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The Phenom Real-time CRM Extension enables you to search, manage and edit existing leads in CRM.

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Description from store The Phenom Real-time CRM Extension enables you to easily import candidate profiles from any web page into your CRM account. With the Phenom Real-time CRM Extension, you can search, manage and edit existing leads in CRM, source new ones, assign candidates to jobs or lists, add notes on candidates and track candidate activity from any web page. Feature 23.02.01 Release Notes: Proxy API implementations __________________________________ Feature 23.01.01 Release Notes: Fitscore API change __________________________________ Feature 22.11.0 Release Notes: code base changes __________________________________ Feature 22.10.1 Release Notes: Workday "View On Extension" issue fix __________________________________ Feature 22.10.0 Release Notes: Improved UI __________________________________ Feature 22.9.3,22.9.6 Release Notes: Workday fitscore popup alignments __________________________________ Feature 22.9.2 Release Notes: Auto Sign in changes __________________________________ Feature 22.9.1 Release Notes: Send, Forward Email issue fixes __________________________________ Feature 22.9.0 Release Notes: Send, Forward Email issue fixes __________________________________ Feature 22.8.9 Release Notes: Change hiring status issue fix __________________________________ Feature 22.8.8 Release Notes: Pendo changes for scheduling interview __________________________________ Feature 22.8.7 Release Notes: Login url changes __________________________________ Feature 22.8.6 Release Notes: Online schedule invite changes __________________________________ Feature 22.8.5 Release Notes: UI Enhancements __________________________________ Feature 22.8.3 Release Notes: Reverting invite schedule process __________________________________ Feature 22.8.2 Release Notes: Dropdown loader issue fix __________________________________ Feature 22.8.1 Release Notes: Login process issue fix __________________________________ Feature 22.8.0 Release Notes: Pendo Tracking __________________________________ Feature 22.7.3 Release Notes: change hiring status changes w.r.to workday __________________________________ Feature 22.7.2 Release Notes: Re introducing change hiring status __________________________________ Feature 22.7.1 Release Notes: Removing hiring status __________________________________ Feature 22.7.0 Release Notes: New Sign in Process __________________________________ Feature 22.6.7 Release Notes: UI issue fixes in create new lead title & company __________________________________ Feature 22.6.5 Release Notes: UI Design changes __________________________________ Feature 22.6.4 Release Notes: Environment configuration changes _______________________________ Feature 22.6.3 Release Notes: Environment config changes _______________________________ Feature 22.6.2 Release Notes: Title changes ---------------------------------------------- Feature 22.6.1 Release Notes: Enhanced Create Candidate Page ----------------------------------------------- Feature 22.4.6 Release Notes: Add new candidate basic improvements Suggested Actions Edit candidate enhancements Improved Notes Drag&Drop to upload the documents. ------------------------------ Feature 22.4.5 Release Notes Edit profile white screen fix -Skipping 22.4.4 -Skipping 22.4.3 Feature 22.4.2 Release Notes Fixes and optimisations Feature 22.4.1 Release Notes Fitscore enhancements Feature 22.4.0 Release Notes Interview scheduling for a job. Feature 22.3.0 Release Notes Fix Fitscore related issues Feature 22.2.2 Release Notes Fix forwarding profiles Feature 22.2.1 Release Notes Change facets to CRM hub endpoint Feature 22.2.0 Release Notes Added ability to add tags Feature 21.12.1 Release Notes Added Fitscore for jobs list Feature 21.11.0 Release Notes Added attachments Added jobs list for candidate profile Feature 21.10.0 Release Notes Added Fitscore on workday Dynamic Environment for New login method ********************************************************* Change of Feature Version from simple numbers to YY.MM.Build format ********************************************************* Feature 9.2 Release Notes Added dynamic service provider for login Feature 9.1 Release Notes Added CSP and fixed some bugs Feature 9.0 Release Notes Add new generic login method across platform/tenants Feature 8.8 Release Notes Assign To project fix Feature 8.7 Release Notes Assign To job enhancement Feature 8.6 Release Notes General Configuration fixes Feature 8.5 Release Notes Tracking Bug fixes Feature 8.4 Release Notes Bug Fixes for Assign to Job Feature 8.3 Release Notes Tracking Updates Feature 8.2 Release Notes Content Security Policies update Feature 8.1 Release Notes Content Security Policies update Feature 8.0 Release Notes Tenant Config Changes, Platform update Feature 7.3 Release Notes Create Candidate Resume upload update Feature 7.2 Release Notes Autologin of extension in PROD, PROD-IR, PROD-CA Feature 7.1 Release Notes Ability to assign a candidate to a Project. Feature 6.4 Release Notes Candidates Search fix Feature 6.3 Release Notes SSO and Password Issues fix Feature 6.2 Release Notes SSO Login Feature 5.11 Release Notes Create candidate tracking update Feature 5.9 Release Notes Location selection for create candidate, Bug fixes Feature 5.5 Release Notes Bug Fixes Feature 5.1 Release Notes Login method change Feature 5.0 Release Notes Canada and Ireland tenants support Feature 4.10 Release Notes Upload candidate resume change Feature 4.9 Release Notes Login issue fix Feature 4.8 Release Notes Forgot password link navigation fix Feature 4.7 Release Notes Unauthorized check bug fix Feature 4.6 Release Notes Get suggested jobs list fix Feature 4.5 Release Notes Minor bug fixes Feature 4.3 Release Notes Forward email attachments fix Feature 4.2 Release Notes Capture highlighted text into input field fix Feature 4.1 Release Notes Minor Tracking and Bug fixes Feature 4.0 Release Notes Create Candidate Revamp. Feature 3.2 Release Notes Ability to create private notes for candidates. Feature 3.1 Release Notes The Chrome extension can now recognize phone numbers of CRM candidates available on any web page (ATS, social profile etc.) and provides a quick shortcut to initiate SMS conversation with the candidate. These candidates already need to be present in the CRM first. Feature 3.0 Release Notes CRM launches extended support for Chrome Extension - an extension which allows recruiters to perform more specific actions on the candidate profile without requiring to login to the CRM in a separate browser. This extension comes with more enhanced feature set which includes Support for quick actions SMS - Users can now directly send an SMS to the candidate from the extension Email - User can now directly send an email to the candidate from the extension Forward Profile - User can now forward candidate profile to fellow recruiters Easy Email Editor: Sending an email from the extension is now made simple with an easy to use text editor. Template selection is not required. Revamped profile screen and support for Candidate Insights - The candidate profile screen has been simplified and users can now see key insights on the candidate profile like Employee Connections, Engagement Score and if they were a past applicant Deep integration with Workday When a recruiter is using Workday, the CRM Extension can automatically display the same candidate profile from CRM (if present) and allows recruiters to take quick CRM actions right from the side panel without having to switch tabs CRM also provides a quick overview of candidate insights on a candidate's profile in Workday. These insights are driven by CRM and the recruiter has the option to view the profile in the extension or on the full platform with single clicks

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