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Activate award miles directly from 850+ store sites with one click and never miss out on miles again.

Image from store United Airlines MileagePlus® Shopping button
Description from store Overview: Never miss out on miles again. Install the MileagePlus® Shopping button and earn miles directly at 850+ store sites with just one click. Easy-to-activate reminders As you shop online, the button will let you know when miles are available, so you can switch it on to earn miles per dollar at participating stores. Enjoy savings at your fingertips Shop savvier thanks to coupon codes that are automatically applied at checkout, plus a price comparison feature that shows you other retailers offering your items at a lower price. Compare mile offers Shop and earn with confidence thanks to Google search results that clearly display the mile per dollar offers for participating stores. View your earnings and offers Easily check your recent earnings, extra miles and bonus offers so you can earn enough miles to reach your dream destination faster. Let the miles you love come to you If you love earning award miles, add the MileagePlus® Shopping button now to earn miles every time you shop at your favorite store sites. By downloading and installing the MileagePlus Shopping button, you are agreeing to the MileagePlus Shopping button EULA located at https://shopping.mileageplus.com/eula____.htm

Latest reviews

  • (2022-09-22) Alex G: this is my favorite shopping portal by far, i love how quick the miles hit your account and the gift card feature on the app has been great as well. I have 0 issues with how this shopping portal works. Other portals i've tried are cash back but they payout very slow or have limited redemption options for gift cards. United lets u get airline miles which can obviously be used for flights but also hotels
  • (2022-09-01) Steven: I love it when it works and hate it when it just hangs there. I'm writing this review while I wait on "Just a moment while we activate this offer" for the past 20 minutes.
  • (2022-07-22) Melissa Vietri: I love this extension as it always reminds me that i will be earning United Miles for my ordinary shopping habits. great way to earn miles without even trying.
  • (2022-07-10) M.G. T.: Makes getting miles so easy ! I just added the extension a few days ago and the pop up came up a few times already making getting those extra miles even easier. Thanks ! Happy travels to all !!!
  • (2022-05-16) Deborah Bageas: I love that it pops up automatically when shopping. The extension lets me know how many miles are being offered for each dollar I spend. One more step to help me earn miles towards my trips for making purchases through the MilesPlus shopping app. Thanks for making it so easy and convenient.
  • (2022-02-21) Rachel Faulkner: I wish I had known about this sooner! This has now become my go to button for saving money and earning miles
  • (2021-12-10) Lianne Gregory: Very happy with the Mileage Plus rewards extension, it makes it so much- easier with limited time. I don't have to click on one page then another to do- essentially the same thing.
  • (2021-12-08) Julie B: How can you go wrong? I love having this pop up as I shop online and being able to take advantage of the extra mileage I would have missed otherwise in most cases. The easiest and most reliable way for me to earn points with a simple click.
  • (2021-12-02) Steve Neill: I have 1 complaint; it really really makes the site you're shopping slow! Otherwise, the extension and experience is simple and gets free miles!
  • (2021-11-20) Doris Sullivan: I've been using this extension since day one. Love it. Love it. Love it.
  • (2021-11-07) tammy kruse: It was a bit difficult, but after several unsuccessful tries have finally been able to get credit for an instore purchase. Wish this process was explained a bit more clearly. Hope I will now be able to replicate it.
  • (2021-11-06) Jennifer Dianovsky: I wish I'd know about earning miles this way a long time ago. Great plan, great restaurants and easy to use with wonderful customer service.
  • (2021-09-29) Bill Quiroga: By far the best extension. It let me earn miles without hassle to go to United web site every time.
  • (2021-09-13) Mark Johnson: Majority of the time it works great. I still need to contact customer service for missing points from time to time. I usually get my point within a day or so after purchase. If I do not get them in the time I feel I should get them I have to wait 15 days before I contact them for the missing points. I wish it would track the purchases more efficiently. I would of left a 5 star if I never had to contact them on the missing points.
  • (2021-09-08) Shari Neigum: Great way to earn miles
  • (2021-09-01) Marco Winkler: Flying into more points with my UA Shopping extension While I try to keep the extensions I have on my Chrome browser limited, the United shopper extension is a must to not only take advantage of some fantastic deals, but ensure I am also earning miles for many, if not most, of the purchases I am making.
  • (2021-08-31) Steve Hanson: Super easy way to earn miles on stuff I'm buying anyway!
  • (2021-08-31) Allyson Smith: This extension is fantastic. It really makes earning miles while shopping simple.
  • (2021-08-25) Stephen Yen: great feature thought the reward sometimes not as good as Delta or Rakuten. In anyway the usage is good without any issue and I love to earn extra money when doing online shopping. The only problem is it keep popping out from my Chrome asking me to give it a review .... even I've done the review with 5 stars, it keep showing the same message. I will consider to remove it if things can't get improved.
  • (2021-07-29) Scholl 970: It is very helpful in identifying opportunities to add miles and find discounts.
  • (2021-07-25) Brian Park: very easy to use and useful and reliable feature
  • (2021-07-23) Bonnie Olson: Really like adding to miles while making purchases from stores that I frequent.
  • (2021-07-19) cnoogs: It's only a little bit more work to do your shopping through the mileageplus app/browser/button, but its completely worth it. It is easy to use, and at least for me, I can get all my shopping done through the button while collecting lots of miles that I otherwise wouldn't have gotten. Also, it has been fun finding new stores & restaurants that I would have never found. It's awesome. Just make sure you allow cookies to be saved or else you may not get any miles
  • (2021-07-04) Barry Marshall: Great service
  • (2021-07-03) Judah Davis: Makes it really easy to earn miles
  • (2021-06-22) Carol Hammill: This extension makes it so easy to remember to shop and get miles at the same time. I haven't been able to travel much with the Covid 19 pandemic - as I'm sure many are. Hopefully mileage plus shopping will keep all of our previously earned mileage current.
  • (2021-06-08) Jose Acosta: Very easy use, no hassle with having to go to the site. Let you earn miles without hassle takes you straight to the United web site every time
  • (2021-05-25) Mathew Donahue: cool!
  • (2021-05-19) Amy: It's great!
  • (2021-05-15) David Meador: The button is convenient. It reminds me if I'm at a participating site by a popup allowing me to activate the MP points accrual for purchases made at the site. It does though get tiresome when I know I'm not going to buy but only shop. Also NOT ALL merchant websites are picked up by the button. You have to sometimes go back to the MP Shopping site and click in through the site. All in all though, I find the button helpful.
  • (2021-04-19) Brad Cohen: Makes life easier not to miss stores
  • (2021-04-16) Seth Greenberg: Total garbage on a Mac, the idiot extension will at least acknowledge you visited the online store and does record it, however it NEVER forwards properly to united so of course you get cheated out of miles left and right. Dealing with the Milage plus service center on this topic is right up there in the same league as ROOT CANAL without PAIN KILLER!!! Get it together United, when the Pandemic is over people will again take a long hard look at the companies they are loyal to. What a shocker more than 10 years post merger and you still can't get it together on the IT front. Perhaps stop offshoring this kind of work to INDIA!!!
  • (2021-03-30) Maria Gattuso: I love the ability to earn miles/benefits while making purchases I would need to make regardless and the United App. Prior to COVID, I travelled over 200,000 miles per year globally and on United...great service, food, flight options, comfort and perks. Since the limited travel due to COVID, I enjoy the ability to earn miles while doing on line shopping (95% of all my purchases these days) and in a very simple manner. Highly encourage each of you to take advantage of this benefit!
  • (2021-03-23) Lillian Y: awesome
  • (2021-02-07) Allen Deraney: 15 miles per dollar spent on 1800Flowers - how great is that?!
  • (2021-01-05) Dani Barnett: I shop more often than I fly and this is just a neat little extension that adds points to my account.I just love it!!
  • (2021-01-02) Steven Andrade: Love this extension! It's so convenient.
  • (2020-12-06) Dee Brock: WOW, love it! i wish i knew about it alot sooner. It adds the miles quickly and without incident. Customer Service is easily available to answer anything.
  • (2020-11-30) Mark Malave: If you are TEAM TRAVEL this is the way to shop! As good or better than Rakutan for Travel points and you can earn shopping/dinning and even buying gift cards! So EASY to use, love it.
  • (2020-11-27) Brian H: I'm tired of this popping up to ask me to write a review.
  • (2020-11-24) K J: The extension is great. Please stop reminding me to write a review!
  • (2020-11-23) Natalie Prischak: I'm so glad I installed this extension on my computer. I have caught so many great deals and bonus miles without having to do anything but browse on my laptop! The notifications for miles show up in the corner of my screen and are easy to dismiss if I don't want to use them. I never think to check what stores are currently offering miles deals and, with this extension, I never have to! Definitely recommend.
  • (2020-11-20) Miguel A. Cintron: The extension makes it easy to accumulate miles.
  • (2020-11-20) Kat Thomas: One of the easiest ways to earn miles. I use a couple other extensions to earn points/miles and often I do not get credit for my transactions. MileagePlus never fails to recognize my transactions and that makes me very happy. While not every place I shop is listed, I still use the extension whenever possible.
  • (2020-11-13) letsw8: I love that the extension reminds you that you could obtain miles if you are on a website approved by MileagePlus. It's that simple.
  • (2020-11-10) john c: I can get airlines miles for the things I buy anyway. I love it.
  • (2020-11-02) Kennon R: Received an e-mail to download extension and make a purchase > $25 USD. I did that, but the bonus miles are not in my account. Customer services says that I incorrectly fulfilled the requirements and they will not remedy the situation. What a scam.
  • (2020-11-01) Yuhsi C.: Good
  • (2020-10-24) Diamarie Funk: awesome site. cant wait ti use the rewards
  • (2020-10-12) monica o: Good extention. Lets you earn miles without hassle to go to United web site everytime.


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