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The best writing style and grammar checker for everything you send, share, tweet or publish.

Image from store ProWritingAid Grammar Checker & Writing Coach
Description from store ProWritingAid is a self-editing tool that helps you feel confident in your writing by providing instant analysis and improvements. Alongside a grammar checker and paraphrasing tool, you get 25+ writing reports to ensure error-free, engaging, and memorable writing. 📝How it Works ProWritingAid provides grammar corrections and style improvements you can either accept, deny, or click to learn more about. You can customize your dictionary and style guide and personalize your settings to receive relevant suggestions that are tailored to your style and writing goals. 💻Where it Works ProWritingAid works in all the most popular writing apps, including Google Docs, Gmail, Notion, Atticus, Wattpad, Campfire, Milanote, World Anvil, Evernote, LivingWriter, and more. 📚Key Features - Grammar checker - Spellchecker - Punctuation checker - Paraphrasing tool - Proofreading tool - Line editor - Story editor - 25+ writing reports to analyze all aspects of your writing, including: - Readability grade - Run-on sentence checker - Overused word detector - Pacing report - Homophone checker - Author Comparisons - Built-in learning resources 🔐As a company run by writers, we know how important your writing is. We only use your text to help you improve your writing, never to train our AI, so your data is safe with us. 👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏻Trusted by over 3 million writers to edit their work, from NY bestselling authors to those just getting started.

Latest reviews

  • (2024-02-28) Douglas Grizzell: I really like it. It keeps me in check with my spelling and sentence structure.
  • (2024-02-26) Bala Deepak: I am using the premium version. It is very easy to use and helping me in day to day activity.
  • (2024-02-26) vikas kumar: awesome
  • (2024-02-25) Tamer Nasr: It is awesome and it helps me to improve my English grammar & language scales
  • (2024-02-24) Bhargav G: I love it from the simple fact that the cost of the subscription vs the value it provides. It is kind of my proof reader. I struggle with ADHD and this tool helps me recheck the write up to ensure no typos and grammatical mistakes and conveying right intent.
  • (2024-02-23) kamaldeen bankole: awesome
  • (2024-02-22) Cynthia Williams: It is making the process a lot easier.
  • (2024-02-21) jude casson: This really helps my writing
  • (2024-02-20) Gordon Zhao: Useful :)
  • (2024-02-20) Donnell Freeman Sr: Great product!!!
  • (2024-02-18) Abdelrahman Samaha: Really great and helps a lot especially since English isn't my first language.
  • (2024-02-17) Abdulhalim hasan: It is very helpful when i write any topic it helps me a lot in paraphrasing and correcting the grammar.
  • (2024-02-16) Leo K: ProWritingAid is incredibly useful rewriting/rephrasing tool
  • (2024-02-14) Maureen Geiger: As a writer, ProWritingAid is invaluable. Never heard of sticky sentences before using them. LOL They are also very prompt and pleasant when dealing with questions and problems. I appreciate them!
  • (2024-02-14) Stan Cloudworker: the greatest I have ever seen, I heartily recommend this program
  • (2024-02-09) Donna Arehart Piffier: I found two grammatical errors in the cookies policy. A verb was omitted from a sentence and another contains a dangling participle. Egad, my mom would go ballistic
  • (2024-02-08) Ali Dadashi: Loved it
  • (2024-02-08) Nia DeCoux: I purchased a lifetime membership. I would not be without it.
  • (2024-02-07) Rosario Querubin: It is providing valuable corrections.
  • (2024-02-06) nancy moffatt: excellent help with: spell checking, punciations and grammer suggestions.
  • (2024-02-06) Whimsical Mushroom: Pretty good if i'm honest
  • (2024-02-06) Jennifer Jones: Excellent app, highly rated and recommended. I've used it as a standalone for text, in Scrivener and also in Atticus. Has all the functionality I need, and the customer service has been outstanding. (I've only needed it a couple of times, and not for anything wrong but for help with things I couldn't understand!) Worth the money, thank you.
  • (2024-02-06) Антон Сухов: The app is pretty good, for me.
  • (2024-02-05) Fernando Rodriguez: Good 👍
  • (2024-02-05) Suzie Henry: The app is working well, and I am loving it.
  • (2024-02-05) mudasir khan: Very helpful and handy
  • (2024-02-05) Raele Ohana: Very helpful and handy. I considered myself a decent writer, but my writing is being much improved through this aid. It becomes clearer, more concise and persuasive, more considerate to my audience. I tend to be wordy, and this extension is a needed intervention.
  • (2024-02-03) Paul Drake: It's a great software. I'm not the best at grammar even though English is my first language lol i like how it helps create more flowing sentences
  • (2024-02-03) Suresh Menon: Too many re-phrases even after correction
  • (2024-02-02) Angel Villarreal: I am a second language learner and cognizant of proper writing, particularly at the professional level. Grammarly has become my constant assistant, ensuring my writing is clear, concise, and comfortable for people to read. Thank you Grammarly.
  • (2024-02-02) Gally: Love it! its seems like the wrote everything instead of me..
  • (2024-01-30) maria del mar fernández: Muy útil, me gustaría poder usas más correcciones del nivel PRO.
  • (2024-01-30) Nicole Kelly: I have found using this app to be extremely helpful with structuring my sentences and using less words to get my point across. I've worked in real estate insurance for several years and something that you learn to do it write a lot to say something because risk management. I've been working on getting to the point without using filler words and this app is helping me to do that!
  • (2024-01-30) Kumar Talukdar: Very fantastic and useful app
  • (2024-01-29) Tracy Famighetti: This app has made so so so much of a diffrence
  • (2024-01-28) Marcelo Casimiro Queiróz e Costa: This is the chef's kiss of writing aids.
  • (2024-01-28) Countess von Huck: Very helpful when writing professional or academic content.
  • (2024-01-27) Izwaa Khan: Amazing. it helps me alot.
  • (2024-01-26) Stephen Mulwa: Its great.
  • (2024-01-26) Le Thi Thu Thanh (K18 HL): It's really helpful for me to write essay at school.
  • (2024-01-25) Eugeniu Sincovschi: Works perfect for a lifetime subscription.
  • (2024-01-25) Dirty Blue Heeler: It's pretty great.
  • (2024-01-24) Aviann Ferdinand: This was a really good decision I made to add this element to my work. The tool gives great suggestions and aid.
  • (2024-01-24) sukul mahadik: Awesome plugin
  • (2024-01-23) Tyson: ProWritingAid is a language software that provides exceptional accuracy and efficiency in writing. One of its standout features is the rephrase tool, which quickly suggests alternative sentence phrasing. While this feature is notably fast, it may encounter delays during use. However, these delays are infrequent and do not significantly affect the software's performance. One advantage of using ProWritingAid is that it requires no adjustments to work effectively. The software's default settings provide users with optimal performance with no additional customization. Subscribing to ProWritingAid can significantly enhance one's ability to articulate thoughts and ideas clearly and confidently. The software offers a range of tools that help users identify and correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. It provides insights into sentence structure, readability, and style to help users improve their writing skills. ProWritingAid helps users avoid embarrassing mistakes in their writing. For example, it can detect misplaced commas that may change the intended meaning of a sentence. The software provides elegant revisions that communicate the intended message while maintaining the writer's unique voice. Paying for the subscription is worth it, the first time it saves you from e-mailing your boss about your weekend adventure, with your uncle Jack and a horse. Instead, is provides an alternative in which you elegantly lend aid to your Uncle Jack, helping him down off a horse. Overall, ProWritingAid is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to improve their writing skills and succeed in their professional or academic endeavors. The software's comprehensive features and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for writers of all levels.
  • (2024-01-23) cjoston: Excellent help on my daily tasks.
  • (2024-01-23) Bindhumol Thomaskutty: A great tool
  • (2024-01-23) Diana Lloyd: The free version is great and really helps my writing. The annoying part is the popups and highlighting that occurs when the program won't show you the advance recommendations because you're using the free version. It's annoying and like the program is taunting me. I'll probably end up with a paid version.
  • (2024-01-22) Pablo Horacio David Hernández González: Muy buena y gratis. Aprovechen mientras dure.
  • (2024-01-21) Quentin Pieper: It's pretty good. Only thing I sorta don't like is that it keeps rephrasing it's rephrases which can get annoying sometimes because I want to have the perfect sentence but don't want to waste all my daily rephrases (of course this problem would be fixed if I paid for it but I'm not in a position to do that yet) and it can easily be ignored by pressing the ignore button.

Latest issues

  • (2023-10-04, v:2.4.21144) Maciej Chadała: Stopped working in Google Docs
    The extension was great, but recently the login does not work. I have the premium on prowritingaid website, however I can't login to the extension. Deleting cookies did not help. Can you take a look at it?
  • (2023-08-16, v:2.4.18615) Lisa Melichar: PWA not working
    I have premium. PWA is not working when I am in Google Chrome. Please help.
  • (2023-08-11, v:2.4.18120) Milena Wąsacz: Rephrasing
    Rephrasing doesn't work. It won't rephrase my text on any site. I'm getting, "Something went wrong. We are unable to generate a rephrasings for this text. Please, try a different piece of text."
  • (2023-07-27, v:2.4.15843) Walter Gómez: Annoying button position
    The ProWritingAid button is located in the same text box position as the Send button (e.g., in ChatGPT prompts). When the mouse cursor approaches that position, ProWritingAid expands from a small circle to a menu that hovers the button I wish to perform, sometimes it becomes an obstacle.
  • (2023-07-21, v:2.4.15843) Rico Madian: Snippets
    Hi there! Just wanna say that this extension works great. I just wanted to ask if you guys made a change to the snippets function? I use Hubspot at work and I've been using the snippet function daily for the past 7 months, but recently (in the past 3 days or so), whenever I'm trying to write emails (through hubspot) and choose to use a snippet, the font size is always 1 above the usual, which makes it annoying when I have to highlight the entire quote and change the font size down every time, especially when I'm working on 40+ emails on a busy day. (specific example: My company emails always use Verdana with a font size of 10, but when I add a snippet, regardless of where it is in the body of the email, it's a font size of 11). On the Snippets tab itself, I've always kept the font size as 'normal' with the 'serif' font, and it's been working great up until a few days ago. If there's a way for me to fix this issue, or there if isn't, please do let me know. Thanks in advance!
  • (2023-07-02, v:2.4.13685) Bonnie J Arthur: problems with PWA
    the only times the app works right is in email. I have windows 11 and need it to work in all other programs, particularly in Atticus. Even this page didn't work as expected. In trying to write an email I was rudly interupted by your request for a review. So knowing the trouble I have had since I bought it months ago, even though I was irritated by the interuption, I decided to do so. And what do you think? there was no place to write a review, only reviews that wrer already written. And. as you can see I deliberitly left mistakes to see if it worked here. It did not. Please refund my money until you get it working again. I was told by Dave Chessons that PWA was better than Grammerly but, as you can see, it is deffenitly not.
  • (2023-06-22, v:2.4.12481) Roy Rawlins: NO program
    about a month ago I had problems with my computer and in the process of re programing I lost the app and file containing ProWritingAide I can not find it in any file I need to download another program My user name is[ roy.frame.rf1 ] and my email is [email protected] Please let me know how to get it back.
  • (2023-06-04, v:2.4.9333) Syed Muhammad Faraz Ali: resignation to company having 18 years association
    resignation to company having 18 years association
  • (2023-05-11, v:2.3.65535) Ilethas Viremar: Addon makes page elements lose focus
    In some pages, after things load in, the addon makes the focused element become unfocused. To give an example: 1. Press Ctrl + t to open a new tab 2. type "google.com" into the address bar and load the page 3. google.com loads in and search box gets automatically selected. Start typing quickly. You'll notice that after a brief delay, the search box gets deselected after the addon finished doing whatever it's doing – its own initialization routine, probably. 4. If you try the same with the addon turned off, you'll be able to continue typing without interruptions This is a very annoying problem for me, because I like to quickly search for things this way using only the keyboard. This issue forces me to reselect the search box with my mouse cursor. Is it possible to somehow remedy this issue? Apart from that, I really enjoy using this tool. More than Grammarly and Language Tool, in fact.
  • (2023-04-09, v:2.3.56387) Markus Horner: I cannot get my document back up on the screen so I can finish editing the grammar.
    I am lost. I'm new to the app and have no idea what I am doing. I am currently trying to finish editing a book that I wrote titled "Feeding The Beast....."
  • (2023-02-19, v:2.3.43400) Sharon Darrow: 2 thingds
    #1My ID pops up when I sign in, but I don't see where to get started uploading material except for the "get started—it's free button. #2 I am a Mac user and absolutely hate and refuse to use Chrome. Why am I bombarded with Chrome ads and store apps. I exclusively use Safari and Firefox and hate the Chrome pop ups. Is there anything I can do?
  • (2023-02-14, v:2.3.43400) David Nelson: I have a lifetime subscription, and am upgrading my computer. How do I access PWA?
    How do I access PWA with an upgraded computer?
  • (2023-02-05, v:2.3.43400) dena wade: discount coupon
    can't apply discount coupon. there's no place on the page to enter it in.
  • (2023-02-02, v:2.3.43400) Chris Nesbitt: Atticus
    Since the upgrade, PWA stopped working inside Atticus. I've contacted support but I'm also reaching out here in case anyone knows of a simple fix.
  • (2022-12-27, v:2.3.40000) Donald Schwarz: how to get started
    where do I download what I have written??
  • (2022-12-19, v:2.3.40000) Mark Dame: System load problems
    Since the last update to the Chrome plugin, Chrome has been sluggish and I've had a high system load. Disabling the ProWritingAid plugin fixes the load issues. This happens on both of my Macs, one running macOS 13.1, the other running macOS 10.14. Both are running Chrome 108.0.5359.124. I've verified the problem is with the ProWritingAid plugin: as soon as I enable the plugin, Chrome slows down to the point of being almost unusable. As soon as I disable the plugin, it responds normally. I did not notice any issues before the last update.
  • (2022-12-13, v:2.3.40000) Thiyagarajan Bala: Page freezes for long articles
    When using the Prowritingaid chrome extension on pages with lot of words (on Notion pages which have 1000-2000 words), the page/tab freezes during check.
  • (2022-11-30, v:2.3.36339) James Rehg: Integrating PWA into Scrivener
    I'm writing with Scrivener. Does PWA work inside Scrivener? How can I use it with Scrivener on a Mac?
  • (2022-11-28, v:2.3.36339) Cat Coluccio: Chrome extension
    Hi there, I've purchased the Prowriter lifetime license, however the extension keeps telling me that it's free and I need to upgrade.
  • (2022-03-05, v:2.2.10717) Joe Thitathan: Double-clicking word on google doc and says "nothing found"
    Hello, I'm have a lifetime premium PWA membership, but when double-clicking any word on a Google Doc, I get "nothing found". Please help me resolve this. Thank you
  • (2022-02-11, v:2.2.9891) Valerie Edwards: English
    is this American English? Can I use it with my writing software, or is it just chrome?
  • (2022-02-04, v:2.2.9891) Nick Miller: Micosoft journal
    can I get spell checker
  • (2022-02-03, v:2.2.9891) George Montgomery: I have paid the Premium price but I am not able to or have forgotten how to check my documents.
    I am trying to check my document but unable to get into Grammarly. I even requested a change of password, but no success.
  • (2022-01-17, v:2.2.9891) Eileen Sykes: Adding on program to chrome
    Hi ,I saw a tool bar such as proofreading or write better ...... my concern is it does not clarify if it's an addition cost .It simply says add to chrome .Please advise I dont want to get payment Bill's at my age 73 !???
  • (2022-01-03, v:2.2.9891) Lee Ann Wasson: google integration
    Hi. I am not able to use your app like your competitor's I previously had a subscription for. When I attempt to use the Chrome extension, it takes me to a web page & asks me to upload my doc or start typing. This is not the "seamless" integration I expected. Is this the way the app is supposed to work & I misunderstood, or is there something glitchy happening? Thank you.
  • (2021-11-25, v:2.2.9765) Evangelist Betty Promise: editing manuscripts
    need excellent easy to understand complex sentences structure.
  • (2021-10-12, v:2.2.9417) Where do I find it on Google Docs?
    Hi, Google just updated and now I cannot use Pro Writing Aid with Google Docs.
  • (2021-09-25, v:2.2.8919) Wills Rockson: Extention keeps freezing browser
    It's makes buttons and scrolling in websites unresponsive. When deactivated, everything works fine
  • (2021-09-18, v:2.2.8919) Jay StJohn: My laptop caught malware. At Best Buy the "Geek Squad" removed the malware +.other programs, WORD included, where I had ProWriteAid. I paid for a lifetime membership. Please help me download P-W-A into my replacement WORD program.
    I need to download P-W-A into my replacement WORD program. It was wiped out when WORD was also wiped out by techs removing malware from my laptop. Thank You!!
  • (2021-09-06, v:2.2.8919) RJ: Slows / Freezes Notion!
    I have used Grammarly for years, yesterday I switched to yours for a change & man, i am really glad I found your software, its far superior and smart than Grammarly! BUT its slowing down my notion! and yes, i have disable your addon to test it out and yes, its your addon. I also looked at the task manager inside chrome with your extension on, the notion page was using over 100% CPU, as soon as I turned off your extension, its back to normal in the 20-40 range! at least its not above 90% all the time with your extension turned on! kindly look into it, you may want to develop and idle mode! or CPU saving mode or something, you know it better! thanks
  • (2021-08-24, v:2.2.8919) Nathan Hotler: The extension is not working in Fictionary for me.
    The extension is not working in Fictionary for me. It states that I have a free account. However, I purchased a lifetime subscription. My email is [email protected]. Is it because I purchased this through a Google account and it doesn't recognize me? I've tried every way I can think of to get it working. Please help.
  • (2021-08-03, v:2.2.8756) Jorge Castro: FontAwesome 4.7.0 is messing with FontAwesome 5.0+ websites.
    This extension is adding a FontAwesome 4.7.0 <style> HTML tag in the <head>. Some icons relying on FontAwesome 5.0+, are loading incorrectly (Like tall rectangles). The extension adds styles and scripts always, even if you toggle off “Checking is disabled for ACME.com”
  • (2021-07-07, v:2.2.8674) Professor Barry Gottlieb: Need Help with my ProWriterAid
    I need help installing my ProWriterAid for all my software programs that I use
  • (2021-06-07, v:2.2.8524) Justin Safdie: Doesn't work with Quip
    This extension no longer seems to be functioning in quip. (it did a couple months ago) Interestingly, it still seems to work within spreadsheets on quip (but not in the "word" docs). Is this a known issue?
  • (2021-06-06, v:2.2.8524) ClaudeLovesLife: What about integrating it on my macOS Big Sur?
    Hi, I use macOS Big Sur and haven't been able to figure out how to use ProWritingAid everywhere on my computer i.e. with my email, with Scrivener, Pages... Sorry but I do not use Word or Google. I use Safari. Any hope for me? For now I only use it by copy pasting whatever I write which is laborious. Thanks a lot. Have a great day. Claude
  • (2021-06-03, v:2.2.8524) Mark Aydelotte: Affiliate Program?
    Do you have one available??
  • (2021-05-25, v:2.2.8512) Jay StJohn: Originally I downloaded P-W-A into WORD. For reasons beyond me, it disappeared from WORD. How do I download P-W-A again? User: stjohnliten21 at [email protected]
    Originally I downloaded P-W-A into WORD. For reasons beyond me, it disappeared from WORD. How do I download P-W-A again? User: stjohnliten21 at [email protected]
  • (2021-05-24, v:2.2.8287) Edwyn Amador: Issues on IFRAME
    Hello, your extension is causing some conflicts with NativeForms, causing appearing a double vertical scrollbar, please check this page as reference: https://my.nativeforms.com/xAzNO1jZmwkTpNTWY1Db And it works correctly after disabling the extension, can you please make sure your extension don't cause any conflict in this. Thank you!
  • (2021-05-13, v:2.2.8287) Justin Safdie: Stopped working in Quip
    This extension no longer seems to be functioning in quip. (it did a couple months ago) Interestingly, it still seems to work within spreadsheets on quip (but not in the "word" docs). Is this a known issue?
  • (2021-05-01, v:2.2.8287) Harold Altman: Integrate extension
    How can I integrate ProWritingAid into open office etc...
  • (2021-04-19, v:2.2.8190) Professor Barry Gottlieb: Your license details are: License Code Email Address [email protected] Expiry Date 04 February 2022 06EBD75A-6916-4CC8-931B-2756C4264038
    There is a problem with my ProWritngAid and need the problem fixed. My email address is [email protected] Thank you...
  • (2021-04-19, v:2.2.8190) Professor Barry Gottlieb: Had my service denied
    Your license details are: This is my License Code and said it was expired. I would like to know what the problem is? Email Address [email protected] Expiry Date 04 February 2022 06EBD75A-6916-4CC8-931B-2756C4264038
  • (2021-04-13, v:2.2.8190) joeli aparecida: Privacy Breach
    Privacy breach I would love to install, however, I'm extremely concerned for the request to read and modify all the data on the websites I have visited, as well as the things that I have copied and pasted.
  • (2021-03-30, v:2.0.7223) Judy Helm Wright: My document freezes up when I am using Prowriting Aid.
    Hello from beautiful Montana, USA I am editing an Ethical Will for our grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is a long document (220 pages) in a Google doc. I love the editing feature and it is catching things a beta editor missed. However, when I am editing on the last half of the manuscript, when using the editing program, it causes the entire document to freeze. Should I divide the document into two Google docs or is there another idea. I use a MAC and it has just been upgraded to be very, very fast. Thanks and I am available by phone or email. 406.549.9813 or [email protected] Judy Helm Wright--Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman
  • (2021-03-30, v:2.0.7223) Judy Helm Wright: My document freezes up when I am using Prowriting Aid.
    Hello from beautiful Montana, USA I am editing an Ethical Will for our grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is a long document (220 pages) in a Google doc. I love the editing feature and it is catching things a beta editor missed. However, when I am editing on the last half of the manuscript, when using the editing program, it causes the entire document to freeze. Should I divide the document into two Google docs or is there another idea. I use a MAC and it has just been upgraded to be very, very fast. Thanks and I am available by phone or email. 406.549.9813 or [email protected] Judy Helm Wright--Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman
  • (2021-03-25, v:2.0.7223) Jennifer Schmid: Canadian proofreading
    I need to use a Canadian spellcheck and grammar - can I do that with the extension?
  • (2021-03-17, v:2.0.7223) Roman Belyaev: License agreement
    Hello! Is it allowed to use plugin for Chrome for my work purposes? I mean I'd like t install it on my work computer - is it allowed by license agreement? If yes, admins will instal extension.
  • (2021-03-06, v:2.0.7223) John Cheary: Chrome Google Docs
    So for I have not been able to use prowriting in google docs. What am I doing wrong?
  • (2021-03-01, v:2.0.7223) Deborah Clifton: Add-in
    Will this software work in the Print Shop Deluxe 23.1 software?
  • (2021-02-20, v:2.0.7223) Heather Hancock: Setting up ProWritingAid
    I use Google docs, Pages on my iMac and Scrivener (for my novels). How do I use this with all or is my only option to add to Chrome?


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