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Description from extension meta Solve math equations in the address bar by typing 'math' then something like: (sqrt(5)-1)/cos(rad(72))
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Description from store First type "math", then an empty space, then the equation. The answer will appear in the drop down menu. You can type trigonometry too like: math 10 + cos(rad(45)) + log(10) + PI*180 / (2^4 + atan(1)) If you press the "enter" key the result will be saved and is accessible by clicking on the toolbar icon. Only the last 30 calculations will be saved and they will be cleared when the browser is closed. Note that (^) is a "the power of" operator, and not a bitwise-or operator. And that (~) is the "negative" operator, so negative 2 is "~2" and not "-2". Supported constants are: Euler's constant (E), Natural log of 2 (LN2), Natural log of 10 (LN10), Base 2 log of E (LOG2E), Base 10 log of E (LOG10E), Pi (PI), Square root of 0.5 (SQRT1_2), Square root of 2 (SQRT2) Supported (one argument) functions are: abs(x), acos(x), acosh(x), asin(x), asinh(x), atan(x), atanh(x), cube root (cbrt(x)), cos(x), cosh(x), radians to degrees (deg(x)), E to the power of x (exp(x)), log(x), log10(x), log2(x), degrees to radians (rad(x)), sin(x), sinh(x), square root (sqrt(x)), tan(x), tanh(x).

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Extpose is a service for Chrome extension publishers.
It helps tracking and optimizing browser extension performance in Chrome Web Store.

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