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A simple, secure and fast Cardano ADA wallet.

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Description from store English / 日本語 / 한국어 / 简体中文 / 繁體中文 Yoroi allows users to manage Ada in their browser. It is a lightweight wallet that launches quickly, allowing users to start sending or receiving Ada in minutes. The Yoroi browser extension allows users to control their funds with ease, without syncing to the blockchain. Users can easily import their Ada from Daedalus into their Yoroi wallet. The Yoroi installation package is small so it does not require much bandwidth. Because Yoroi is a light wallet and does not require a full copy of the blockchain on a user’s machine it consumes very little bandwidth. Private keys associated with users wallets are stored only on a users computer and they are encrypted with the wallet password. They are not stored on centrally hosted servers. With support in four languages, Yoroi makes it easier than ever to manage your Ada. For more information, please visit the Yoroi website. https://yoroiwallet.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 簡単、安全、速いCARDANO Adaウォレット ヨロイウォレットはブラウザの拡張機能でAdaを管理できるライトウォレットです。素早く起動でき、数分でAdaの送受信をすることができます。 ヨロイウォレットの拡張機能を使うと、ブロックチェーンを同期することなく資金の管理を容易に行うことが可能です。 インストールパッケージはわずかなデータ通信量のみでダウンロードすることができ、ユーザーのコンピューターにブロックチェーンのフルコピーをダウンロードする必要がないため、ウォレット使用時も多くのデータ通信量を必要としません。 ユーザーのウォレットの秘密鍵はウォレットのパスワードで暗号化され、ユーザーのコンピューター上のみに保存されます。中央集権型のサーバーに保存される事はありません。 4か国語に対応。従来のウォレットよりも簡単にAdaの管理をすることができます。 詳細は、ヨロイウォレットのウェブサイトをご参照ください。https://yoroiwallet.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 간단하고, 안전하고, 빠른 Cardano 에이다(ADA) 지갑을 소개합니다. 요로이 지갑은 사용자의 ADA를 브라우저에서 관리하는 것을 가능하게 합니다. 요로이는 빠르게 작동하고, 몇 분 안으로 ADA를 주고 받을 수 있는 라이트 월렛입니다. 사용자들은 요로이 브라우저 익스텐션을 사용하여 블록체인을 동기화하지 않고 자금을 손쉽게 관리할 수 있습니다. 또한 다이달로스 지갑의 ADA를 요로이 지갑으로 간편하게 이동시킬 수 있습니다. 요로이 설치팩의 용량은 매우 적으며 많은 대역폭을 필요로 하지 않습니다. 요로이는 사용자의 장치에 블록체인을 복사할 필요가 없는 라이트 월렛이기 때문에 매우 적은 대역폭을 사용합니다. 사용자의 지갑과 관련된 개인키(Private keys)는 중앙서버에 저장되지 않으며, 지갑의 비밀번호와 함께 암호화되어 사용자의 컴퓨터에만 보존됩니다. 요로이는 4개의 언어로 지원되며, 사용자들이 ADA를 간편히 관리할 수 있도록 합니다. 더 자세한 정보는 요로이 공식 사이트를 통해 확인해 주세요. https://yoroiwallet.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 簡便,安全,快捷的CARDANO Ada錢包。 Yoroi讓用戶在他們的瀏覽器中管理Ada。Yoroi是一個輕錢包,可以快速啟動,讓用戶在幾分鐘內開始傳送或接收Ada。 Yoroi的擴充功能讓用戶能夠輕易控制他們的資金,無需同步區塊鏈。從此,用戶可以輕鬆地將他們的Ada從Daedalus錢包轉移到Yoroi錢包。 Yoroi安裝包的容量很小,不需要太多帶寬。由於Yoroi是個輕錢包,而且它不需要在您的機器上存取區塊鏈的完整副本,因此操作Yoroi所消耗的帶寬非常少。 用戶錢包的私鑰僅存儲在用戶的電腦上,加上用只有用戶知道的錢包密碼加密。 它們沒有存儲在中央託管的伺服器上。 Yoroi支持四種語言,可助您更輕鬆地管理您的Ada。 如欲了解更多資訊,請瀏覽Yoroi網站 https://yoroiwallet.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 简便,安全,快捷的CARDANO Ada钱包。 Yoroi让用户在他们的浏览器中管理Ada。 Yoroi是一个轻钱包,可以快速启动,让用户在几分钟内开始传送或接收Ada。 Yoroi的扩充功能让用户能够轻易控制他们的资金,无需同步区块链。从此,用户可以轻松地将他们的Ada从Daedalus钱包转移到Yoroi钱包。 Yoroi安装包的容量很小,不需要太多带宽。由于Yoroi是个轻钱包,而且它不需要在您的机器上存取区块链的完整副本,因此操作Yoroi所消耗的带宽非常少。 用户钱包的私钥仅存储在用户的电脑上,加上用只有用户知道的钱包密码加密。它们没有存储在中央托管的伺服器上。 Yoroi支持四种语言,可助您更轻松地管理您的Ada。 如欲了解更多资讯,请浏览Yoroi网站 https://yoroiwallet.com

Latest reviews

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  • (2019-12-01) Jolsiack Kajin: Simple, fast and flawless.
  • (2019-12-01) Ilya Sofronov: Классно стабильно работает!
  • (2019-12-01) Yumiko Chodree: Best!!!
  • (2019-11-17) Martin Rodriguez: much easier to use than Deadalus, where you would have to sync to the entire chain. This makes holding ADA much easier
  • (2019-11-15) Jin-Wook Lee: Thanks Cardano
  • (2019-09-27) Fagan Hashimov: Best wallet
  • (2019-09-18) Alok Das: Everything worked as expected. I am using a Ledger Nano for authentication. But the Yoroi extension shows the total balance even without the Ledger Nano being plugged in. Not ideal at all. Can't anything be done about this?
  • (2019-09-17) Residenza le Rose Villa d'Arte: non è apribile
  • (2019-09-08) Asjad Anwar: Unable to export public key from Ledger Nano X. When I connect the device and follow instructions it gets stuck at "waiting for confirmation". Need Technical help.
  • (2019-08-18) Savyasachi Jagadeeshan: Does not work for me. Unable to connect to my ledger device.
  • (2019-07-17) Hlekulanieleck sono: give people what they want and you will receive what you wish for... simple and easy to use it in future i would love to see Yoroi wallet receiving all assets. and i will give it 5 star*****
  • (2019-07-11) The Smooth Movers: Great wallet. Easy to use and beautiful interface
  • (2019-06-29) Ira Bliss: If the user implements the Ledger S configuration then user to install the software on a USB enabled device.? I look forward to using the nano ledger X in the future? great job implementing this wallet is fast secure and as a lot of great features! hats off to the team!
  • (2019-04-20) Ramon S C: Genial! se instalo facilmente! Probado con Chrome y Brave!
  • (2019-04-15) Prasanth C: Very Well App
  • (2019-04-05) Ryan Johnston: Integrated with my Ledger Nano S seamlessly!
  • (2019-04-05) zhengnan xi: FEICHANGHAOYONG
  • (2019-04-04) howie 3355: Nice wallet. Well done to Ledger on a nice integration with the Yoroi wallet. Easy and secure.
  • (2019-04-03) Thijs van Ulden: stuck on export private key
  • (2019-04-03) Dio Mazon: Using with Ledger Nano S. When ledger is disconnected and all windows closed i can open chrome, click on the Yoroi extension and it brings up all my wallet information despite not being connected to my Nano S. I have not tried sending ADA while not connected however i would prefer that no details about my wallet be accessible unless my Nano S is connected. PLEASE FIX/CHANGE THIIS. Defeats the whole purpose of integrating the Nano S otherwise Additionally, when confirming items with the buttons on the Nano S while connected, if you happen to hit the wrong set of buttons (for instnace pressing both buttons simultaneously twice, or three times in a row) the Nano S seems to abort what your trying to do however the browser extension will continue to wait for you to confirm. Canceling and trying to re initiate the command just seems to lead to the same waiting scheme. Almost seems as if the extension froze or it froze the Nano S. Restarting the extension and unplugging and plugging back in the Nano S solves the problem. Still a little annoying though. Not a huge issue, would strongly prefer first issue is fixed before anything else. Regardless thanks for the time and work put into the extension/app, much appreciated.
  • (2019-03-31) Cordell: murgo!!
  • (2019-03-30) Vinay kumar: easy to use light wallet
  • (2019-03-27) Great work and great product!!!
  • (2019-03-27) Bobby Connolly: I was able to create a new Yoroi wallet and then transfer my funds from my Daedalus wallet. Worked like a charm. Note to others: you must create a new Yoroi wallet... don't try to restore Yoroi wallet using Daedalus 12 word password since they are incompatible


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