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Save & Get Webpages on Internet Archives Websites & to Local File

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Description from store Archive and Get Archived Pages With Internet Archives Websites (Archive.is, Archive.org, Webcitation, Megalodon, Google Cache, ...). Save Page to Local File, Save PDF, Customize Menu, Options to use HTTPS or HTTP, Auto Save Tab or Window, and more. - Since 1.9: Save Web Page and Any Web File to Local File - Save or get archived webpages from archive.org, archive.is, webcitations.org, megalodon.jp, google cache, gigablast.com or even from all at the same time, since 1.4.6, archive.is and megalodon archived pages are automatically updated/archived. - Since 1.8: add your own archivers or other service urls. - AutoSave Tab Option: Select "Autosave Tab" from the menu in a tab and the tab will be automatically saved to selected archivers in options when the page of the tab change. - Save a link in page, a picture or a frame too. - Select text on the page and save all the links and even urls in the text without A tag. - Menu and Options to Select the Archivers to Use to Save Webpage. - Options to select what to do with url or url mask like http://www.website.com/* to save all page from the website. - Check a page or link with http://timetravel.mementoweb.org/ - Option to Automatically Save Archived Urls in Bookmarks. - Save Video in One Click With saveitoffline.com - Search selected text in page with archive.is, archive.org, search.yacy.net, gigablast.com. - With a 404 Error page, you can use the menu "Get Cache From..." to check for archived versions of the page. - Use Custom Script to Save Pages. - Article on: https://www.ghacks.net/2017/06/06/archiver-menu/ To Make a Donation: - https://www.paypal.me/gaelroblin To help me with addon development, you can register to this VPN: - https://airvpn.org/?referred_by=256493 Send link of my addons to your friends and post on social networks: https://www.addtoany.com/share#url=https%3A%2F%2Fchrome.google.com%2Fwebstore%2Fdetail%2Fpage-cache-archiver%2Facnfihlpcmgkhngbcemdinfmkibhhhep&title=Page%20Cache%20Archiver%20Free%20Addon To save a complete website, use the free https://www.httrack.com/ application . Versions Informations: 2.0.6 - removed amazon partner link, like ebay, when i start to have gains, they send me updated user conditions to disallow me to have my gains. Version 2.0.5 - solved problem with autosave urls and detection of archive.is already saved page option Version 2.0.4 - problem with autosave urls and check if already archived: some pages done were not removed from the list - problem with autosave urls on archive.org and urls with ?= solved - when archiving to archive.is loading page will NOT be loaded until fully saved to save bandwith, it will display a simple loading state page - when saving a video, the file will be in Defaut Download folder / Archived Videos / www.hostname.com / file - when saving a video and option save webpage with video activated, the page will be saved in the same folder than the video in mhtml - desactivated menu by defaut to save to webcite and to archive.Is Zip because the functions don't work on the website since months - add menu to save screenshot of visible area of active page, it will be saved to same folder of the webpage in PNG. - add random timout when saving to megalodon.jp to avoid robot protection - research changed, now open new page and search by defaut on a google custom search engine with mulitple archive websites - Save to Pdf enabled again on a new website Version 2.0.3 - changed defaut icon format for chrome compatibility Version 2.0.2 - removed debug popup from savevideo page Version 2.0.1 - options to set archive.is domain to use - fixed memento problem with some date/time - fixed a problem with frames when saving to local mode - add option in archive page when saving a page to block loading of image and object to save bandwidth (always actived when using autosaveurls) - add options to use new archiveorg save system [archive.org removed for non members the possibility to save links and screeshot of the page before release of this update !] - changed defaut icon & add option to change the toolbar icon - problems in some case of Auto archive resolved - options to reuse tabs already opened for archiving set to true by default - more options added to save from bookmarks and now work from "view all bookmarks" window (firefox) [Firefox version is not available for this release] - save selection of links from a local file opened in browser now work - bug resolved in some case with autosavetab options, opening multiple windows if not necessary - when saving to local, it will try to get the files in the css (url: background, fonts, etc) - solved a problem with reuse of tabs when button click with multiples options - when saving to local file , the cache option to get the file from server is now set to default instead of none - when saving to locale file a webpage, changed how long filename are truncated for better compatility with very long filenames - in autoarchive, local file will not be saved (if you set *.pdf to save, a file like file:///localdisk/folder/data.pdf will NOT activate autoarchive options) - problem with urls with parameters (?=xxx) when detecting urls for autosave or saving to local file, urls with ?= are detected (if you set *.pdf urls for autosave, urls like *.pdf?=xxxx will be detected ) - when saving to local, bug solved when problems with certains urls caused files not saved to local file known problem: when using save to local file, sometimes some files are still not saved with the correct extension, but the parameter send to the download function is ok - changed defaut video downloader, video download can take 10 sec or more to automatic download file - save links popup updated with more options to save links - in search, added a custom google search engine searching on archive websites (archive.org, archive.is and other like newspapers archives, pdf archives, ...): https://cse.google.fr/cse?cx=011864555441808463905:88ua9cbevzn - add menu to save video from a link - remove option to save pdf, the website is no longer really free (allow now only 5/6 urls only) Version 2.0.0 - updated for google chrome compatibility - added option autosave list of url at startup in the popup of autosaveurl - when getting local cache, it display the local url of archived files for the host too - with chrome, the get local cache menu will open directly the local folder in the browser - resolved problem with save video and problem with url parameter of the video - default domain for archive.today set to archive.is - in firefox, save selectedlinks with selected text in textarea works - add options when autosave list of urls to save only urls not already archived (use to add only new articles from rss/homepage or only new pages from sitemaps) - with autosave list of urls, no images or big data (object, etc) will be loaded in browser page, to avoid bandwith usage (it's does not change the archived page on the archive website, it will be saved normally) - resolved problem with add links without popup: the last urls of links and first of already saved urls in autosave list are now separated and saved correctly - add options to add list of urls to save at startup like using "save links without popup" menu (if there's frames in the webpage, frames will be loaded and links of the frames added too ). - add save links for a link (when click on save Links of Link, the linked url and the links in this linked webpage will be added to autosaveurls list) - added menu to open sitemap.xml of the website of the page (in autosave menu)

Latest reviews

  • (2020-04-16) Salim Lakhani: WOW! it's like having HTTrack in your browser! I just use it to save web pages locally... There are many pages that you can't capture correctly with Pocket or Evernote because of "accordions" that close one section when you open the other... and when a page has multiple tabs inside a page. This is becoming more and more common. You simply cannot use Pocket or Evernote to save the content of these pages... the only way is to save that page as an "archive" on your PC. This extension lets you do that. Save it to your PC and then open the index page and that's it. Chrome will NOT copy many of the JS files, to watch the files as they're being downloaded and "allow" the JS files that you want to save. Thanks for the extension!
  • (2019-01-10) El Omarsillo: Hello. i have a problem. the last week i work perfectly with this extension, i use this extension to get a lot of pages with option: URL's to Archive, for some reason i can't see the option to acces to the program. I Usualy clicked in any page ( with the right click) and access to the option menu... but in this moment the access is hide, and i can't to work with the extension :( Your extension is great, can you give me support ?
  • (2018-07-25) Mike ISTP: omg, it's spamming me with SaveAs windows for Each file..this is sooo stupid. Why it can't just ask zero questions? Also it's not saving all the cache of the page that i see in Network/All section in chrome. So it's useless for me in general. Too bad. Great idea tho.
  • (2018-06-19) Therese Villemure: Great Extension ! 👍👍👍 A real hidden gem very useful to quickly find archived version and of course archive quickly any page to be sure to retrieve it later. 😀


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