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We’re all seeking that special person who is right for us. You begin to suspect there’s no right person. Why is this?

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Description from store Imagine you like a girl but you do not know if she feels the same about you. You want to meet her, and you reason chances are that she likes you too, but how can you find out? You will never be 100% certain unless you ask, but before you take that step, there are a few things that can help you in how to tell if a girl likes you 1: Body language • Should her pupils become wider when she talks to you, she might feel something for you. Of course her pupils also become wider when it suddenly becomes darker in the room where you are. • Her attitude when she’s near you. Is she standing up straight, shoulders pulled back and pulling in her tummy? You can also try to keep an eye on her posture when she walks away from you or does she not even realize that you are in the room? • She may lean a bit more towards you, or come closer. Maybe she whispers something in your ear as an excuse to get closer to you. • Does she blush when you are in her vicinity? Blushing is a fairly clear sign that she feels what you are feeling. If she blushes when she sees you, or is close to you, says hi to you, she may very well like you. In order to know if she is just one of those girls who blushes quickly, pay attention when she deals with others. • Eye contact. She will keep eye contact and maybe even stare at you if she is interested in you. She may even have a little glassy or sheepish impression when she looks at you. If she looks down, it can mean she is shy and does not dare to make eye contact. Act normal and smile at her. • Keep an eye on her movements. Does she appear anywhere you happen to be? Is she suddenly interested in things that you like but that she does not care too much about, for example your football match? If she suddenly comes to a party or a competition where she would normally never go, you can assume that she likes you. It becomes even clearer when she takes the time to ask you questions about the competition or your role in it. Then she is definitely likes you. 2: Behaviour • Does she give you compliments? If she praises you for a nice pass, or asks why you did not participate in the competition, it makes it clear that she at least pays attention to what she knows is of interest to you. Maybe she uses the compliment as an excuse to continue talking to you; that is also a strong indication that she likes you. When complements you for something that was not all that special at all, it looks even more like she likes you. • Do something together before you think you know everything about her. It is important to get to know her better and to give her the chance to get to know you better. Find a joint activity, for example a sport or a hobby, or maybe just a little chat during the lunch break. That way you can spend enough time together to know if you really click. The more time you spend with each other, the better you get to know her and the easier for you to tell if she likes you. • Listen to her. If a girl is interested in you, you'll find out if she likes you by listening to her. For example, she can just start giving you a nickname or giving a compliment. Other significant signals: if she giggles, if she laughs at your jokes even if they are not witty, or if she asks you to help her with something. • If she confesses something embarrassing, or tells you something about a boy she likes, she probably only sees you as a good friend. • Does she laugh at your jokes? No matter how bad the joke, if she likes you, she laughs at it. If you leave her cold with your jokes, she does not laugh, and you get a piteous smile or a discouraging remark. Women generally laugh at jokes from people they like, even if they are not very funny. • What sort of questions does she ask you? It’s a really positive signal if she asks you something she could easily find out for herself; that means she uses the question to get in touch with you. If she asks what you are going to do; it may be that she wants to find out if there is another girl in the picture • Character changes are sometimes a clear sign of her interest in you. Perhaps she is suddenly livelier, calmer, or otherwise different in your vicinity. Something like this indicates a slight amount of tension and that tension can be a sign that she is falling for you. Watch how she behaves when she interacts with other people if she does not know you are around. • When she shows off when you’re in the neighborhood that is a clear sign that she likes you and is trying to impress you. • Have a conversation about something that she is interested in. If she is shy, you can try to put her at ease by talking about her interests. When you get the impression that she likes to talk to you about herself and what she does and likes, it seems she likes you. • Does she talk more to you than to her friends? If she is normally not very talkative and generally waits for another to take the initiative, that is a good sign for you! She is clearly attracted to your attention. • See how her friends react to you. Step up to her when she is with her friends. If they suddenly disappear to give you 'your little time together' it means that she has already told them she likes you and has asked them to move along when you come by. You can also watch how her friends react when you walk past. Are they giggling or whispering, or do you get a telltale smile? That is a clear sign she likes you. • Say something nice about another girl when you talk to her. When she responds icy or stiffens, you have exposed her jealousy; she wants to keep you for herself. Of course you should not do this too often or she will think that you like someone else, and that you are a smooth talker who does not care about her. • Greet her if you see her talking to another boy. If she makes an uncomfortable or embarrassing impression, or looks down at the floor, it may indicate that she would rather not have you think she likes the other person more than she likes you. If she does not respond or only slightly raises her hand, she might not be as interested in you. It may also be that she is rather shy with you mare than with other boys whom she regards as 'just friends'. • Make sure she asks you a lot of questions. If the girl just nods a little faintly when she talks to you, she is probably bored and wants to leave. But if she asks a lot of questions about you or about your topic of conversation, or starts something completely different, she may continue the conversation because she likes you. It is logical: if she likes you she wants to know more about you. • See if she stays when you talk to her. If she keeps checking her phone or keeping an eye on the environment when you are talking to her, she probably does not like you. But if she laughs a lot, and likes to be with you, you have a good chance of doing it because she likes you. 3: Ask her out • Listen to your own feelings. How do you feel when she is around? Are you happy, tense, butterflies in your stomach? Does she make you feel good about yourself and would you like to spend more time with her? In that case it seems like a good idea to ask her if she wants to become your girlfriend. • Find out if she would like you to ask her out. Fortunately, there are things that tell you that she wants to go a step further in your friendship. For example, she can ask you what you intend to do over the weekend and mentions she does not have much to do. If you mention a hobby, she may say that she also wants to try that. If you are talking about a new movie and she immediately calls 'I want to go see that!' she may want you to invite her. • Gather up some courage and tell her you like her. You have received all the instructions described above, and you have decided that the feeling is mutual and that you would like her to become your girlfriend. The next logical step is to make it clear that you like her enough to be her boyfriend and hope she also wants to be your girlfriend. Do not blame yourself if she says no. Sometimes you get all the signals because some girls just flirt with everyone. Tip: Beware of girls who do not know what they want. When she first says she likes you and then she backs off, she is indecisive. If you wait too long for someone to know what they want, it wastes your time that you could have used better to find someone who truly likes you. If she does not know what she wants, do not waste your time with her. You now have enough information on how to tell if a girl likes you, go for it!


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