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Enhance your HF Experience!

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Description from store Enhance your HF Experience! Hack Forums Xtension is a compilation of features packed into a single, ultimate suite. From Thread Changes, Forum Changes, Private Message Changes, even Global Changes, HFX does it all! Changelog: 2020-6-04: Beta Release Includes: + Fixed EasyCite on award pages 2018-8-29: Beta Release Includes: + Removed Hide online location per admin request 2018-8-29: Beta Release Includes: + Fixed Postbit button formatting(Quick PM/Rep) + Fixed HF Toolbar padding (Temporary Solution) + Fixed RepCharts (Now displays correct data) + Updated EasyCite (To use, simply click the far right breadcrumb of the navigation bar) 2018-8-12: Beta Release Includes: + Fixed Reps Given button format + Updated Online Sorting for R00t (grey) + User Mentions development begun 2018-6-16: Beta Release Includes: + Fixed SmartQuotes always being enabled bug + Updated Online Sorting for Sociopaths (red) + Removed code for UserTag (Deprecated due to HFAlerts) + Alert Menu no longer loads if no alerts are present 2018-4-23: Beta Release Includes: + Fixed AlertMenu due to site changes + Fixed Hide Location due to AlertMenu bug + Tweaked TrustScan Graph Labels + Tweaked HFX Alerts to always on 2018-4-15: Beta Release Includes: + Fixed TrustScan Graphs: Now works with Firefox + Updated EasyCite: Automatically copies results to clipboard 2018-4-07: Beta Release Includes: + Updated AlertMenu: No longer clears notifications w/out dismissal + Added TrustScan Graphs; visualization for TrustScan statistics 2018-3-31: Beta Release Includes: + Updated OnlineSorting (New Staff Colors) + Added AlertMenu; tooltip dashboard for new alerts 2018-3-27: Beta Release Includes: + Some small changes 2018-3-25: Beta Release Includes: + Butt-hurt Powder: To ease the pain 2018-3-20: Beta Release Includes: + A couple small changes + XMPP Integration: Work in Progress 2018-3-20: Beta Release Includes: + A TON of bug fixes... whoops + Remind Me: Send a PM to yourself to remind you of a specific PM (thanks Anxuein). + Closed Color: Changes the color of closed accounts in threads/profiles so the text is eligible (thanks Anxuein). 2018-2-03: Beta Release Includes: + Infiniscroll Forums: Adds infiniscrolling to forums. + Infiniscroll Threads: Adds infiniscrolling to threads. 2018-1-21: Beta Release Includes: + Unread Message Badges: Adds a badge, based on the number of unread messages, to the HFX icon on the browser toolbar. + Auto Collapse Related Threads: Automatically hides 'Related Thread' list at bottom of threads. + Fixed Show Blocked Posts: Fixed Show Blocked Posts (thanks Anxuein). + Removed Changelog Window: Now uses HFX Alerts for change-log alerts. 2018-1-21: Beta Release Includes: + HFX Alerts: Alert system for new features and changes. 2018-1-19: Beta Release Includes: + Revert Green Stars: Change green user stars to the default yellow star. + Revert Purple Stars: Change purple user stars to the default yellow star. + Revert Green Names: Change green usernames (threads) to the default white. 2018-1-18: Beta Release Includes: + Changes to accommodate Mozilla requirements Detailed Recent Changes can be found here: https://github.com/xadamxk/HFX/wiki/Changelog

Latest reviews

  • (2018-11-18) Mark Topper: Big Fan (UID: 3740051)
  • (2018-09-03) Swelly HF: This is making the website act more like a forum. I'm enjoying the features this extension has added to the site. Looking forward to future updates!
  • (2018-08-23) yolo yolo: Added a lot of functionality to HF that should honestly be core features, thanks a lot for the add-on. :) UID - 976310
  • (2018-08-17) barış sedefoğlu: Nice and useful extension for HF. UID: 3967915
  • (2018-08-13) Rooted Cheats: This extension made things a million times easier and cleaner looking, I originally fell into it because the PM bubbles looked sweet, though after I actually cared to look through it I noticed a lot of neat features packed into here. I'm all for Omni trying to make his site better and get rid of these types of plugins, but hopefully this stays up and updated until HF betters themselves. I mean the point of plugins is to add things developers should add anyways? Thank you very much for all your work over your time with HFX. 1579314
  • (2018-06-06) M0HX: A must-have HF extension that helped me browse the forum more easily with a lot of awesome features! uid=1441945
  • (2018-06-06) Seeker Pandora: I dont know why I only discovered this now but this extension improved a lot my navegation on the forum! Keep the good work! UID = 2990734
  • (2018-05-16) David Swastika: Honestly, a lot of people probably leave reviews here for the trophy, but I could care less either way. This extension is honestly great. It streamlines the look of our site, adds a TON of useful functionality and streamlines it overall. I wish I had found this earlier - I'm 1500 posts deep and just found this today. I'm just starting to toy around with it and it already seems to have a TON of features that any user could appreciate; there is something for everybody here. The PMs look really amazing as well. I love how many features have been added, such as the note next to a user's name in their profile, and the "cite" button in threads is great as well. I haven't figured out how the live preview is supposed to work, but 5/5, no doubt. 2654972
  • (2018-04-18) Alex: I love this extension, it has made using HF way more easier. uid=3084635
  • (2018-04-04) Daimon: Love it, helps me navigate better and the rep page looks great. Helps me out with the clover as well. uid=1934484
  • (2018-04-04) El Mo: Super good and fancy add-on, been using this for quite some time now and don't regret at all getting this add-on. UID: 2397883
  • (2018-04-03) Mange Tak: Love the extension, overall amazing. uid=1279471
  • (2018-03-30) Potted OSRS: Love this extension, makes PM's look great and the rep page nice and beautiful. A+ uid=2285844
  • (2018-03-23) Cam m: Excited to see XMPP, been nagging everyone for it uid=2440184
  • (2018-03-22) Dylan Collins: Honestly, this is what HF needs! Good job to the creator! Legend! UID: 3390581
  • (2018-03-02) Thomas Rorke: Alright so i go to message this user to let him know how good it is and then find out it also changes the PM system :O OMGGGG UID : 3143717 :P
  • (2018-03-02) Yattaze: Best extension for HF by far. UID: 3539118
  • (2018-03-02) Arben Cena: Oh I found it out. Thanks for this extension xadamxk, really improves my experience when browsing HF UID: 2020818
  • (2018-03-02) Jan Novak: It's a great extension, it eases my access to HF in ways that I couldn't even imagine before. UID: 1872506
  • (2018-03-01) Max P: Awesome extension for HF. Been looking for one for a while and I've finally found it. I've been so inefficient since the HF Enhancement Suite! UID: 29900
  • (2018-02-12) Dakota Cantrell: This extension really makes the HF experience better, and easier! UID: 3821053
  • (2018-02-03) Ropro: Amazing! Really usefull when browsing the forums thanks for making this! UID: 2692353
  • (2018-02-03) Titans Branding: Really great extension for ease of access on HackForums. UID: 3433475
  • (2018-02-01) Leimone Lemon: If you're used to RES while using Reddit, this is the equivalent but for HF. UID: 2229797
  • (2018-01-28) Klotz Fredo: I love the extension! Good work. UID: 2524417

Latest issues

  • (2017-08-23, v:beta Current Topiczz: Help to find for firefox
    hello i want to use it on firefox but i can't find on firefox store so can you provide link please


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