with the way it works is you have to assign a unique name to each bookmark. You basically go to the addressbar while on the site you are bookmarking and type in hm[tab] then add bookmarks by typing a plus sign [+] then type in the unique combination of words to use as a name for the bookmark. I ran into trouble when I started naming the same name to a different bookmark and when you do that it deletes the previously existing bookmark with that name and replaces it with a new one. You can also save a note by typing in the addressbar but this feature doesn't seem as useful. I would suggest that the developer add the ability to create a local page of all the bookmarks that can be exported as html and shared. for example hm[tab][symbol to represent sharing such as >]"dog.training" would show me a page with all the links that i had saved to hashmem as dog.training. Then have the ability to save to chrome bookmarks, or share via Facebook, twitter, Google+, Gmail, etc.
  • (2017-04-18) Eduard G: Ничего не понял
  • (2016-04-26) GTdelux Pulsar: Воообще НЕ ПОНРАВИЛОСЬ!!! Неудобно, криво, интуитивно не понятно!
  • (2014-12-17) -Довольно сложноватая инструкция. -Мало функционала. -не удобно при большом количестве закладок (свыше 500), ведь нужно помнить и знать что искать, список будет огромный, и в таком случае проще ткнуть по папке с закладками и сразу все увидеть. -возле тега не указывается ни title название страницы ни текст, что неудобно -нельзя сохранить одновременно и текст и ссылку -нельзя увидеть сразу все сохраненные заметки -нельзя увидеть что вы сохранили, текст, ссылку иль неведому зверушку) -автор ничего не упомянул о шифровании заметок хранящихся на сервере, значит его нет +удобно для быстрого создания тегов для страниц. Честно говоря, быстрее пользоваться стандартными папками закладок выведенными на панель браузера. А так задумка неплохая, но на любителя.
  • (2014-12-09) Дмитрий Дадаян: Очень классный плагин, не знаю как я раньше обходился без него. Раньше в панели задач было почти 100 закладок и их там не найдешь, а теперь за 3 секунды "Вуаля..." Разработчикам спасибо!
  • (2014-12-03) Kostya Bochkarev: Мега полезное расширение! Спасибо. Единственное, было бы не плохо синхронизировать заметки с облаком, dropbox или skydrive


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